Nexus Global Review

In this review, we will describe why Nexus Global is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !

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Nexus Global Scam Review
  • Website URL :
  • Type of Scam : Affiliate Program / Fraudulent Software
  • Promise : 30 % Monthly
  • Regulation : None

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11 thoughts on “Nexus Global Review”

  1. Nexus global is an absolutely scam please dont invest in it , i personally invested in it and i have lost all my money while believing that i was doing a long term investment of 2 full years i have bought packages of 50$ more than 3 of them and did not get even a cent from it all 2 years couldn’t do me even 50 dolars only did 0.003962 and it cant be withdrawn unless 0.004btc all 3 of my investment couldn’t qualify to be withdrawn after 2 full years it is really a patient scammers….please save your money and do something real…

  2. Nexus Global is a scam. I invested 2 year ago, I bought a package of bitcoin. Now I I withdrawn my bitcoin on the 6th of January 2021 even now I haven’t received it. That money was meant to pay for my School fees. SO PLEASE PEOPLE BE CAUTIONED NEXUS GLOBAL IS A SCAM, YOU’RE ABLE TO INVEST BUT UNABLE TO WITHDRAW.

  3. Nexus global broke me. I invested $100 dollars and only made 10% profit from it in a duration of 2 years which I didn’t get after requesting a withdrawal on December 21st. Today is the 9th February 2021 and still nothing. Run away from it.

  4. Nexus Global is a scam. I bought a 500 dollars bitcoin mining package whose duration was two years. After those two years I tried to recover the mined bitcoins (a total amount of 0.043) and the transfer stayed in pending status forever. I tried some mails to the support and received answers asking to be patient. The transfer request was done in January 2021 and still in April it is not processed. It IS a scam.

  5. Beware of BNBProfit. This ponzi scheme promises to a “200% ROI” to investors which is unachievable without new unsuspecting investors pouring money into this ridiculous scam to pay enormous amount of money to the top of the pyramid. The usual crypto ponzi hucksters such as Ron Singh “Dot Com Kid” from is promoting this fraud. Stay Vigilant!

  6. I bought a $50 bitcoin package from Nexus global through a person called Skora Wa NexusGlobal in 2019 and I was supposed to receive my payout in November and up to this date I can’t access the Nexus website.

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