Scam series : 28 Scams Exposed : Century FX Miner, SwiftCoin, Apex Trade Capitals, Octa Blue Trade…

When we reviewed Century FX Miner we noticed that there is dozens of other scams that use the same template as the fraudulent website.

These scams promise you big returns based on crypto trading / mining or forex trading.

Don’t trust these websites and only trade with regulated brokers only !

The list of these fraudulent website :

Access Crop Investment, Apex Trade Capitals, Astro Trade Investment, Binary Exchange Options, BitCrypto DeFi, Bitfury Investment, Bitgo Crypto, Block Chest Capitals, Century FX Miner, Coin Miners Incorporated, CoinFX Capitals, Core Bridge Trade, CrypRollFex, CryptoFX Globe, Elux Investment, First Leaf Assets, FX Crypto Capital Investment, FXpectcrypt, Gartan Finance, Hoist Invest Hub, Market Topup, Multibit Crypto Option, Octa Blue Trade SwiftCoin, Ticktrotrise, Trade Empire Zone, Traderig Wave and Ultra Forex Pro.

All these websites have investment packages for the public with weekly returns ranging from 25 to 700%. These companies claim that they will earn you this sort of returns thanks to either cryptocurrency mining or trading. Mining consists of validating transactions in a blockchain such as Bitcoin. Obviously they are all scams.

All these scams also have fake testimonials of satisfied customers ! It’s all fake.

Stay safe and do not hesitate to contact us if you have been scammed !

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