Aspen Holding Review

In this review, we will describe why Aspen Holding is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !

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Is Aspen Holding Legit?

Looking at Aspen Holding website, it shows that they are owned by Next Trade LTD. Next Trade LTD is located in Vanuatu which means that Aspen Holding is an offshore broker. Problem with offshore brokers is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from this broker as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known broker, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this brokerage firm, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why Aspen Holding is a dangerous broker to deal with.

Are Funds Safe with Aspen Holding?

With such lack of information and Aspen Holding being offshore based, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with offshore brokers. A red flag that we noticed is Aspen Holding is withholding vital information to users.

Aspen Holding could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about this broker.

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Aspen Holding Review: our Conclusion!

Aspen Holding is an unregulated broker to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed and want your money back, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

Aspen Holding Scam Review
  • Website URL :
  • Type of Scam : Unregulated Broker (Forex)
  • Regulation : None

Have You Been Scammed By Aspen Holding ?

Aspen Holding is an unregulated broker to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed and want your money back, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

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  1. 2 weeks agp call me mr Andrzej Wisniewski y talk about big gains money then a i send them 250 USD ,antil now silens and no contact!!

    1. I was the same and have tried withdrawing the mo ey and wont let me I am a family of 6 and put in the money thinking I would make money for a better future for my kids and now am 250 USD which is over $400NZD out of pocket and no contact at all

  2. 2 weeks agp call me mr Andrzej Wisniewski y talk about big gains money then a i send them 250 USD ,antil now silens and no contact!! Where is my money? I expect to recive back

  3. Nr of my transsction is MA7FC21179BF87BD men which tok tu mi Andrzej Wisniewski has russian or ucrainian accenr he also mentttion otro name Tomasz Lewicki

  4. I joined bitcoin but was directed to aspen holdings wic i invested rm1,000.00 later i was told to invest another 5k for the security purpose.then i realzied it was a scam

      1. I was also scammed by Aspen Holding telling me in their advert it is Bitcoin.
        Only find out it is a scam after making a payment.
        Block them on your phone.

  5. I have opened an account with Aspen holding on the 19 07 2019, but it look like I have done a big mistake. In the advert mention of a software that will trade on my behalf, however, after completing the application, Aspen holdings appears. Can I request my bank to revserve the deposit?

    1. Yes You can. My bank helped me and I got 3000€ back. And now I waiting for 6000 € when the account will be close . Only Your bank can help You and also try some recharge companys on the net.

  6. My God.. I’m afraid i’ve been scammed. I tried to make an account at Bitcoin Profit and was transfer to Aspen Holding apparently. After an immedietly phone call by Becce Schwartz and being confussed I continued to the account.
    Anyone who can help me?

    1. Wowwww I just got called by an Indian speaking guy called Kenny. And the guy asked me to deposit €250, ze zijn zo langdradig jeetje I am not gonna do this

  7. Aspen holding is Scam! They toke almost €30.000,00 from me. Now my Laywer and the police are involved. Don‘t communicate with them at all!!

    1. Very sorry to hear that you been scammed! I think I’m in the same situation like you now, but only with smaller sum of money! Now I wonder if you have any success in getting your money back!?

      Best wishes

    2. Hello Katrin
      Ich habe die gleiche Erfahrung gemacht. Wie weit ist Ihr Anwalt und die Polizei in Ihren Abklärungen. Haben Sie die Hoffnung, dass Sie Ihr Geld wiederbekommen? Für Ihre Antwort danke ich Ihnen im Voraus.

      Mit freundlichen Grüssen

  8. I am really disappointed in the level of support provided; I sent a number of emails and tried to call but never get any response.
    I’m also really annoyed by one of their so called VIP Account Managers Cedric Powell who was extremely forceful in his approach in his attempts to sell their products regarding Bitcoin – which by the way never reached the $14000 dollar mark which he assured me it would.
    Never use there services.

    1. hi Micheal i think you maltese right.. Am the same maltese are you sure is a scam? i put 250 euros by today they come double and the account manager am seeing him very honest. he call me every day. he want me to invest more but not until i withdraw the profit

      1. Hello,

        I am Maltese as well. I tried to get my money back but they would give me excuses. I called BOV, they told me to write a letter and they will investigate. If it’s a scam I will get the money back….

  9. Me also got scammed by aspen 2500 USD. I think they always give wrong signal trading. Keep calling for invest more and more. Wth.

  10. Hi , I’d closed that account already , I lost money in there , I picked the phone after I closed that account , one guy told me that I have to pay them back how much I lose in their account before , soo I’m so afraid , then they keep calling me everyday , I didn’t pick up the phone , what should I do now ?thanks 🙏🏽🙏🏽 ( before they guaranteed that they would pay me back even I lost all money in there )

  11. Good day l have invested $250 with Aspen, after a month now l tried to get my money but now l can’t withdraw it

  12. I opened an account with Aspen.

    Fortunately, I didn’t fund it, I wanted to make sure,

    This has convinced me not to!

    Thank you!

  13. This company is a scam.I got a call within 2 minutes of sending them basic details. When i insisted on them sending me a prospectus to review their portfolio of products and the intracacies of hiw the system works…the guy insisted that he knows best and he will tell me….first alarm bell..i then asked wheres this company from….his response you wanna know im from or where the companyis…2nd alarm bell..i then asked whats the minimum investment…the call gets terminated….lastly who gets a a call at 7 in the morning..(non business hours) requesting you to invest. They play on yr vulnerability and want you to make immediate decisions without evaluating risks.Dont get caught

  14. Hello, I have try Registion for it, but not able payment on online, one Aspen staff has asked me for my age,job & experience, asked me to deposit $. Can you please aid me? Please give advise. Thank you. John chua. Singapore 🇸🇬

    1. By now you know they are a scam. One Daniel Marcus from Aspen has been putting pressure on me to invest 250 dollars, He made it so urgent and a decision I had to take without thinking. I told him to give me time so i decided to look the company up. I asked him if I could call his number back he said nope, its an office line and someone else would pick. Its better to avoid this guys.

  15. I see , i should search for review on internet before i listened adviser from Aspen holding and invested money . Now I cant even withdrawal my money back , they asked for documents and photos of my credit card for verification ( which i set to their email ) They told after verification i will able to get my money back to credit card . Unfortunately , i still cant get my money back , but situation going more worse -they are calling and asking to invest more – for quick profit .

    1. They will not verify you, and on the docs, for verification, there is ine paragrah, which states, that they can alter the ToS, and not inform you….

  16. I was assigned aspen holding as broker by signing up with the calloway crypto system. They misled me into believing I would be trading with the this software when funding my account with aspen holding. This never happened as trading was executed on their platform only. I was able to terminate trading on their platform immediately. Put in a withdrawal request immediately, but after verification of my account and the five day process period, no money has been returned and they don’t respond to my enquiry. How can these crooks be stopped from conning people?

  17. Hi, I have deposit Euro 250 to Aspen Holding. Now I regret, but they say I have to verify my account before I will be able to make a withdrawl from the account and take my money out again. Looks like I can take out Euro 220 of them and a fee of Euro 30. OK with me, but is it ok to verify account?

    1. deposit 250 euro. cancelled acount one day later and reuested to return
      deposit. after weeks delay got message – can`t return money before i have send them ; copy paspaort, and copy utility bill with my name on it. i fear identity fraud. they claim account is suspended until documentation is received. is this correct? any advice is welcome

  18. Fuxxxin spam company! Miss them COMPLETELY! They have been stalking My tel nr several times a day with a different number every time ! From an ip company “Voxbone SA” in Luxemburg and a Scandinavian company “Voice Intigrate Nordic AB” stockholm owner Stig Tommy Ekström tel: +46 76 781 47 76 . Call and tell him what You think!

  19. Ich sende 250,- Euro. Nonstop werde ich telefonisch kontaktiert. Man möchte meine persönlichsten Daten und drängt mich min 30000,-Euro zu investieren. Mein Vorschlag war erst einmal ein Test mit dem Startkapital. Darauf hin wünschte man mir “schöne Weihnachten, Ostern sowie schlaf weiter” Meine Einzahlung wurde mit nicht Aktivität verrechnet auf Null. Das tönt doch sehr seriös. Schiebt euch wirklichen Loosern die Einzahlung sonst wo hin. Beste Werbung ***Gratulation. Nur gut ich habe bei euch nicht investiert.

  20. good morning I am also scammed by them because I can,t withdraw my money and I did sent them my document as per their requirement for account approval

  21. How do you get rid of these pests. There is no unregistering your email on their site. When they call i simple hit the answer button and leave them there (wasting THEIR money on the call :-))
    But seriusly can you deregister from their site? ANyone know?

  22. Yoo guys beware of this company.I thought I was registering for a bitcoin company that always play videos and using auto trading since I don’t know how to trade .But as soon as I register it turned out its Aspen Holding company that I never heard if before. I stupidly deposited $250 on 6 of August and on 7 they prompted me to deposit another $250 because they said if you deposit more you will win more and you will be working with the senior manager up to now I fail to retrieve my money back because from day one I have been pleading with them to cancel the account yesterday on 29 August I notice on their platform that my money is finishing without me placing any trades or helped nobody has ever tell me to place a trade but the money is vanishing everyday and this guy Kevin Spark is prompting me to use also my credit card so that they can also scam me with the money that I don’t even own he was aggressive saying I wasted his time but I’m not allowing him to withdraw from my credit card so poeple all I can say is beware of these vultures

  23. Eddie Mlungisi Tole in CapeTown South Africa.On the 15th of August I was Requested to deposit $250 on Aspen Holdings account
    Later they Requested My I’d Details and Credit Used for Authentication.
    I am still Waiting.. Especially How Much Does The Investment Growth to.
    Cell Number 0656304533
    Partner 0733852502
    It Looks like I have Been Scammed. Please

  24. Estoy intentando recuperar 3000 euros. 1000 € de mi tarjeta de crédito.
    Me dijo el broker que en poco tiempo invertiendo en ciertos sitios con información privilegiada conseguiría muy buenas cantidades.
    Me dijo que me ingresaria unas cantidades acordadas para cubrir unos pagos y también para cubrir la tarjeta de crédito de la cual saqué.

  25. Jag sitter i samma position som alla her total lurad av Kevin Spark
    jag har under ett pat veckor nu svarat med att skicka min id och alla dokument som dom begärt av mig men inget händer Kevin lovade att höra av sig vilket han gjort en gångmen efter jag berättade att dom finns på scamm sidorna op internet så har han inte svarat Mina pengar finns p mitt konto men jag kan inte gå för trading då det saknar godkänt för start och varje gång som jag skriver så ber dom mig skicka id med min underskrif på detta har jag gjort 3-4 gånger nu men inget svar

  26. I also deposit USD250 to Aspen Holding account. The manager keep telling me TOP up more and get more profit. Now I think I got scammed. How can I get back my money and delete my particular data?

  27. I did registered 9n aspen holding and had invest 250 euro 3 weeks ago. Then my financial situation went wrong and i did need my money back so i send them a withdrawal request. I wrote them messages every day and they.did ignore me. Last Friday i got email that finally my withdrawal of 250 euro is complete and that i will got my money on my bank account back in 5 or 7 days. I really hope that it will happen and then ill delete my account there.

    1. did they actually send your money back. I have been trying to get mine back, The account manager has stopped answering my emails as soon as I requested to withdraw my original funds and the profit that I made. I am thinking about sending the manager I was given about a 1000 emails a day ( literally) and their compliance email the same until They reply and I get my money back. The live online chat is useless they keep telling me that my request has been sent to my manager and his managers.

  28. I have oslo payed in 250 € And I send messingen that I vant my money back..the call me from Stockholm And London severel times every day pleace tell how to get my money back

  29. I am so fortunate! My visa – would not approve the transaction. Just spoke with them and they will not release the payment to this company. The person I was speaking to kept making me retry my visa 6 times. He said he will call me back in 10 minutes.

    I am so grateful to my Bank and finding this website.

  30. I have deposited usd250 with aspenholding n i want to cancell my account now. I have not sent any documentations and my my account has been suspended. How can i get my money back if i did not sent them my banking details. Plse advise anyone.

  31. Hello All

    Please do not give these con artists any information about yourself or banking details. They will con you into thinking your money will earn you an income, this is bullshit.
    They are robbing people everyday don’t become one of them.
    Aspen Holdings is part of Next Trade Pty Ltd ( who no longer exist) which are under investigation in the U.K. for Fraud

  32. My bank called me the day after I had deposite 250 euro and said that they are on the black list and I should not get involved with them!! Since I told them that they are not for real they keep on Calling me from different numbers almost everyday! I block and the call from other numbers. They even call from a Swedish number, but when you answere you can here how it connect to a aboard number!!

  33. I Have registered with a company called “Immediate Edge” and was directed to Apen holdings were i was asked to deposit 250 euros in which i did. I got calls by the compliance department and i was foolish enough to send all my documents to verify my account. After a while i was called by a so called account manger and stated that he will train me and help me understand how to trade. To me it all sounded good as i am a man with only a very small amount of money where i have a loan depending on this money and i was only looking to improve my financial situation The name is Lawton of this account manager he sounded he had an African accent. I explained my financial situation i told him what i want just to make an enough money to settle my loan and if i was lucky enough to get my self
    a home. He said to me to do so we need to go slowly with the 250 euros i deposited and he promised he will make me the money as professional trader. I trusted in him as he sounded very genuine. the next day he gave me an advise to invest a 1,000 on my account where i could be able to withdraw at ant time. i started to loose the money on the platform he traded. he asked me to put another 1,000 to save guard me and he promised he will keep an eye on the trades and he promised that we are going to make a profit of 3,000 euros soon instead i lost all my money, my partner left me and dont have anything left. all i had i trusted in this company, maybe i am too good or maybe i am too naive. The worst of all is that this Lawton is trying to make me believe that a recovery department will help me by investing a 50 percent of my money lost and that he will gain my money back. I dont have any more money to loose, i dont have any more at all, even if it is true i dont have any money to trade. What really shocked me was that after i invested all of this money a note came up on aspen holdings that the company cannot allow traders from Malta, i am from Malta All i want is for someone to help me get my money back, because i was scummed.

  34. I’ve tried withdrawal twice and it always ended up badly because the acct manager wanted to force me to invest and keep asking me why when i’ve told him I just wanted to get my money back. And they simply refused to process my withdrawal request and even hang up on me when i insisted that i want to withdraw.
    After 1mth of very frustrating communication with them, i’ve decided enough is enough and call the credit card company to request for a credit charge back.
    I’ve explained to the credit card company my situation and that i have make effort to lias with the merchant to get my money back. I’ve also told the credit card company to report speed solution (the merchant which aspen holding is using for credit card deposit) as fraud. they’ve told me they would try to put up a case and 2 days later, i’ve gotten my full 250usd deposit back.

    I’ve been getting numerous calls from them daily from mon-fri since i’ve sign up. So i’ve put my phone on “do not disturb” mode and block numbers that appeared on my call log history more than once. Works fine for me since i wasn’t expecting any important phone calls and my main mode of communication are whatsapp.

    So victims, please report to the credit card company that speed solution is a fraud and request for credit chargeback. Hopefully, the credit card company would do something if alot of people report the same merchant as fraud.

  35. Is there a possibility to write a general complaint on a money-back?? I was put in an application to Cashout, but stated that the money is risky to invest and that the former manager of many client money is Pradangino. Invest in Vel and revel…. The bank and the police wash away

    1. Hi, I’m Ediandro and I open an account with Aspen Holding, my account ID is: 190805940023 gold client. Enter this company with the hope of knowing how to invest in the stock market in which it is a money investment product to receive money in exchange (that is, it is lawful and that it is not correct that is to say that it is greed) the stock market It is something very serious where the world economy moves, the one that is not licit is the scam as you have been doing with me and since I have seen an announcement that Risto Mejides invested in the stock market began my personal ordeal on the part of these professional scammers.
      I would like to share this deceived or rather this SCAM by this Aspen Holding company that has not taken charge so far for such irresponsibility on the part of a hardworking man of yours that I will mention now.
      One morning a Broker with the name of MARK GONZALEZ called me on the phone and offered me stock products in which I thought it was a good opportunity to invest the little I had saved, in the first contact the typical small deposit to know the platform and I have made the first deposit of about € 250 and it was said as until now the manager of my account that started as bronze, went through silver and now as gold.
      This man called me on several occasions of the day posing as a good person and to trust him and for a moment I thought that he could really trust me and that he would help me improve my economic situation, a very serious mistake because it was a very great professional scam .
      Mr. Mark Gonzalez has made me enter a total amount of € 19,300 from my credit card in several deposits over a period of about 3 months, guaranteed a profit of € 40,000 that I have never received and not withdrawn any money because it always He said that in order to withdraw, he had to enter more because, since the operations were covered by bank leverage insurance that had a small time to withdraw, he said that he operated from England.
      One day he calls me and says that he had a good operation requesting me more money than until this moment I only had about € 5000 invested in the company and could visualize in the account that a profit of about € 12,000 but never be withdrawn then by the Broker Mark Gonzalez asked me to enter more money in which I did not have it to make a large joint operation with other investors and that in two weeks the money would be the money back guaranteed and that I could make good money in that operation, the Broker He got heavy calling me several times to get the money and he told me to take a loan to get into this great investment as he has even told me to get the money borrowed to invest and with the hope that in the two weeks I can return the money that this man had guaranteed the return, all this conversation is taxed.
      As he has made me make several deposits from my credit card that the company always asking me for papers to confirm the deposit and I sent them thinking that it is a serious company and that unfortunately is a great assembly of lies and deception to customers .
      He observed his operations that he opened the positions and saw lost and asked him and he said that everything was fine, he told me that the money was in LIMBO that he only had to go looking for, he sent me some graphics with a profit of € 38,000 and that to withdraw this money I had to enter more € 10,000 in which I got € 7,000 in business and he put another € 3,000 said that he placed it and that he trusted me, when I entered the last € 4000 he told me he was going to the bank with A company insurance to withdraw the money and send my money. I can guarantee to you this sad story that money has vanished and disappeared from my account in fractions of seconds and I have not been able to speak with this Broker Mark Gonzalez more than two weeks ago, he does not call me anymore and try to locate and talking on the phone on various occasions by various means, by email, through the company but they tell me that those of the company that he will call me but hatsa now nothing and has blocked me on the Whatsap and by Skyper no longer answers any message, He sent several messages to the company and nothing is responsible for this misleading fallacy, I promise everyone that they are reading this story, if they had done clean and I had lost money nothing happens is an investment but it has not been so, it has been unfair and that is called scam.
      Well, the only thing I want is my money back because I have been deceived by your company and this procedure of acting with the clients that accredited your company does not seem fair to me because this is a product that investors invest with the support of obtaining profit and Senhor Mark Gonzalez guaranteed me even saying he was indo to the bank with the insurance to get the money to enter my account and in seconds the money evaporated from the account and for information we discovered that it operates from tax havens because I wait for your compression and return my money as quickly as possible because it does not seem to me Just this procedure.
      That they are responsible and return my money

  36. Aš investovau į Aspen Holding 250euru jie patikino kad per mėnesį uždirbsi nuo 800 iki 1000 šimtų euru. Pirmą kartą man pasakė kaip internete galima uždirbti pinigus man pasisekė truputį realei uždirbau 20 euru o kita dieną gal netaip supratau ir nuo mano kortelės nuėmė 20 eurų ir buvo truputį sąskaitoi tai 30 euru paėmė, bandau atidaryti internetine prekyba bet neatsidaro☹️.

  37. Just been called by someone from Aspen Holdings, name of Mark Miller. Said i have a credit on my Wisebanc account and he has been authorised to transfer the amount to me, using their “Mirror” transaction. this, he said, is the safest way of transfering money to clients. this is how he proposed it operated:
    he would open a bit coin account for me, which i only can withdraw money from
    i transfer an amount of money into this account.
    then he would transfer an equivalent amount into same account.
    he will then transfer both amounts back to where i made my payment from.
    sounded really suspicious and with my bad experience with Wisebanc scamming, rejected the idea.
    just to let you guys out there know that this is another angle these scammers have taken.

  38. I was stupid not to read reviews of the company.End of november 2019 Aspen Holding`s webside popped up when I was looking at an advertisement on Facebook with picture of a very trustworthy person. On TV lately, famous investors recommended to put money into the market.
    A very pushy and familiar guy Andreas Torres from Aspen Holding called and persuaded me to put in more money than the 250 euros that I intended to start with. He made me do all the wrong things that you are advised not to do.Then he got a Norwegian investor call me to tell how he and a group had very good experience with Andreas Torres. Their investment had augmented tremendously. They said that they would not withdraw any sum before it had reached a certain amount. I was stupid to beleive them and invest more money.
    Mr. Torres called me every day and showed me how well my account worked. I told my sister and she got calls from Mr.Torres. She googled the company and found that it was a scam. I wanted to withdraw my money, but didn´t dare to withdraw more than 1/3, afraid that Andreas Torres would confiscate the whole sum. I managed with much discussion and difficulty to withdraw 1/3. Mr. Torres hoped that my sister would enlist. He wanted to prove to her by letting me withdraw how well his company worked.
    My sister did not of course sign in and Mr. Torres understood we knew he was a scam. He was disappointed and angry that I didn`t invest more and insinuated that he would not give my investment much attention. Since I didn`t cooprate the way he wanted, he would let another trader take over. I said OK and wondered how I possibly could withdraw the rest of the money I had invested.
    At that time my account which probably was fake, showed 15000euros. 10000 of them was my investment. The next day after his strange and violent accusation of my lack of coopration, he called and said that all my investment was lost in the market over night. I hadn`t just lost some money , but the whole account. It said O,00, not for example 234,5 or any sum. He insisted that I put new money in the marked so he could gain back my loss.
    I addressed myself to Aspen Support at least 10 times, each time with the same friendly answer:”Thank you for contacting us.The Relevant Department has been notified about your request. For any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.”
    Then an agent from Aspen Holding called many weeks after and told me that they would help me to regain my loss. They would invest 10000 euros on my account, and when the investment augmented to 15000. I should invest another 10000. Then I could withdraw what I wanted. As if I was ready to throw away another 10000. I asked for a bank guaranty for his plan, but he refused.

  39. Aspen Holding is a scum company, they steal the money even from poor people, they have no conscience for the needy. You should NEVER trust them.

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