Victim of Romance Scams ? Get Your Money Back

If you are the victim of a Romance Scam and paid the criminal by credit card, Western Union or wire transfer, You have a very good chance to reclaim your funds using MyChargeBack services. MyChargeBack is an American company, registered in Delaware, with a global focus and an international client base throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, they will accompany you from the start to the end throughout the chargeback process, regardless of the time it takes in order to prove your case and get your money back. Fill out the form below and get a FREE consultation today. (If you lost more than $5,000, please use the chat).


Romance fraud represents only a small fraction of losses to so-called authorized push payment (APP) fraud. This is when a criminal tricks their victim into sending money directly from their savings to an account which the criminal controls. Only 20% of the money scammed was refunded by the banks. Until recently, banks considered payments to have been agreed to by victims, so would not automatically refund the money as they would in other types of fraud, such as when debit card details were compromised.

MyChargeBack are specialized in funds recovery with over $15 Million recovered from more than 750 banks. There is no commitment as they will do a free consultation about your case.

If you think you have been scammed, don’t feel ashame, stupid or depressed we can help you !

Spread the word to your friends and family to protect and help them.

35 thoughts on “Victim of Romance Scams ? Get Your Money Back”

  1. Hi I’ve just discovered I’ve been a victim of romance scammer for last 18 months I only just put his photo in Google to a reverse imaging website and these fotos are of a man with different name so this scammer must have downloaded them

  2. Namorei um homem que disse ser militar estar na Síria em missão de paz. Falamos por um ano e nove meses. Apresentou sendo John Dumelo,enviou seu crachá de médico ortopedista. Depois quase dois anos de namoro ele pediu para enviar um e-mail para onu pedindo sua liberação para ele vir para Brasil. É foi cobrado um valor de 2400 orar o médico deixar para família ir no lugar dele. O dinheiro foi enviado pelo banco WESTERN UNION PARA O MEDICO EMMANUEL AKEEM KOLAWOLE PAÍS NIGERIA. Depois de enviar o dinheiro para o médico que iria substituído em zona de guerra,ele disse estava sendo escorado para o Líbano pegaria o vou para Brasil. Tenho várias foto é crachá de médico. Seu E-mail [email protected] celular 1+447537183253 e 1+(857)3255273.

    1. Yo lo pille antes le sigui la corriente por mientras queme hablaba y pedia mis datos yo lo envestigaba le envie sus fotos su idenyidades falsas y no hablas mas me rio por que lo pille antes de tonta no tengo ni un pelo

  3. Entrou na minha rede ontem. Olha só a conversa do meliante:

    “Sou originalmente Roma, Itália, mas moro em Los Angeles, Califórnia, como bons cidadãos americanos, mas estou fora do estado para trabalhar.”

    “Sou assistente médico trabalhando sob a organização da ONU como médico militar, mas atualmente estou trabalhando aqui em Cabul, Afeganistão, no que diz respeito à missão de manutenção da paz”

    “Eu sou pai solteiro com apenas um filho, ele se chama Kevin, ele tem apenas 14 anos agora”

    “Eu perdi minha esposa há 3 anos devido ao câncer de mama, foi muito doloroso para mim porque eu nunca fui casada com ninguém agora”

    “Bem, eu gostaria de apreciar que somos bons amigos com sinceridade, honestidade e confiança, embora apenas nos conhecêssemos ,,, podemos compartilhar idéias para discutir mais questões à medida que falamos mais sobre nós mesmos, e com o passar do tempo, pode haver algo ótimo para nós no futuro … O que você diz?”

    Respondi pra ele algumas perguntas simples entre elas que tenho filhos adultos e olhem o sue ele me falou:

    “Você é quem cuida de suas finanças ou eles cuidam de suas finanças?”

    Depois temos mais conversas….

    “Dê-me seu Hangout de endereço do Gmail para que possamos conversar e saber mais sobre nós mesmos muito bem.”
    “eu realmente quero que nós nos mudemos do Instagram para o hangout por causa dos rebeldes aqui e conversemos em particular todos os dias antes de finalmente chegar lá e visitá-lo algum dia”

    “Depois da morte da minha esposa nunca me casei com ninguém, devido ao meu trabalho aqui no Afeganistão e, desta vez, tenho uma grande oportunidade de dizer que realmente gosto de você como meu parceiro de vida. Quero os dois. para nos assegurar de um relacionamento sério que possa nos levar a um casamento sério. Tudo o que precisamos fazer é confiar e acreditar um no outro para que nosso sonho se torne realidade”

    E dai vai ….

    No instagram ele se chama : Wasseent
    No facebook : Abdul Raim Umar
    No Hangouts : Roman Chatolic

    Eu mesma o investigiei

    Não fiz nenhum tipo de deposito porque não sou uma inocente apaixonada. Infelizmente tem pessoas que acreditam nesses farsantes.

    1. i experienced that too,he told me he want to spend the rest of his life with so,then he was begging me to help him out from syria,and he told me he will be needing 3,000 $ to pay the retirement,,when i told him i don’t have that kind of money,then he said he will not bother me anymore..he stopped texting me after that..

  4. This one number is a love scammer
    Be might fall for him. He look for the victim through Michat.

  5. This guy named Carson Lucas is a fraud. He scammed us through TrulyAsian and his mail [email protected]. He made us believe that he loves us and wants to marry my mom and live together in UK. Be careful for romance scammers. +447448243711 / +639774724556. The first one is his number in UK and the second one is his local number here in Philippines. I hope he got arrested and be in jail forever.

    1. PS: I had reverse photo searched the pic that he sent to us turns out to be a European guy named Alexey Arestovich. He’s a fraud, he’s using another identity to scam us.

  6. I have been scammed by a man called Jacques Lawson. He uses the photo of Charles Bouchard and gets money out of people. A nasty piece of work.

  7. I was talking with one man called William Mark, he ask to be my friend on Facebook and start to talk to me since March 2019.
    He said he was a military in Afghanistan and was working for mission in peace and asked me, after several weeks of conversation, to help him to take out his money that was in a bank in USA and the account was yearly fixed account and was expiring .
    If I don’t help him to take out this money, he would lose 10.000.000 USD and I started to help him .
    I lost so much money because I need to send money to pay many kind of taxes and codes and now he still want me to pay a bill of more than 250.000 USD to his bank to take out the money and send to my bank in South America !

    1. I think, I meet dys seym Man
      His name is Jamie Fred
      Hi told me,hi is military, Colonel,stey In Afghanistan end working for CIA, won’t from me many for TAC code.bat I don’t send to him.

    2. Stop..delete never respond and go near them..this is the same thing i have been scammed they are Nigerians..pls i beg u delete them.

  8. I was talking with a man called William Mark, he said he was a military working in Afghanistan and want to go to Brazil to begin his life with his daugheter called Joan .
    He asked to me to buy a house for him because I don’t want to stay in a hotel and I search for a house and ask him how he would pay .
    He said he had a money in a bank in USA called Barclays Bank and he want to transfer the money to my account because the money was in a yearly fixed account and was expiring .
    To get out this money to my account, I need to pay so many taxes and codes and I lose so much money because the money he said he had was a huge amount (10.000.000 USD) .
    Now he want me to continue to pay a very huge amount of money but I stoped to send the money since one person told me it was a scammer .

  9. Stay away from a person named Morgan Sidney using the pictures from Pedro Ferraira Hipolito’s social media sites. Pedro is an entrepreneur from Portugal with offices in Brazil, South Africa and yes, the kingdom of scammers, Nigeria. In fact, as I researched I found out that Pedro Hipolito’s pictures are used frequently for scamming. His story was he was rebuilding a company in Durban, South Africa that had been burned by xenophobic people. He also likes to trade in cryptocurrency so that was the original come on–investing in Bitcoin. The stuff with the company started later.
    He is very kind and builds trust by being attentive and caring. He will work for weeks to get you to trust him with lovely pictures of flowers and sometimes beautiful graphics with poetic phrases. He also likes to say he is a God-fearing man and will pray with you and saying things like “God will find a way” or “Only God knows why things happen this way”. He often completes these statements with “Amen”. He misspells things a lot especially the word “Dept” for “Debt”. He wants you to send him money by buying gift cards and taking pictures of the card with the pin number, the authorization receipt and the payment receipt. His favorite card is Sephora.

  10. There’s a romantic scammer Reuben Harrell he’s a Fraud it’s a bad name He states that he is from Finland he sent me a picture the other day at the top of his Photo it was a Instagram with the jewelry companies name is from Russia Oner MopryH Is his real name he owns a jewelry company in Russia man named Morgun jewelers He has romantically scammed me for the last 16 months be careful of this name be careful both named Reuben [email protected] run from this man he’s a smooth talker very strong accent but he will use you stay away I know the gentleman is from Russia on his Instagram every picture that he sent me is him the only thing is he has sent me personal pictures shirt off me looking at them the same guy don’t believe him don’t talk to him but run from him thank you goodbye

    1. Hi I’ve been scammed by a man who claims himself to be Prince Andrew. He has many Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts. He chatted with me for over five months and claimed he loved me. He lied and said he wanted to marry me. He even called me from an England rooted phone and I believed him. After a few months of chat, he asked for $5000 for the royal admission cards. I paid. The cards never came. After a few months he asked for another $5000 for the authorization of the cards. I paid again. The cards never arrived. Then he blocked me from all places. I can’t get to him to ask my money back. I lost a total of $10000 and my hope for life.
      His hangout accounts are: [email protected]
      [email protected]



      England phone: +44 7520 641 451

  11. vía Twitter me contactó un Gral. Albert Thompson su correo es : [email protected] , con la misma historia que la mayoría de ustedes cuenta: que es viudo desde hace 5 años, tiene una hija Nancy, que se encuentra en Yemen que su vida peligra que tiene mucho dinero pero no lo puede ocupar ya que está en un banco en Estados Unidos, me pidió contactar a la ONU para solicitar su salida de Yemen , le mandé un correo a un general Joel Nichola, al correo:
    [email protected], este supuesto gral. me dio los datos bancarios para hacer los depósitos para su traslado fuera de yemen.: o

    Account name: Anthony innocent
    Iban: IT40F0306953701100000007025
    Swift code: BCITITMMXXX
    Bank name: Intesa sanpaolo
    Country: Italy
    State: Bergamo

    Este supuesto general Thomson utiliza las fotos de un general reconocido en Estados Unidos: Gral Douglas Malcon Fraser y también se vale de estar diciendo que es un creyente en Dios y que su ” temor a Dios ” pero finalmente lo que busca es la estafa.

    Mucho cuidado…

  12. Hallo.. can u help me out, i met him tru instagram hez contact me nd hez kinda so sweet.. lately i feels theres somethin strange bout him.. i donno if he uses someone id.. on ig hez name carter webber on hangouts carter dunber,, our conversation really
    Deep but after that suddenly he asked some money from me coz he cant eat wit the food their provide,, hez say hez american army deployed in west africa exact place nigeria.. chief sergeant workin on monitoring military devices.. hez wife died on bike accident he has a daughter.. he said he cant use their military devices to contact hez daughter.. he leave her on military care center, hez been in niger for 6 month.. if he use it, he will be punished nd goin to court.. seriously.. i feels theres something wrong bout him.. i want to report him but i donno how.. if he real carter or just con artist

  13. I was cheated from a man i know from facebook his name’s benjamin from Uk(United kindom) money lost 5 million because package he gave to me.i must pay tax 5 million to company delivery and there’s package not real

  14. I have been love scammed by a Dr. Jonathan Nilsson, Doctor
    at the WHO, at the moment in Syria in a camp near Turkey border
    He has a fake Australian passport. He is not Australian.
    He wanted money to pay for his vacation application.
    The OCHA is the ,,authority,, to arrange the vacation and
    of course paid to them as well.
    Keep off, he is a brilliant love scammer

  15. I am busy chatting to a man named Albert Earle .. Met him through Instagram now chatting on hangouts.. After a few days of chatting he saw he deleted his instagram accounts..Says he gets too many request..Was very strange for me but he has answers. He is divorced wife cheated on him and has a daughter named Carrie..From New Jersey..Just want to know if his not a scammer..Didnt ask any money yet. Sounds familiar??

  16. I met Frederick mason on Tinder, we keeped in touch one and half month, ) he told he is operation director of Maersk , his fiance is dead, he has a son and asked me to pay the package he gave to me. I received few emails from a fake delivery company that i must pay 11500 euro to company delivery and there’s package not real. The website is fake!!!
    His phone # is +15185865155
    They requested to use the following details for bank transfer:
    Bank Name:Panin Bank
    Acct name:Alfian Gilang
    Acct Num:3322061361
    Swift code:PINBIDJA
    Bank Address:Jl.C simanjuntak no 75, terban,gondokusman,yogyakarta

    1. The same storry happened to me with the same man- Fredrick Mason. He told me he is sailing to Ukraine and suddenly had risk of the pirate attack and asked me to keep his delivery.

      Part of his letter dated 02/04/2020
      Name ; Fredrick Mason

      Email address: [email protected]

      Residential Address; Alumni Hall 33 3rd Avenue, New York, New York City,Ny 10003, USA…

      Occupation: Working with Maersk shipping Company as the director of Operations for four years now.

      Height; 5.8 fit tall

      Religion; Christian (Catholic)

      Degree; Masters Degree Holder


      Due to pirates attack on the high sea as our ship broke down in the region of Aegean Sea and the content of the delivery includes, Jewelry’s and some important paper Original Documents nothing more. And will be received from Miss Veronica immediately I arrive Ukarine and I’m to pay her the total sum of 1,350 euros as she helped me to pay for the clearance as I can’t do anything from here due to lost of network.

      Looking forward to seeing you baby I’m so glad you are helping me out in this and I promise to keep to my words as to pay you back your money.

      Kind Regards,
      Fredrick Mason
      Director Of Operations With Maersk Shipping Company.

  17. I date on line with M Ramos Davis on May 2018 He said will strart new life with me and strart new business so he send parcel by Global Trust Company .
    Email.:[email protected] estimated 500 thousand USD but the Company required money to pay Authority costume taxes . Even though I didn’t have money I get loans and transfer the money by bank transfer 8 times with recipients different bank total 100 thousand USD . I will give you more details for necessary need by email please help me vto get my money back to raise money yo support my life and pay my debts. Thank you .

  18. I was scan since 30 June 2019 when I met Cheng from Instagram, claim to be Geologists from Georgia and he would sweet talk Everyday with lovely words with songs. He will also get his so called mum involved as this is a serious relationship . One day he claims he courier a parcel with gifts and place 200+k USD for me to actually buy property for our home as surprise but was caught illegal by courier company and demanded over estimate usd 80K to release but after paying so much which I have loan from bank and friends I did not get back but with another story that he was stranded at Frankfurt from business trip because the courier company reported him to his company and bank frozen his financial. For months I hv to raise funds to help him pay hotel bills and finally get him back to States in Dec 2019. He willl give a few account in from Thailand and his friend from Indonesia. After he would always complains He feels pain in the chest like he’ll do weeks then one day he was so called admitted to hospital as he fainted at work. He needed money for heart surgery otherwise his life is at risk. His mum will text and ask to help as his dad is no way to be contact due to offshore for work so I tried help to raise fund for surgery and then for few months until now still trying to ask money to settle his bill to get discharge and will get sympathy that doc don’t treat him well and being mix of Chinese blood is not been treated fairly in States and wish to be with me in my country. All this sounds so real even this so called mum is also in the process to divorce his dad for not taking care of the family. Until I check the status is the courier which can’t be found anymore and informed him then only he deleted all his contact forms and vanish. I am devasted now bearing so many debts and please help me to get back my hard earn money !

  19. I also met a Frederick Mason on tinder (august 2020). He also told me he is working for Maersk for four years. He also told me his financee died having a car accident. But no kids. He send me a view fotos and a Video. Also telling me his camera isn’t working. He also had pirates on Board his ship and wanted me to take care of his box. He wanted name and email-Address but I was suspicious right from the beginning. I was just waiting for him to ask for money. But the pirat story was so unbelievable that I didnt give him anything. He send me a lot of different location. But he made a lot of mistakes by f.e. sending me a location from Nigeria. A week ago he was already in the north sea. And his English was pretty bad. Even my translater had difficulties in translating his messages. And over and over again no network and the signal etc. We wrote over 8 weeks. Then he arrived and got in trouble with customs. They took him into custody and he needes money to get free. But I called Customs. They never do so. And then he wanted me to send money to one of the custom officer. I told him I can’t send him the money because I don’t have the money. He started to put me under pressure. Last he blackmailed me with the fact that he wants to put pictures of me on the net so that all my contacts can see that. Then I blocked him. By the way he changed his number after five weeks telling me he found another simcard in his wallet.

  20. Tips to protect yourself against romance scams.
    Romance scam is a multibillion dollar business. It not only robs you of your money but destroys you emotionally. The worst part is that the victims don’t talk about it to others for the fear of being ridiculed. Some commit suicide. But there are ways to protect yourself.
    Insist to have a video conferencing. If they make excuses that their camera does not work, they are scammers. That excuse is silly. Most scammers come from Nigeria. They steal pictures and videos of attractive people from the Internet and pretend to be that person. Conduct a reverse image search on their portraits and often you will find the same photos appear in other sites.
    Sometimes the scammers use their own photos, and video chat with you. If they are better looking or much younger than you, they are scammers. Be realistic and don’t delude yourself with false hopes. They will get into intimate sexual conversation. This is an immediate red flag. They will masturbate on video and ask you to do so. If you do that they record everything and will blackmail you to publish your intimate pictures and send it to your friends on facebook unless you send them money. If you do they will continue asking for more until you run out of money and decide to end your life. If you have committed this mistake, all you have to do is to close your facebook account and block this criminal. If they can’t reach you they can’t threaten you.

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