Aurum Pro Finance Review

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Aurum Pro Finance Review

🔴 Aurum Pro Finance services are questionable – a warning sign!

🔴 Aurum Pro Finance isn’t licensed – a red flag!

🔴 Aurum Pro Finance isn’t transparent – a red flag!

🔴 Aurum Pro Finance creates unrealistic expectations – a red flag!

What is Aurum Pro Finance?

Aurum Pro Finance is an unregulated broker similar to, which we reviewed earlier. Problem with unregulated brokers is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from them as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice. Companies providing online brokerage services without a license cannot provide their clients with any sort of protection.

Aurum Pro Finance

Aurum Pro Finance Regulation

Aurum Pro Finance is unregulated and most likely totally illegal, which ultimately means that your funds will be in danger if you deposit! So, yet again, there is another reason to stay away from Aurum Pro Finance!

As there is no regulation, the people running the platform can pocket your money while bearing no responsibility for their criminal actions. They can disappear any time without notice. Companies providing online investment services without a license cannot provide their clients with any sort of protection. In contrast, regulated firms are required by law to adhere to a slew of regulations that ensure the safety of clients’ funds. For example, in most jurisdictions, a company will get a license if it meets the minimum capital requirement that varies by country and may also depend on the product specification, business classification and so on.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known broker, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this broker, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why they are dangerous to deal with.

On top of that, once you click and provide them with your e-mail and contact number they will ring you immediately and promise you anything to make you deposit money with them as fast as possible. Most of the scammers are experienced manipulators and before you know it they’d ask for your bank card numbers to assist you with the deposit. You shouldn’t provide this information. There is also a chance to become a victim of Identity theft, experiencing many more problems consequently.

Aurum Pro Finance Complaints

Depending on the amount of experience people have with brokers, it may be easy to tell what is legitimate and off-base before the problem starts. However, most of you may not be aware that their platform was problematic before you already signed up. If they show any of these signs, either avoid them entirely or look very carefully before proceeding:

🔴 Not regulated

🔴 High fees and commissions

🔴 Not enough information on the website

🔴 Poor communication and refusal to answer questions

🔴 Pushy manner

🔴 Keeps mentioning rules and fees that were not outlined in the contract

🔴 Does not let you withdraw money from your account

Aurum Pro Finance Products and Services 

Aurum Pro Finance is not safe, and we say so because it’s an unregulated platform – these schemes are never secure. They always promise things they won’t deliver, and Aurum Pro Finance makes no exception – they claim that customers can earn big money, which is a scam offer seen from any viewpoint! Such promises are ludicrous, and they show that Aurum Pro Finance is a suspected scam you should avoid! Beware! 

Aurum Pro Finance Customer Support

Aurum Pro Finance allows you to contact them through telephone contact and email. They do not provide any location data. There is no certainty in the contact information available.

You ought to receive an instant reply to your query, if not fast. Nevertheless, fraudsters cut off communications upon receiving your money. It is improbable to deliver a friendly interface without proper customer relations. Active customer support assists in determining more trust in the company.

Are Funds Safe With Aurum Pro Finance?

With such lack of information and Aurum Pro Finance being unregulated, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated brokers. A red flag that we noticed is that they are withholding vital information to users. They could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about them.

They does not guarantee the security of funds. The safety of your money is a top factor to consider in any platform. Any red flag is a warning you should not ignore. Investing your money with anonymous platforms not only puts your money at risk. Your data may fall into the wrong hands attracting criminal activities during the registration process.

Aurum Pro Finance Withdrawals

The point at which many of our clients realize they are dealing with a scam broker is when they request to withdraw funds and the broker either won’t allow them or will make it difficult. They may employ the following tactics:

🔴 Will aggressively urge clients to make additional trades. The client often acquiesces because the broker will be quite pushy and make it clear he or she is in control since they hold the client’s funds

🔴 Will charge high withdrawal fees. Many clients will instead try to make more money to cover these high fees and will make more transactions instead of withdrawing

🔴 Cease communication. They may be evasive or simply not communicate at all.

If Aurum Pro Finance is doing any of these things to avoid releasing your funds, contact us today.

Aurum Pro Finance Review: our Conclusion!

Aurum Pro Finance is an unregulated broker to avoid. Unregulated brokers, in particular, are usually operated anonymously. Sooner or later, the service will inevitably close. They usually target traders and investors with little or no experience by promising fictitious investment opportunities. You’d better stay far away from unregulated entities and trade with regulated platforms only.

There is also the insolvency protections that unregulated brokers does not have access if they go bust.

Platforms who are not registered with or regulated by a regulatory organization are considered unregulated. Because they are not subject to any laws or restrictions imposed by financial regulatory organizations, they are free to trade as they see fit. Choosing an unlicensed platform comes with its own set of disadvantages.

If you have been scammed, leave a comment or if you wish to arrange a free consultation with our professionals, feel free to submit your complaint by clicking the button bellow.

ℹ️ Aurum Pro Finance Details
  • 💻 Website URL :
  • 👮 Regulation : Offshore Broker
  • 🧭 Headquarters : N/A
  • 🏧 Minimum Deposit : N/A
  • ⚖️ Leverage : N/A

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33 thoughts on “Aurum Pro Finance Review”

  1. O versato 250 euro e dopo 10 giorni non si fa vivo più nessuno non ciò un recapito per parlare con qualcuno non so come devo fare per farmi restituire i miei soldi

  2. Ho versato 250 euro e poi sono spariti tutti e non c’è più modo di contare nessuno. Una compagnia di imbroglioni

  3. Aurum finance pro contacted me asking for £250 in relation to face book shares coming from a business profession I knew it was a scam the none stop calls and the last email I received is below

    David Roberts from Facebook Libra

    David Roberts
    Mon 26/08/2019 13:43

    This is David Roberts, account manager at Aurum Pro Finance.Thank you for creating an account with us.
    We spoke together on the phone but you were at work., and you asked me for email.
    Let me know when you will be available to receive my call or send me an email back so i can reach you.

    David Roberts
    Account Manager

    Stay well clear lucky for me I spotted it straight away why would you want to by shares into face book who earns billions a year also say you will get over 10 thousand euros back a month how do these people think they can pull this off just stay full on scam

    1. Aurumpro is a fucking scam broker dont trust on tham i invest with tham and make some profits they do not allow me to withdraw keep delay my withdraw and try to threaten me must reivest befor you can withdraw this is ridiculous 😤 Fucking scam broker stay away from this fuck scam broker ……

      1. Hi! Do you know how to cancel the account? I’ve been looking but didn’t find it in the profile.

  4. This company are persistent to say the least however after refusing to sign and return authorisation forms after opening an account with €250 I was lucky enough to get my money back from them via the charge back process with my bank. Despite telling them NOT to contact me again, it appears they do not understand English (not surprising as their “brokers” all sound as if they are Eastern European!)
    STAY AWAY FROM THEM AT ALL COSTS!!!! IF YOU DO OPEN AN ACCOUNT DO NOT SIGN AGREEMENT THAT YOU AUTHORISED PAYMENT FROM YOUR DEBIT CARD AND YOU SHOULD THEREFORE GET YOUR MONEY BACK AFTER CONTACTING YOUR BANK. Under no circumstances do a bank transfer to them otherwise you will never see your money again. They offer you 100% deposit matching scheme (“we will give you €1000 in your trading account if you move €1000 into it”) which obviously entices people to join their scheme.

  5. Aurum Pro Finance ist ein derart unseriöses Unternehmen, dass es mich wundert, dass diese Firma überhaupt noch kontaktiert wird.
    Nachdem ich mich anmeldete, rief mich ein sogenannter Senior-Broker an und zeigte mir alle angeblichen Vorteile von Aurum Pro auf. Ich ließ mich dazu überreden, € 250.- zu überweisen. Mir wurde zugesichert, dass ich im Falle einer Auszahlung keinerlei Probleme haben werde.
    Nach einigen Stunden wies mein Konto einen Gewinn von ca. € 100.- auf.
    Einige Tage später kontaktierte mich eine Dame, die sich als meine persönliche Betreuerin vorstellte. Nachdem sich der Gewinn steigerte, forderte mich die Dame auf, noch einmal € 1000.- zu investieren, sie werde meinem Konto dann zusätzlich € 1000.- gutschreiben. Gesagt, getan.
    Nach ca. 3 Wochen hatte ich € 2700.- auf meinem Konto.
    Dieses Geld wollte ich zurücküberweisen. Seit diesem Zeitpunkt ist von Aurum Pro Finance niemand erreichbar, weder telefonisch noch per .
    Ich habe meine Lektion gelernt, wenn auch teuer bezahlt.
    Also, Finger weg von Aurumpro!!!

  6. Stay away from this fucking scam broker they are not good in English when I talk to them is like Indian language English dont trust on tham
    Fucking scam broker all manager are big liao…

  7. Salut vreau sa stiiu si eu daca astia chiar sunt hoti,abia ce leam bagat 250 de euro ,si tranzactiile o sa mi le faca o asistenta,,pe prima care mia luat datele o cheama pamela ,.vreau sa stiu dava chiar sunt niste escroci?astept raspuns va rog

  8. Hallo hier ist der nächste der reingefallen ist. Ich habe 500 Euro gezahlt und nach vielen Anrufen rund 650 Euro auf meinem Konto. Wollte dies dann auszahlen lassen und seitdem gibt es keinen Kontakt zu Aurum Pro Finance. Lasst die Finger von diesem Broker. Bei Versuch Konakt aufzunehmen über E-Mail oder Telefon gibt es keine Chance. Leider werden die 500 Euro wohl ein teures Lehrgeld.

  9. Guten Tag , ich bin auch auf die Betrugsmasche von Aurum pro Finace reingefallen. Versuche an die Beraterin Iryna ran zu kommen. keine Chance mehr. Ich brauche dringend mein Geld, Auto Totalschaden.
    Können Sie mir helfen. Hab mein Konto Umsätze fotographiert.

  10. Hallo, ich bin auch reingefallen und werde ständig genervt, das ich mehr Geld einzahlen soll. Wie komme ich aus der Nummer wieder raus, habe meinem “Berater” mehrfach gesagt das ich das Konto auflösen will und er mir sagen soll welche Schritte nötig sind….
    Will einfach nix mehr von denen hören, um das Geld ist es Schade aber selber Schuld, würde ich mal sagen
    Hilft es WhatsApp und anrufe zu ignorieren?

  11. Ich bin auch auf die Betrügermasche reingefallen. Ich habe gestern eine Anzeige erstellt, wird jetzt von der Kripo bearbeitet. Auch zum Schutz anderer.

  12. First call, “I signed up to automatically..” No i didn’t, I am in a hurry, bye! 4 negated calls, they left a garbled message on my answerphone, couldn’t understand a word!(Spanish) Then I heard clearly (17:45) “That’s it team, wrap it up”!

  13. Hallo, na da bin ich ja nicht die einzige die auf diese Masche reingefallen ist. Es ist schon eine unverschämheit, leider bin ich auch selbst schuld. 750,- € im Eimer. Ich könnte schreien vor Wut. Gibt es überhaupt eine Möglichkeit sein Geld wieder zurück zu bekommen??? Ich habe schon so oft versucht mit diesem roker in Kontakt treten, keine Chance. Das ist echt demotivierend.

  14. Same square with you guy above, a 3 second few hundred profit with this are software workout. Not trusted company

  15. Broker & manger are link when withdrawal come, with troublesome provisions/mislead and delay is already a sign of scammer. Black listed by Spanish/CNMV Spain. This kind of mind set should sit on gas room or maybe live buried. Don’t even thing of invest in this company. I already lose few k.

  16. ATTENZIONE!!!! AURUM PRIO FINANCE sono truffatori, non fidatevi per nessuna ragione di loro, devono solo essere perseguiti ed essere arrestati e LASCIATI IN PRIGIONE PER IL RESTO DELLA LORO SPORCA VITA.

  17. Truffatori tutti, soprattutto un certo irlandese GIANLUCA MARINI si fa chiamare ma…. sicuramente ha modificato il suo passaporto ed si è messo un nome italiano x gli italiani che deve truffare e così i suoi collaboratori una certa Angela alla documentazione ed al trading un’altra truffatore che si fa chiamare Gabriel ed un’altra porca che dice parolacce che si fa chiamare Emma.Intanto abbiamo avvisato la Police e Carabinieri che sono sulle tracce loro ed ho dato tutti i loro numeri telefonici di whatsapp.

  18. 40000 euro mi hanno truffato facendo parte di un piano di investimento,mi sono fatto inviare i loro documenti su WhatsApp, passaporto questo aveva un passaporto irlandese un certo MARINI.
    SONO STATA CONTATTATA con un ricatto che avevano fattomi quadagnare una cifra enorme ma se volevo prelevare dovevo pagare la plusvalenza in anticipo alla banca per sbloccare il conto e farmi prelevare,mi hanno chiesto 10000 euro ed allora ho capito della trama del loro raggiro .Sono un gruppo di 5-6 persone e fanno chiamate da London,chi si fa chiamare :PETR, GABRIEL,EMMA, ANGELA,GIANLUCA TUTTI con accento straniero tipo albanese o indiano dell’India.

  19. lasst alle die Finger von den Abzogern, Geld kommt nicht wieder und wird auch nicht ausbezahlt egal wie hoch die Summe ist. leider!!!!

  20. si confermo che sono tutti dei ladri professionisti. Mi telefonava ogni mattina alla 7,00 il broker era Svizzero, non ricordo il nome , lui parlava male delle altre firme facendo intendere che Aurumpro fosse diversa e corretta.
    Io sono stato truffato da Crypotbull li ho denunciati ,la polizia Tedesca aveva tutte le info a disposizione persino il numero del conto bancario ed il nome della banca e la Citta, non hanno concluso nulla,il giudice non ha fatto nulla per recuperare i miei soldi, magari saranno stati fermati a non procedere non so, ma il caso é stato archiviato. il broker di Aurumpro conosceva il nome anche se falso della broker di ceyptobull. Lui disse : Ahh
    chi era il broker di cryptobull la Sig. Maya ecc ecc
    Questi bastardi sono tutti collegati fra loro é un teem di malfattori

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