cboexap Review

In this review, we will describe why cboexap is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !


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Is cboexap Legit?

cboexap is an unregulated Investment Company. Problem with unregulated Investment Companies is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from this Investment Company as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known Investment Company, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this investment firm, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why cboexap is a dangerous Investment Company to deal with.


Are Funds Safe with cboexap ?

With such lack of information and cboexap being unregulated, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated Investment Companies. A red flag that we noticed is cboexap is withholding vital information to users.

cboexap could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about this Investment Company.

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cboexap Review: our Conclusion!

cboexap is an unregulated Investment Company to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

cboexap Review
  • Website URL : www.cboexap.vip
  • Type of Scam : Unregulated Investment Company
  • Regulation : None

Have You Been Scammed By cboexap ?

cboexap is an unregulated Investment Company to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

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  1. A young Asian lady (Chinese) named Lisa had pretended to accidentally texted me through what’s app. She states that was looking for someone else. After I told her it was wrong number she says she wants to stay friends and started asking questions to get to know each other. I didn’t see any harm on being friends so I agreed. She slowly tries to present herself as very rich person with secretary and driver getting my interest. She told she does crypto currency and how easy it is to make money off of it. I never tried crypto. She was persistent that I should try it and she’ll help me. After a week of chatting I finally gave in and she help me set up Coinbase account and then an account to this site “ wap.cboexap.vip” she also help me set up an account there. She wanted me to send money there right away yo start trading. I couldn’t because Coinbase won’t allow it for 1 week. She insisted I should do wire transfer to make the transactions faster. She text me daily always trying to get my interests to do trading with her in wap.cboexap.vip. A week past and I can finally send my small asset (1750) to this site so I did. She showed me a couple trading with 100% success and also showed me how easy it is to bring money back to Coinbase to gain my confidence in site. She got me hook. Now she is showing me new crypto coin their site is offering and can get you even richer appreciates super fast in 1-2 days. But the catch is you need 50k minimum to get in. She keeps insisting I should buy before the time to subscribe ends and keep gaining my trust. She says she will help me. So I worked extra days for it. I even got loan from bank. I got $14,000 wire transferred to Coinbase and then sent that asset to that site as cryptocurrency. After I had place all my funds in she said she’ll help me so she sent 20000 to this site (I believe she owns it she is the head) she insisted I should get a loan from the site too. The site customer service is via chat no phone numbers. The customer service agreed to lend me 10,000 and it magically appear in my cboexap account. No paper signing or anything. I followed instructions cuz my time (of getting rich) is running out. She hooked me good. I ignored all the red flags 😥. So I got to subscribers new coin. got credited $5000 worth of new coins called CBO. I also borrowed 2,700 from my friend to complete the 50,000. Now the problem is I can’t take any funds out without paying them some more called certification fee. My friend also got into it. She got him hook with trading and increasing his funds exponentially. He also cannot take his funds out unless he pay 5%. One of the customer service I believe is her because they have the same instructional arrows. Finally research the site and nothing . My friend had dig deeper and state the site is probably only up for 3-4 months. They already released 3 new coins (watercoin, signal, and the cbo) which I think are all fraud. It would be great to get my real money back about $18500 total maybe more. My asset in the wap.cboexap.vip site supposedly over 75,000 and counting but I can’t touch any of it unless I pay them. This is her number in WhatsApp +1 (450) 410-7731.. she goes by the name of Lisa is the one the duped me into getting into this. I believe she is the head of the site. I never talked to her over the phone she is always busy.

    1. That is exactly what happened to me. Have you been able to do anything about it? I lost over $60,000, and I don’t know what to do. If you see this please contact me so we can hopefully work together to fix this.

    2. Boy that sure sounds the same as my story to a T. Did you recover any of your money? Such a convincing scammer! I can usually spot scammers, but I didn’t see through this one.

  2. Hey soo is there anyway to get the money after paying the 5 percent? I was also scammed of about $2,200 it would have been more but lucky I caught on quickly to the red flags

  3. I got scammed for 50k. Can’t get it. Says I owe profit tax to pay first Already paid loan back and certification fee.

    1. The profit tax is 20% of the profit it shows on your account. Supposedly going to the IRS due to there rules and regulations with the US. Bunch of BS! Wish I knew a good hacker to hack there accounts to get the money back LOL.

      1. I’m guessing that 20% profit tax also is needed to be paid from an outside wallet 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️… so they just keep sucking real money in to lure you to get fake asset that you believe you made… can’t they go in prison for this…?

    2. So you paid the certification fee, and then they told you to pay profit tax? What was the percentage of the profit tax they told you to pay them? Could you withdraw your money after paying the profit tax? And what percentage of the withdrawal amount you had to pay for certification fee? I will really thank you for your answers to My questions.

  4. Daymmm…. It’s a never ending fees and scam… wap.cboexap.vip they are heartless.. hopefully karma will get them 100x worse… how much was the profit fee scam??

    1. same thing happen to me. wap.cboexap.finance name of the rich girl is anna 1-914-206 2516 from hongkong she had a house in portland, boston and thailand. and she ownes fabric company in hongkong. i sent $500 on the site i tried to do some trade. but until now sending fund to coinbase is still in process

      1. How long has it been in processing? I did the same. Started with $500 but I’m trying to send back to coinbase but it says processing. I started last night 10/6/21 so I’m wondering how long it will take for the funds to go back to coinbase.

        1. It will not transfer. They have control of it now and wont return your money. They keep giving you fees that you have to pay first and its always from an external wallet. Scam!

          1. So you could not withdraw your money? I know that they ask for Advanced Certification fee. Which other fees did they tell you to pay? I have also invested money in that company.

        2. i just found out they got me too same story chinese girl wrong number wanted to be friends i received pictures talked to her for almost a month she was very successful owned a health spa , a store and was a crypto investor and trader. she brought up bitcoin and crypto trading and i was actually already looking to educate and invest she offered to help showed me successful transactions of 5k some for as high as 20k in 1 day. I only happen to have 2k to invest she guided me through the transactions turned it into almost 4k but she kept pressuring me to put in 20k because a great transaction node was coming and i needed more in my principal amount to guarantee success luckily i didnt have access to the money until the end of the month and i guess she got tired of waiting or it was time to close down the site to avoid capture by law enforcement because she quit communicating and i went to withdraw the money back to crypto wallet and it said transferring for days then after 3 or 4 days of saying transferring i can no longer get to the site it has been taken down.

          1. Sounds like the one that tried to scam me, but I googled wap.cbo before I registered and found this. I reported and blocked her on WhatsApp. Very thorough scam though. She really reels you in and makes you feel like you’re a friend. Even suggested we go to a dude ranch together but I didn’t bite on that cause I’m married. I also checked the perfect skin medical group she said she was part of and I only found Hong Kong and not New York, which made me decide to be very careful. Glad I checked.

        3. Finish Primary Certification and Advanced Authentication under Mine tab and then see whether they let you withdraw your money or not.

      2. Dont send anymore Coinbase is legitimate. But they get you to send it from there to alternate place which then you cannot get your money back.

  5. The exact same thing happened to us. We put in 1700 and within a few months got up to almost 100k, but now they want us to pay to get the money out. We caught on quickly thankfully. but still, losing any money to this type of crap just really sucks.

    1. Yeah it does suck… I still anxious thinking about what I could have done with the money I invested in this BS…

        1. At what amount you could not withdraw your money? What did they tell you to pay? I will thank you for your answers to My questions?

  6. I just opened a Coinbase account because the same thing happened to me, being contacted by someone on WhatsApp, talking me into trading crypto, etc. Thankfully I decided to check out the link for the company she wanted me to sign up with. I haven’t opened the account, or given anyone money to invest. I know Coinbase isn’t a scam, but I’m glad to find out that this lady is a scammer. The one that contacted me by “mistake” was someone named Joanna. She’s on Telegram as anna1166. Thank you for the heads up guys. I appreciate it. Sorry you guys lost your money to her. Hopefully she gets what’s coming to her, a dark and dirty prison cell.

  7. I started with $500 and the lady name is Mia from Hong Kong. She tried to get me to wire $100k but I didn’t. I’m trying to take the funds out and send the funds back to coinbase but the CBOEXAPP says processing. I don’t think I’ll get my $500 back.

    1. Same lady contacted me, Mia was the name she used. We all feel deceived and disheartened that this happened to us all. I lost 24k to this scam and I really feel the pain everyone is experiencing. In hindsight there were definitely red flags, but by the time I relized it my money had already been in the thieves bank account. I took a loan out after I realized that I’d been scammed (hey, might as well see where this thing goes) I then asked Mia to help me pay the loan off after being rewarded 151446usdt for my last node. She said she’d help me, but we all know how that works. Anyway I have to let that go and use it, not as a loss but as a lesson. I can’t let that be the end of my life as an investor because of some bad actors in this game we call life.

  8. I was scammed over $50,000 from cboexap.vip. They pretended to have an aunt that worked at Goldman Sachs as an executive, with really vast knowledge on day trading, and “wanted” to help make money for me.

    1. The same thing happened to me. Deposited about $7,200 with a “Yiyi Li”. Same kind of story. An “Aunt” from Goldman Sacks who has an analyst team. She kept insisting for me to deposit more and more. She said if I deposited $5000 she would match it with $30,000. I finally raised the $5,000 but then she reneged on loaning me the $30,000.

      For anyone who got scammed from wap.cboex. The new website is: wap.cbo.finance

      1. It is the same Chinese lady who scams me. Be careful I have 1200 in this app. I think this person created this app every time to scam people. I can see the Certificate in google is having a valid period of Oct 28 to Nov 11. Does somebody Know a hacker can track this web page?

        1. Yeah it must be a new site for every person because I started in this bullsh#t scam back in August and September. That’s how long she’s been at it. And I’m sure there are others in on it too. She’s just the front girl used to pull you in.

  9. Keep spreading words and type in your stories about this shady site. Hopefully one of you guys have some sort of connections to get these people and put them in prison for good.

  10. Hey guys,
    I am so sorry this happened to everyone that has posted here but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart that you did. This same thing happened to me but I started researching on Google before I set up an account…. I had to do some digging but I found this page! So, I did not get scammed out of any money – thanks to you all. I am so sorry that your experiences had to come first. I am thankful for this site and I hope that this will help keep other people away from this scam.

    I just confronted “her” and “she” sais she was offended lol this person is a smooth talker. I don’t think it’s a woman, or even just one person. There are multiple reasons that I don’t think they’re in the US either. My guess is China, India, or somewhere they are known to scam like this but not in the US. That being said, I’m not sure what can be done to go after them. The best thing to do is bring awareness to this so that scammers like this don’t finesse people out of billions of dollars. I think it is probably a team of people and they are probably doing this to as many people as they can – which I would guess, unfortunately, is a lot. Hopefully some more awareness and attention is brought to this as well as other crypto scams – there are many – billions worth. As crypto gains traction people are going to keep falling for it. I think at the end of the day, these scammers are in fact incredibly wealthy due to how much they have stolen. The number is heartbreaking, if you look it up. Many scammers are going to be among the wealthiest people in the world. Let’s do what we can to stop this. Thank you all for posting so you stopped it from happening to me. I am truly grateful.

  11. Did anyone get their money transferred to coinbase after paying the 5%? I am in the same trap. I was able to get 3500$ transferred to coinbase and into my bank but cant get the remaining 10k

    1. I have also invested money in that company. Did you finish Primary Certification and Advanced Authentication? That 5% fee you have mentioned is for what?

  12. mine was karol she got me with 95,000 and now i see the rea money don’t come that fast she was so nice and kind and i taught still was good people out there the site was cboexap now im in debt i should see all the red flags ….

  13. I was scammed by a person just like what others have mentioned, i have invested $70,000 and now i am unable to get into my account this morning. I just stumbled upon this website wish i had seen it before investing in this scam. I am sick to my stomach that i ended up getting scammed with such a large amount. I have no clue what to do to recover these funds, anyone has any ideas/thoughts? I am most likely considering these funds r lost but would love to be able to retrieve if possible.

    1. I went through a quick depressive state… the pain of getting scammed hurts….BuT life must go on… I never wish for any people or organization to get the greatest karma ever… spread the word… it’s all we can do!! And hopefully someone with greater ability or connections to get them will get the job done… they have no idea how much pain and potential disasters in the livelihood they can give to the people they scammed…

  14. CBOEX has moved to new scam site wap.cbo.finance! Beware it is the same people scamming you out of money. DO NOT TRADE OR DEPOSIT ANY MONEY!

        1. You get emails from them? You can use this to your advantage. An email can be traced I think. It must originate from somewhere.

  15. $8,000. $8,000 gone. My bi#ch called herself “Anna”. She is worthless scum. She’s a fu#king cu#t. Once my account grew to $240,000, she suggested that I withdraw. So I did only to find out there is a “15% personal income tax fee” that must be submitted before I withdraw. Right there. That very second I saw that, I knew it was a scam. Furious. Then I ask her about it and she sends me more lies telling me “this is right. I paid my tax. You must pay your tax to withdraw.”

    I’m a fu#king idiot. I told her off. Now I’m working with MyChargeBack. I hope that I can get at least some of my money back. Also, their fake trading site has been taken offline. I think too many people caught on to their little scam and are going on to the next scam. Fu#king thieves. Has anyone gotten their money back???! We need to take these people to court in a lawsuit. They need to be sent to prison!!!

  16. She scammed me out of $8,000 I am furious! She has done this to so many people. We need to bring a class action lawsuit against her and whoever she works with!!!

  17. First of all, I am SO sorry to see how much money you all lost. I cannot thank you all enough for sharing you experiences. I just avoided falling for the scam because of this page. Luckily I had only put $100 in as I wanted “Mary” to show me proof of concept on her investing strategy. I was about to put in thousands, but got cold feet and found this page.

    I feel so bad for you all. I am going to try and f*** with Mary on your behalf. Stand by….

  18. They (she) got me for 182k! Their website is wap.CBO.Finance The signs were there maybe greed got the best of me. I was thinking all the people I could help out! Now I can’t helpout myself.

  19. Aaaaannnd another one. This girl Lin Mei contacted me on WhatsApp then on a platform called Link similar to Telegram. She told me that she was looking for her friend Mia and accidentally texted me. Then she wanted to stay friends. She told me that she owned a clothing company in China and was trading crypto to pay her workers. Then she kept calling the perfect time to trade a node and pressuring me to give 100k to get the full benefit of the trading platform. I did 2k to see how it would work. It seemed to be a 66% return in 30 minutes. She seemed very nice and chill but the main give aways are not wanting to do any phone calls, video calls or in person meeting because of COVID and the meetings are ‘sacred’. Anyway I was thinking about investing but she got so thirty when I told her I was going to deposit I dug a little deeper and found this discussion stream with a common story. Once probably, 10 times scam. Anyways be careful. We all trying to o make this money and retire early but let’s be safe. Stay smart my friends.

  20. There is another scam to watch out for tell everyone you know in the US or the UK. It’s called xaphluxtrade. Same deal a girl contacts you on WhatsApp. Then they promise return after deposits and then make up excuses not to give you back your money. Make sure you never deposit or refer this site to anyone. Soon they may change the name of the site but the game will probably be the same. From experience I would say always make sure you can withdraw your money before depositing any funds you don’t want to loose. Remember xaphluxtrade big scam. Good luck everyone.

  21. Does anyone know any other means in which to contact her? Any other platforms that she uses? I want to bring her to authorities. Maybe work with WhatsApp or any other social media platform that she uses. File a formal complaint with as many organizations as possible and see what sticks. She has clearly scammed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars and should be locked away in prison. She should have all of her funds seized and distributed amongst us victims.

  22. I was fortunate – Xi contacted me through WhatsApp looking for someone else. It was a “business account” for her perfect skin medical group business she was invested in. We chatted and then she said she wanted to stay in touch and gave me her personal WhatsApp. She texted me on and off for a week or more – talking about crypto and her aunts analysis team. Very friendly. Sometimes it was small talk about movies or hobbies etc. Then today she went all hard core with the crypto (really sounds like she knows what she’s talking about) and not much small talk. She said she was going to teach me and had me download the crypto app and she walked me through it and then she sent the wap.cbo link via WhatsApp. Fortunately I googled it and found this discussion – I blocked and reported her (I use “her” loosely because it could have easily been a dude).

    I’m very sorry for those that lost money. You aren’t alone and unfortunately there are many more that haven’t found this site. I hope you get your money back.

    1. So they’re still at it huh? It’s okay the walls are closing in on them soon. I’m going to bring my case up with the proper authorities very soon to get back what’s mine. I suggest you all do the same.

      1. Good luck! Typically when its crypto your out of luck unless the scammers decide to send it back. There is no guarantee with crypto your typically on your own since it is not regulated.
        Keep us posted if you find a way to get some back.

        1. I disagree. The fact that this was dressed to look like a real investment company, we had reasonable expectations of a profit.

          The mere fact that they’re actually running a fake business, means that they can be prosecuted. I believe the can and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and should be incarcerated. They don’t deserve to walk free.

          As a matter of fact, prison is too nice of a fate compared to what I would do to them if I had just 5 min alone with each and every one of them. Just 5 min alone with each of them is all I would need. And I hope they’re reading this. I’m coming after you scumbags.

        2. Someone is trying the same thing with me, I have not sent any money to wap.cbo.finance. seemed very suspicious to me as you open an account with just an email.

        3. I am in the middle of this scam. I felt suspicious and started doing my research and found your posts. I did not transfer any funds to CBO finance. The imposter woman is still asking me to transfer the funds. I am wondering if there is anyway that law enforcement can catch her .

    2. Hello can you ease upload picture of the CBO site. Thanks. I have a same situation they keep telling me that I was using information from inside to get more profit and I have to pay more money to get back my funds.

  23. They ( Chinese girls) are all in the United States on a temporary working visas, they should be deported back to China. Get as much info on them before calling INS, Homeland Security, FBI, etc. They are considered cyberthieves, breaking every international and federal laws.

    1. Where did you get this information from and please make it public on here. State their names. All of their information, put it out on here. Is there somewhere I can reach you? Please let me know. I need to discuss details with you.

  24. I’m currently up to 67000 from 49000, is this possible?, same mo, Chinese girl contacting me asking for some other, chatted, got introduced to cryptocurrency, Insist on paying the tax fees, says she pays them, why shouldn’t I. It’s probably the same scam to get more money out of you. Her phone number is 1-240-410-9520 claims(his/her) name is queena. i know exactly how you feel, can’t sleep or eat and enjoy life, like a dark cloud over you.

  25. 1 240 410 9520 is the number she or he had before it was removed. was contacted by whatsapp and then switched to telegram, now it doesn’t have a phone number. claims she/he is from new York. states her name is queena.
    could be several individual posing as the same person. if they send photos, look at the background for details, like names, brands . she showed me of her drinking coffee in her car, looked at the steering wheel and it was a porsche. all info should be gathered.

  26. Asking for me to pay the tax before I can receive any money from my so-called investment. Keeps texting me and will send pictures of her and her kids. She goes by the name Mary with me. I’ll keep you posted if I get any money back or transfer my USDT to a well-known crypto account.

    1. You will not get your funds that way. I highly suggest submitting formal complaints to as many government agencies as you can. IC3 is the FBI. Your state attorney general’s office. Your local PD.

      1. I don’t think that these girls are in USA , they just say so otherwise we will not believe them and do what they want us to do. I did my research and found that she is impersonating someone else from another country. In a picture she sent me that she claims was taken a few days ago while driving to visit a friend, I was able to identify a vehicle that is not imported into USA. Every picture they send is fake and belongs to other well to do people from Asian countries. I am still talking to her and keeping a connection in case it will help any law enforcement. These are professionals that we are dealing with. We alone will not be able to do anything unless we have local and federal help. I am sure they are swindling millions of $$$ from people here. Lots of people will not even admit to being swindled because of the shame they feel. If anyone is willing to help, than lets all get together and go for these crooks. I am lucky that I stopped just short of transferring money to the CBO account otherwise that would have been the end of my money. I feel sorry for those who have lost their hard earned money to these crooks.

  27. Hello I also scamed via this domain : wap.cboxs.finance. I think this is same site which you are mention in comments.

  28. Hello everyone! first I want to thank all of you who have managed to come out to tell your story, and experience you had with (Cboex.Vip) website, and how much you guys lost. Like everyone else, I also lost $8500, and I want to share how I got scammed by Cboex, in hope it will help someone save their money.
    So, my experience started early in August, and I remember it was about 2 pm, I received a message on WhatsApp from this number +1 (248) 252-7780, and it was from a lady named Anna, and she claimed, she was looking for her business partner Mr. Renville. Here is her first message she texted me “Hello Mr. Renville Clarke! Did you receive my secretary financial plan”?
    Of course, I was curious, and I wanted to let her know I wasn’t the person she was looking for, so I told her, she texted the wrong person, and for that she apologized, and claimed it was her secretary’s fault for giving her the wrong number. And pretty much that’s how our conversation started.
    After clearing the misunderstanding, I continued asking her, where she is from? her business relationship with Renville, what type of business they conduct? How did they meet etc. For that she told me, she’s based in Boston USA, and she works as a financial advisor, and she run sanitizer and cosmetic company, and do digital trading.
    I didn’t see any harm in that, so I continued to ask her about her experience in digital trading, because I like learning knew stuff about crypto trading. Like that, she told me it was all good for her, and she was particularly lucky for learning about crypto early on, before many people knew about crypto, and claimed, she started investing in 2016. She also told me how she thinks cryptocurrency will perform in future, also she pulled this article titled, “Amazon posted a crypto job. Bitcoin surged 14%” for me to read and continued saying she believe at some point in future, she thinks crypto will replace physical currencies worldwide.
    At this point, I thought she was a well oriented person who knew what she was talking about, so I thought about learning a thing or two from her to further my crypto knowledge. So, I started by asking about her crypto portfolio, and what type of token she invests in. She happily told me she has some ETH, BTC, ADA, LTC and DOGE. And just like that, we spend like a week or two exchanging opinions about crypto marketcap, future predictions, NFTs, Metaverse crypto projects, and whether it was good idea to invest in knew altcoins etc.
    All was going good so far, until one day in mid-September, I asked whether she knew about crypto day trading, and she said yes and furthermore, she claimed she use 30 seconds method to trade in BTC. And she continued to explain how 30 seconds method works, at this point I was really interested, and I wanted to learn how to trade using 30 seconds method. And just like that, she accepted to teach me how to trade using this method, and I was happy, and I didn’t have time to think about red flags or anything like that. Lesson learned here don’t ever make a final decision when you’re excited, because you’ll most likely regret later.
    So, that’s how she introduced me to Cboex Vip website, at first, she claimed it was an index crypto trading platform. I did take some screenshots of this platform, but sorry guys, I don’t know how to post pictures here. So, I didn’t suspect Anna, and for that I never did any background research about that platform, because it looked like a legit company website.
    So, I jumped on Cboex, create my account, did verification steps, and everything, and Anna urged me to deposit some USDT so she could teach me how 30 seconds trade method works. At first, she told me to deposit $1000, I told her when it comes to crypto, I always invest money I can afford to lose. So, I deposited $100, next day we traded together with Anna, made some profit, I didn’t make a lot because I only deposited $100, Anna also sent me a screenshot of how much profit she made, and I saw she invested about $600000 and made profit of about $300000 and the total she got was about $900000.
    She told me, if you invest a lot of money, you make a lot of profits, and I thought about that for a moment. Next day, she told me to invest about $50K, I told her didn’t have that much, which was true, and she was like how about $25K. I didn’t want to show her I was broke, so I just said Ok. And then deposited $1000 to my additional $100. We traded again, and I doubled my investment which made me happy.
    Next day, Anna pressed me again to deposit more money, this time, I deposited $5K and that was the money I literally had, thank God I was broke, because if I had more, I could’ve deposited all of it. Now, that day when I deposited my $5K we did not trade, and for whatever reason she was not active, the next day, I asked her about it, and she said she was very busy handling her other businesses and arranging her crypto analytic staff.
    To put story short, for some reasons we never traded again using 30 seconds method, but at some point, she showed me another method of staking my USDT on the Cboex website, and it was paying out every 24 hours. I believe I was making about 0.4% of the amount I staked. For example, if I staked, all my $7k I could get 0.4% of that every 24 hours in profits.
    Again, I was really interested, and my curiosity and greedy got better of me, and I thought it was a good idea, and better than leaving my money in the bank. So, I went all in and staked all USDT of $7100 I had, and after two weeks it increased to about $8500, again I never thought about withdrawing it. After a week or so, Anna kind of disappeared from WhatsApp, I didn’t mind, because I thought she was busy, and since then she has never got active again.
    Meanwhile, my funds were still on Cboex website, and I used to check that website regularly on my phone. One morning in October however, I couldn’t access that website anymore, and I used to get error saying “you are timed out” at first, I thought it was DNS servers’ error, so I gave it some time, but didn’t work out, I tried using different phone and computer, but it was same thing. I also tried searching for Cbeox website using Chinese search engines, but nothing happened. Tried text Anna, she never got active, and at this point I was frustrated, but nothing to do I’m just hoping I could someday manage to access that website again.
    So, recently, I found out about this page, and apparently it was a scam, to honest it’s still hard for me to believe Anna was a scammer.

    For those who want to conduct investigation and report Anna, I’ve never talked to her on call. But she did send me some of her Voice Recordings. I don’t know if that can be any of help to you guys.

  29. For those of you who want to report Anna or (Cboex.Vip), I’ve never talked to her on call, but she did send me some of her Voice Recording. I don’t know if that can be of any help in Investigation. I’m on dead end, I cannot afford to pay for investigation. If any of you need the two short recording she sent me, reach out to me and I will send them to you.

    1. Go to your local police. Try a larger police department. Look for a police department that specifically has a financial crimes division. Smaller police departments probably don’t have those resources. They’ll take on the case, gather information, and they’ll kick it up to the FBI. If enough of our individual cases make it to the FBI, and they will see how big of an operation this is and they will take notice. They’ve probably stolen at least half a mil. Maybe more at this point if they are still active.

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