Umarkets Review

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Umarkets Review

🔴 Umarkets services are questionable – a warning sign! 

🔴 Umarkets isn’t licensed – a red flag!

🔴 Umarkets isn’t transparent – a red flag!

🔴 Umarkets creates unrealistic expectations – a red flag!

What is Umarkets?

Umarkets is an unregulated broker platform similar to  Mismarkets, which we reviewed earlier. Problem with unregulated brokers is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from them as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice. Companies providing online brokerage services without a license cannot provide their clients with any sort of protection.


Umarkets Regulation

They are unregulated and most likely totally illegal, which ultimately means that your funds will be in danger if you deposit! So, yet again, there is another reason to stay away from them!

As there is no regulation, the people running the platform can pocket your money while bearing no responsibility for their criminal actions. They can disappear any time without notice. Companies providing online investment services without a license cannot provide their clients with any sort of protection. In contrast, regulated firms are required by law to adhere to a slew of regulations that ensure the safety of client’s funds. For example, in most jurisdictions, a company will get a license if it meets the minimum capital requirement that varies by country and may also depend on the product specification, business classification and so on.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known broker, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this investment firm, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why they are dangerous to deal with.

On top of that, once you click and provide them with your e-mail and contact number they will ring you immediately and promise you anything to make you deposit money with them as fast as possible. Most of the scammers are experienced manipulators and before you know it they’d ask for your bank card numbers to assist you with the deposit. You shouldn’t provide this information. There is also a chance to become a victim of Identity theft, experiencing many more problems consequently.

Umarkets Complaints

Depending on the amount of experience people have with brokers, it may be easy to tell what is legitimate and off-base before the problem starts. However, most of our clients were not aware their platform was problematic before they had already signed up. If they shows any of these signs, either avoid them entirely or look very carefully before proceeding:

🔴 Not regulated

🔴 High fees and commissions

🔴 Not enough information on the website

🔴 Poor communication and refusal to answer questions

🔴 Pushy manner

🔴 Keeps mentioning rules and fees that were not outlined in the contract

🔴 Does not let you withdraw money from your account

Umarkets Products and Services

They are not safe, and we say so because it’s an unregulated broker. They always promise things they won’t deliver, and Umarkets makes no exception – they claim that customers can become rich quick, which is a scam offer seen from any viewpoint! Such promises are ludicrous, and they show that Umarkets is a suspected scam you should avoid! Beware!

Umarkets Customer Support

Umarkets allows you to contact them through telephone contact and email. They do not provide any location data. There is no certainty in the contact information available.

You ought to receive an instant reply to your query, if not fast. Nevertheless, fraudsters cut off communications upon receiving your money. It is improbable to deliver a friendly interface without proper customer relations. Active customer support assists in determining more trust in the company.

Are Funds Safe With Umarkets?

With such lack of information and being unregulated, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with brokers. A red flag that we noticed is that they are withholding vital information to users. They could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about them.

Umarkets does not guarantee the security of funds. The safety of your money is a top factor to consider in any platform. Any red flag is a warning you should not ignore. Investing your money with anonymous platforms not only puts your money at risk. Your data may fall into the wrong hands attracting criminal activities during the registration process.

Umarkets Withdrawals

The point at which many of our clients realize they are dealing with a scam broker is when they request to withdraw funds and the broker either won’t allow them or will make it difficult. They may employ the following tactics:

🔴 Will aggressively urge clients to make additional trades. The client often acquiesces because the broker will be quite pushy and make it clear he or she is in control since they hold the client’s funds

🔴 Will charge high withdrawal fees. Many clients will instead try to make more money to cover these high fees and will make more transactions instead of withdrawing

🔴 Cease communication. They may be evasive or simply not communicate at all.

If Umarkets is doing any of these things to avoid releasing your funds, do not hesitate to leave a comment to warn others.

Umarkets Review: our Conclusion!

Umarkets is an unregulated platform to avoid. Their methods for investment are unreliable.


If you have been scammed, feel free to leave a comment or if you wish to arrange a free consultation with our professionals, do not hesitate to submit your complaint by clicking the button bellow.

ℹ️ Umarkets Details
  • 🖥️ Website URL :
  • ⚖️ Regulation : Offshore Broker
  • ⚠️ The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned against Umarkets

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30 thoughts on “Umarkets Review”

    1. hello!can you please help me,i want also to get back my $500 but they have no response..i want to withdraw since i can see something that is not good..

  1. Здравствуйте я ивестировал 500$ и они сейчас на моем торговом счету Umarkets. Могу ли я вернуть свои деньги пока мошенники не овладели ими? Подскажите пожалуйста как действовать чтобы не стать жертвой мошенничества и справедливо вернуть свой капитал.

  2. As soon as I asked for my money back this company stopped answering
    All phone numbers on their website do not get answered

    If you get contacted by this company get them to call you back and waste their time and p*ss them off like they have done to so many


    also: everyone most people in this company are called ‘Bobby’

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  3. I was download one book about trading. They call me and offer training if I go to platform Umarkets. I put deposit 500€. They call me and with “anydesk” from my PC they open transaction to make profit for me. I lose on this transaction. When I ask to withdrawal rest of my money. I can’t contact with them. No one answear the phone. No one replies to mail. Stay away from this scammer🤬

    1. Добрый день,мне тоже звонили,но я все думаю,и я все читаю доверять или действовать как вы и мне уже становиься страшно,так как я еще не отдалжила деньги.Спасибо.Пробуйте,может вернут вам деньги.Желаю удачи.

  4. I was also contacted by one of the agents of this company but I politely told her that I want to read first all the published reports or reviews regarding the company… Good thing I read this article before jumping into their trap. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you!

    1. Thanks to all contributors. I am actually in the process of starting up with one of them after long negotiations….then I just stumbled on this article, I think this is divine. Umarkets on Xcritical platform…. contact person Arther Kings.

  5. Kindly, help me to return my investment money amount 500 US dollar.
    After submitting my documents in compliance dept. the original Copies of two (2) valid Ids and proof of residency after payment the amount of 500 US dollar plus promo bonus of 250 US Dollar showing in my account. There”s a lot of alibi and an acceptable reason.
    please help me with this matter and I will give all the details .

  6. Thanks for this information. I have been talking to some people from Umarkets recently, got some information and read some articles about the Forex market. That was very interesting. But I hesitated to invest 500 Euro right from the start. That is a lot of money. I rather start with some smaller amount and at my home bank I can invest even 50 Euro in some shares. So that is limited the risk, because I am just starting to trade. Thanks for this article. I will stay away form them. Greetings. Dr. S. Johanus

  7. I am being encouraged by umarkets to invest in forex. Is their company really legitimate? because of this scam information. Please update. Thanks.

  8. In the first place, it’s very sad that I encounter this fraud in the UK. If this U market is really a scammer, why don’t the police in UK stop it? To end everything. What a big question?

  9. Their new trick is partial activation. If you can’t deposit 500 USD, they offer to participate in the training program with 59 USD. They help you through the registration by Skype asking you to share your screen. Of course, payment with your credit card data fully visible on shared screen is part of the activation. Then the bank SMS says I payed in CHY for a Shenzen company… Then I checked them and found, that even their address is not real in the UK. They refused the withdrawal of my 59 USD, saying that this money is in the training program. I started a withdrawal process, but no success. Since then I got 10+ calls from various managers to continue to 500 USD deposit. For calls, they used +4420 London prefix, and even a local wire call prefix!

  10. is a scammer the account manager is Lena Lucas her number+14692137712 she just took my money my capital and after I’m done to pay the withdraw charges fee and the IRS and she said so that my withdrawal will be released in a minutes into my PayPal account,but it’s all lie,she took my money in total $4600,she never reply me anymore even I call her no answer..even Thier company I tried to contact them but no answer at all..I’m hoping it will get back my money soon because this really matters for me..

  11. I find them shady because they only communicate through the phone. I couldn’t find their trading platform within their website that offered a learning resource material about stock market for free. They were stubbornly insistent to make me invest $500 as soon as possible. I mean sure, you need capital but the psychology of pressuring someone to raise the capital immediately doesn’t sit well with me. Fortunately, I haven’t deposited them anything nor have given off any banking information but I have yet to decline their offer. I wonder what the scammers would do with the info they got from me.

  12. I was scammed by they made me deposit $150 to start the trading for 7 days when it’s time to withdraw they requested $400 for clearance, once that is paid, my earnings went up and then they told me due to the spike on my investment I need to upgrade account with 850$ in order to withdraw and it’s not a choice, without the 850$ I will not get a cent back. They blocked me on WhatsApp. Do not trust these scammers!!!!

  13. Everyone must beware of and, especially Mrs Sophia Trading Services. They will stand as finance managers, collect capital, open the account and continue to demand more to upgrade since your initial profit has exceeded the limit. I lost $1200. I will see that they are traced soon.

  14. HAHA, Tim Zeke Here
    I was just saved from scammed by looking on this. survived. As soon I sent these to the guy justin lee umarket, I sent him screenshot, he is gone absuoltly gone no response like dead. untill now before I shared these reviews he wasc alling me like hell day night..

  15. Wow I thank God I could be able to read through all this reviews and research about this market t,they called me just 2days now they do training for me by using Anydesk app to monitor I was almost got confused with their explaination they said I should register but I refused I said I don’t have up to 500 dollars now!but they confused me to register for any amount that we secure my account and give me chance to win the bonus offer ,then I was trying to give all information including my bank details as instructed but on the way I just decided to transfer all my money from the bank he ask what are you doing I said nothing am coming then when back send me OTP I refused to inserted , I just decided to make more research before I put money that’s how I escape ,Hope my bank details will not be use by them to get my money next time money enter to the account? And I am presently out of my country to block the card ,please advice me to get the account more secure please? You can communicate to me through my mail thanks

  16. Hello all stories sound rather similar to mine!
    I opened an account with 500 USD some weeks ago!
    Then I changed my mind and close it again without any trades meanwhile!
    It didnt work to do the withdrawal on the tradingplattform!
    1 numbers (english and german) of their service hotline didn´t work! 4 different email addresses of their customer support were sent back as not deliverable!
    After a dispute-emailadress sent me an answer the account manager called me – he was very unfriendly and made preassure!
    I must make a trade to get my money back! He also wanted to log onto my computer (remote) but I didn´t allow!
    At the end I was so stupid to do the trade (after the account manager increased preassure) and logical – after round about 30 minutes the account was at zero. by the way – he also told me exactly which trade and which size I had to trade!
    Next day he called me again and told me that I have to send another 1000 USD to get money back.
    I told him that this doesn´t make any sense for me – I want money back and not send more. I stopped the conversation after he got really unfriendly and rude!
    In my opinion – Umarkets doesn´t seem to be serious!?

  17. Please can you help me?
    I just lost my 500 usd with the profit 680 usd to umarket.
    My account is blocked.

  18. I just opened an account with them bybosying usd500. They wanted me to submit several other docs. But I said u was busy j will do it after week end. I actually wanted to research and came across thus site. So will not continue. Ok so lost 500 I guess but hope they do not have access to any other source to withdraw from my credit card

  19. I could not believe what they were doing. I invested 400 Dollar in UMarket, but I did not care about it for a while, because I thought, well, it’s just gone. I lost it. I cannot trust UMarket. Than they showed me my account. They were maybe trading with my money, or it was just a test account. I think, it was not real. Anyway, they said they made it 1350 Dollar now. I requested to make a withdrawl. They argued with me for a long time. But I always said, it is my money and I want to make a withdrawl. I saw that the account was blocked. I could not operate there. They said: No, it is not blocked. You need to make a trade. What was that? So, they opened it for me and made me do a trade with Platinum. The next day my account was -1250 Dollar! Minus! Than they said, oh, it dropped. Well, this can happened. Don’t worry, just deposit 1000 Dollar and tomorrow you can withdraw 3000 Dollar. I said: No. This was your fault, not mine. I am not depositing 3000 Dollar. You knew, that I wanted to deposit some money. Than they said, I would have to pay for it, half, because we are “partners”. (Never be a partner with a scammer.) It is the most incredible story that ever happened to me. Can you help me, please.

  20. Hi Could you kindly help me to get back my investment of USD2250.00 from Investous since they have cheated me and had given me a wrong advise on which fund to invest until I have lost all my money. Really need yr help to get back my initial deposit since I need to use it for my father’s operation. Thanks

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