CryptoAllDay Review

In this review, we will describe why CryptoAllDay is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !

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CryptoAllDay Scam Review
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  • Type of Scam : Unregulated Broker (CFDs, Crypto Currency)
  • Regulation : None

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6 thoughts on “CryptoAllDay Review”

  1. This company are scammers, I am with other people are in the groups invested in crytoallday, Micheal his name is original from Cyprus as he been told he living in London Chelsea. Told that he promised to make 15-20% of each month profits, at first he play along with some giving profits. And try to talk nice to put trust in him for between few month to one year, he have more and more money then he will make you believe that the market fault. After all I don’t seen they trading only I could seen my account grow everyday until it disappear completely, I then realised it’s all scams. The groups has lost over £700.000. Please peoples out there don’t listen to them keep your moneys. I am so regret what I done for the rest of my life.

  2. Total SCAM!!! I invested £30,000 in 2019 over the course of 4 months with these crooks. A few days before I was due to make my first large withdrawal they claimed to have lost my entire account in one losing trade! This has happened to 15 other friends of mine too, these scammers have stolen over £750,000 from us as a group. BEWARE and whatever you do, do NOT invest unless you want to loose all your money!

  3. I have a similar story to tell. My broker was Adam Stern which came over as a very nice guy. My account started in Aug 2018 and “grew” over $21K and then suddenly when I require some of my funds it suddenly disappeared. Adam Stern blame it on me due to the fact that I wanted to withdraw the money and he has to “cancel a trade in order to get my money, and that is the reason why I’ve lost $16K immediately. I was left with $3 493 and now when I want to access the account I’m now “Unknown customer”. This is so unfair that these scamsters are still going on and stealing our retirement money. Why aren’t they being stopped and getting prosecuted

  4. My story is very much alike.I bought bitcoin when the price was low in Oct 2017 and was told that through mining it will grow to a lot more. I could then log into my account easily and see it growing.When I wanted to make a withdrawal I was told to hold on for a while longer.That was January 2018 and I needed money urgently after a car accident. My account was €74,000, but I was told to transfer more funds to give me a monthly income of around £1000 while the account will continue to grow. I borrowed money from a family member to start getting a monthly income, but needless to say I never got anything back. Everytime I enquired I was told business was going slower and I must not rush them until March 23 when I got the message that all my money had been lost in a single deal. I tried to log into my account and it came up that the account does not exist. I called the company and was told my broket had a bad deal and a big loss and left the counttry.

  5. I was scammed to this cryptoallday. one of the member from crypto called me and keep phoning me discussed and explained about bitcoin but then i was then believed and started to invest a small amount 250 dollars then suddenly i gave some an information about my debit card and from that day they withdrew 250 dollars from my debit card. thisy guy keeps phoning me and ask some questions but I got some suspicious from that time so i stopped and not entertained them anymore. unluckily i lost a small amount of money.

  6. Cryptoallday ,big scammers ,i lost 50000 euro from this gangsters in 2018 and my best frind 30000 euro

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