Scam series : SwiftTradeFX, Currency Tradex, GoldenFX Investment ….

When we reviewed SwiftTradeFX we noticed that there is dozens of other scams that use the same template as the fraudulent website.

These scams promise you big returns based on crypto trading / mining or forex trading.

Don’t trust these websites and only trade with regulated brokers only !

The list of these fraudulent website :

SwiftTradeFX, Currency Tradex, Platinum FX Option, FXLiveWare, Axio Option Trade, High Factor Trading GX, Crypto FX Unlimited, HQ Express Trade, Tradestation FX, CoinFX Ocean, Epicosee Trust Option, Altablock Trading, Bitmain Forex, Bitcoin Legal Trade FX, Massive Trade FX, Trading OptionFX, Epic FX Ways, ElbrobaxFX, Bitclub 247, Riseprime FX, FX Mighty Crypto, Mitrade Crypto, Perfect Coins Market, Megaone FX, OctaFX Investments, Expert Options 360, FX Trades Hub, Impeccable Trade, Coin Pivot FX, Sub FX Core, FX Prosequence, Trend Max Option, Maxtrades, Crypto FX Fund, Trading FX Sphere, Pro FX Space, Etrade Online Platform, Alliant Trades Hub, Crypto Unlimited, AutoSpark FX Platform, Expert Binary Option Trade, Marketing FX Trade, Wolves FX Trade, Tradecoin 24, Matrix Traders FX, Cryptotex Trading, Coinsdrift, Universal Trade FX, Noble FX Option, Forex Legal Trade, Altcoin Crypto FX, Premuim FX Varsity, FX Pro Strategy, Trade Coin FX, FX Hub Options, Bifinance FX, Crypto Option 24, Omens Trading, 24 Crypto Trade, Deaurax, Global Asset Investments, Crypto Finance Hubs, Mining Network FX, Global Cryptocurrency Trades, Absolute FX Options, Metro Trade FX, Nerd Crypto Trade, Finance Affinity, Finance Genex, Cyptro Coindesk, Crypto Bright FX, Crypto Pro Options, Smart Crypto Experts, 147 Crypton Smart, Top BTC Experts, Top Expert Miners, Top Mining Expert, TradesMax, Bitcoin Legits FX, RX Bit Core, Trade Esencesx, Wealth Crypto FX, Trade Success FX, Earns Market, Global Expert FX, World FX Crypto Mining, Crypto Capitalist, Trade Mining Rigs, Fastelite Market, Swift Stroke Options, Crypto Elite Investment, Top BTC Mining Pro, Profit Earning FX MT, FX Trading Max, Excrypto Land, Astro Global FX, Top FX Experts, Crypto Earning FX, FX Crypto Limited, Legit Bitcoin FX, Live Earner 247, Robin FX Pro, Pax Coin Company, Winning Crypto Trade, Secure Krypto Invest, Exchange1Coins, 247 FX Online, Swift FX Arena, Crypto Bright FX, FX Hub Online, Cougwinner, Globe FX Trading, Prime FX Stocks, 24 Crypto Experts, FX Block Space, Forex Coin 24, FX Secured Exchange, Cryptoapproved Trade, 147 Crypton Trade, Unique Crypto World, Capital Crypto Miners, Universe Mining Option, Global Fastrade, 247 Lite Trade Cryptocurrency, Atomic FXT, Prime FX Zone, Webinars FX Trade Options, Master FX Trade, 147 Global Cryptonx, Digital Expert Trade, FX Prime Solace, Crypto Unique Trade, FX Expert Trades, Abbiecrypto, FX Trading Investment, Astromarket Live, StockFX Invest, Massive FX Global, BTC Trade Option, Topexpert Option, EpicFX Sequence, Smart Bit FX Options, AphlFX, 55 Option Trade, Stock Market 247, Trust Cryptos BTC, Wolves FX Trade, Profit Wallet FX Trade, Appex Market, BTC Expert Trade, Alpha Crypts, AndreaFX, Falcon Mega Trade, Trust Fund FX, Icetrading Desk, Crypto Union FX, Golden FX Option Crypto27novet, Golden FX Investment, Bitxtrade Pro, FX Prime Trading, Tradliaexpress.

Stay safe and do not hesitate to contact us if you have been scammed !

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