Dang Kang Review

In this review, we will describe why Dang Kang is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !

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Is Dang Kang Legit?

Looking at Dang Kang website, it shows that they are owned by Dang Kang International Group. Dang Kang is an unregulated broker. Problem with unregulated brokers is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from this broker as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known broker, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this brokerage firm, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why Dang Kang is a dangerous broker to deal with.

Are Funds Safe with Dang Kang ?

With such lack of information and Dang Kang being unregulated, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated brokers. A red flag that we noticed is Dang Kang is withholding vital information to users.

Dang Kang could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about this broker.

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Dang Kang Review: our Conclusion!

Dang Kang is an unregulated broker to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

Dang Kang Scam Review
  • Website URL : https://en.dk-fc.com/
  • Type of Scam : Unregulated Broker (Forex)
  • Regulation : None
  • Other : the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), a financial regulator in New Zealand, added Dang Kwang on its warning list.

Have You Been Scammed By Dang Kwang ?

Dang Kang is an unregulated broker to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

9 thoughts on “Dang Kang Review”

  1. I agree that Dang Kang (https://en.dk-tnt.com/) is most likely a scam. I chatted with a pretty Asian girl named Amy on Tinder who shortly after introduced me to Dang Kang. Amy who claimed to be in Hong Kong and had just returned from a business trip to Brisbane, Australia (my city) provided me her WhatsApp number to chat there (+852 9561 8996). She claimed to be a trader and introduced me to her Analyst – (Kevin +852 6415 3402) who I also added on WhatsApp.
    I advised them I couldn’t find any online reviews on Dang Kang at the time, so first I wanted to receive Trading signals (they trade only on the XAU/USD pair). I signed up a Demo account on Dang Kang through MT5 with USD100,000 starting capital and 100:1 leverage. I followed the signals sent to me (approx 8 signals) and within a week my account was up to USD140,000.
    I then agreed I would send USD1000 and then withdraw it to prove to myself it was legitimate. Kevin sent me the following bank details:


    I created a Real Account on the Dang Kang portal (https://en.dk-tnt.com/). I was then able to login through MT5. The money I sent via TT was accredited to my account the following day. Kevin suggested I do one trade with the Real account, I did and in one trade (approx 10-15 mins) made an additional USD115. I then put a request to withdraw all those funds.

    In the mean time I asked Amy to do a video chat, but she made an excuse (for the second time) and sent me a photo instead. I then did a reverse search of the photo’s and discovered she was using photo’s of a girl from Taiwan named Stephanie Teh (she is very pretty and works in fashion, so has hundreds of photo’s online). Bugger!

    I played along with Amy and Kevin saying I would deposit the USD50,000 into the real account which was the minimum requirements to receive the signals once I can confirm the small amount was able to be deposited and withdrawn successfully. Amy advised Kevin was paid by from the trading fees based on the signals he gave. They both mentioned Kevin would only give signals to 10 people and there was only a couple slots left.

    I was fortunate enough to get my original deposit, plus the additional profit from the trade from my account. Then I approached Amy to request an explanation of the fake photos she was using. She denied it multiple times and eventually admitted she was using fake photo’s to protect her identity for her safety. I eventually convinced her to do a video chat and I have some real photo’s of her. She is still quite attractive and slim.

    Upon doing further websearches, I noticed more sites poping up claiming Dang Kang to be a clone or scam site (such as this one). I approached both Amy and Kevin and said I would like to invest, but first I need both of them to send me a photo of their passports so I could verify their identity/full name. I also asked Kevin to do video chat as I had not seen him in video. Both refused.

    Amy (using the fake photos) on Tinder had deleted me about a week earlier, but all of a sudden I discovered her within my area again. This tells me she was either in Brisbane or she set a search area with the paid version of Tinder (more likely). I asked Amy to send me her live location on WhatsApp, she first forwarded me a location in Hong Kong. I asked her not to forward a location, but to send it directly from WhatsApp or send me a live location. She was not able to do it.

    Anyway, although I was fortunate not to lose any funds, maybe I scammed the scammer. There is no way I would deposit a large sum to Dang Kang. Time will tell if this is legitimate or not. The part that made me not want to believe this was a scam was how good the signals were. My Demo account ended with USD150,000 in about 8 trading days, this was impressive. About 10 good signals and 2 bad signals with a small loss. The 2 bad signals were quickly closed and replaced with a trade in the opposite direction. The signals were all very large lots (20-70 lots) and came at about the time news on the economic calendar. The Analyst mentioned once that there was major news coming out at a certain time the next day, so to be ready.

    1. It hapened to me too, exactly like AndyJ.
      I asked for a Facebook account, and she made it one quickly and then erased it.
      The same procese of Mr. Kevin. I deposited in the same way $1000.00. I won $150 in seconds. Then asked for withdraw, and the problems started. The same story of “Mr. Kevin is busy guy and work with people op to $10,000.00”.
      I told them that will ask for a loan, but the withdraw problem was woring me. So, I was playing with this for a week, and sudenly my money came back (Without the profit), but I recovered it. Then they keeped insisting about the loan, and I started to pospone the times (They had data from me, so I tryed to cut the relation in a good way), then I told them that the bank didn´t gave me the loan; but I was going to try in other sources. So, I let time pass and stoped answering my whatsapp.
      Wu was the name of the girl +852 9659 4322
      Mr. Kevin +852 64153402
      It hapened to my in july-august 2019
      (If need the whatsapp conversations I have it).
      I hope less people fall for these scams.

      1. Oh my god, I am scared during June to July 2019 as well, and lost big money for up to 260K AUD, god damn Dangkang, there is a company named Dangkang International in Colorado, does anyone know about this? My money was transferred into another company account in Sydney, and I Sued this company now. Named HJ Trading Pty Ltd, they said they are doing foreign exchange business, and declined to supply any news about where the money go, and who received money. And they try to deregulate the company in Asic, but I found it and deferred. Don’t know what’s the next step, confusing for 1 and Half year now

  2. I have encountered a similar situation, which a pretty girl added me as a friend on wechat and tried to convince me that she made big money from trading foreign currency/oil/metal.
    More stories later I found out she maybe was trying to get me into the trade and I suspect this is a scam. So far I haven’t wired any money. She didn’t leave any information in regards of address/phone/other identity…

  3. The same history from this girl Amy, i know her in tinder, at first time she told to me to get loads off money with gold market, I refused because unbeliable profits, and feels cheater. I can proof because i have photos and videos from Amy. I was very close to loose money. She lives in HK and change Phone number 2 times.

  4. I have the same girl trying to scam me but I didn’t give any money. This is her what’s app number
    She goes by the name of June
    +852 9213 8493
    +852 6544 9644

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