wap.cbo.finance Review

In this review, we will describe why wap.cbo.finance is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !



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Is wap.cbo.finance Legit?

wap.cbo.finance is an unregulated Investment Company. Problem with unregulated Investment Companies is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from this Investment Company as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known Investment Company, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this investment firm, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why wap.cbo.finance is a dangerous Investment Company to deal with.

Are Funds Safe with wap.cbo.finance ?

With such lack of information and wap.cbo.finance being unregulated, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated Investment Companies. A red flag that we noticed is wap.cbo.finance is withholding vital information to users.

wap.cbo.finance could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about this Investment Company.

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wap.cbo.finance Review: our Conclusion!

wap.cbo.finance is an unregulated Investment Company to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

wap.cbo.finance Review
  • Website URL : wap.cbo.finance
  • Type of Scam : Unregulated Investment Company
  • Regulation : None

Have You Been Scammed By wap.cbo.finance ?

wap.cbo.finance is an unregulated Investment Company to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

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  1. This site was formerly wap.cboexap.vip now they changed to wap.cbo.finance it is the same people trying to scam you out of money by saying they can help you make profit but once you deposit into there external wallet from Coinbase your money is gone and cannot get back!!!! Usually an Asian woman talking nice and says she is very successful and can help you make profits quickly. Do not get scammed and lose your money! Please spread the word hopefully they can get prosecuted and shutdown.

  2. Where exactly you lost the money I transferred money in and I transferred money out you need to know how to make the transfer

    1. Is this your first time putting money into CBO? They will let you the first time to get hooked then when you invest large amount is when they lock your assets and say you need to pay more fees excuses from external wallet. You will not get your money back.

      1. Amelia has changed her number twice and now the recent number (607)249-2396. When the site changed from CBOEX.VIP to WAP.CBO.Finance she contacted me from that recent number at the exact time I thought I was locked out of the CBOEX.VIP. I told her I could not login and she gave me a screenshot of a “email” from the platform with the WAP.CBO.FINANCE site link.

        1. Cuidado con eso.
          Se estan aprovechando de la devilidad del hombre.
          No se pierde nada con mandalas a la Ching&*^%.
          Nunca las veras en persona unque te digan que quieren estar contigo.

        2. I just saved this number in my contacts, and it shows a guy in the profile picture.
          I believe she already changed her number again.

    2. Joe! I did the same thing. At first I was able to transfer out without any problem. But then my balance got to 92,000. I tried again to transfer out, and then they refused my transfer, insisting that I needed to pay them a “Tax Fee” for the gains of $18,665. This is a scam! If you can get your money out, you should do so right away.

        1. Be cautious this website has only been registered since 9/18/2021. It is best to use legit exchanges like Coinbase, Crypto, etc.

  3. hello, I received a text from someone looking for Irving. Nice photo beautiful
    young Asian lady long story short went through the process of coinbase to CBO .this lady named Judy provided trading signals called Nodes .Was able to withdrawal small amounts 3 times, Got spooked, tried to withdraw everything
    and was told by customer service that I did not have enough trading volume.
    needed 50,000 transaction volume. they said I had 7000 at this time.
    Presently Judy tells me the nodes are fewer and fewer. Basically I’m screwed

    1. Yes they are just scamming people out of there money once they get higher deposits. They have plenty of excuses to try to get you to send more money via external wallet. I hope Karma will pay there sorry a***s back someday!

      1. Has anyone not paid the taxes requested to pay? I was told I would be prosecuted for fraud if I did not pay

        1. They are all just excuses and lies to get to you pay more to there wallet. Your money is gone if you have paid into there external wallet. They don’t care about anything but trying to scam you into larger deposits. Once they know your onto them they will move on to other targets.

  4. I also received a text on WhatsApp messenger from a nice looking Asian lady telling me she was a cryptocurrency master and told me to download the CBOEX.VIP app. After doing so and depositing funds she started sending me times, amounts and when to long or short. Then she kept insisting that I raise my assets for more profitability when trading. I’ve only withdrawn $50 and the moment I tried a larger amount I got hit with having to pay taxes from an external wallet.

  5. Give them such a hard time on the Customer Service chat that they blocked me finally LOL. Oh well at least I give them Chinese ass holes a piece of my mind!

  6. Byron
    Did you screenshot the “beautiful” Asian girl, I believe she lives in Manhattan NY.
    Could you share the picture?

    1. She uses different names and backgrounds. Who knows what she really looks like. They are great at making you think they care about you. Till they get your money then they stop communicating and move on to next target.

    2. She also does live in NY by the name of Amelia, she supposedly runs a clothing store and has a assistant and a analyst telling her when there is a good node and specific times to trade.

      1. I have been In contact with a girl Amelia.
        She lives in Manhattan NY, also she has a clothing stores.
        How can we exchange her picture?
        Can we upload her picture here?

      2. +1 (475) 260-6908.
        This is the number I had been in contact with Amelia, She also was asking for Irvine, she asked me to continue with our conversation with “LINE” and once you move to line she deleted her information fron whatsapp.
        Until this days she still want me to pay the 20% assets fees in order to get 100% withdrawal.
        She is telling That she can lend me 50% of the amount CBO is asking me to pay.
        I want to share pictures of her with you guys.
        We need to stop this.

        1. Pictures are probably not even real. So doesnt matter. It is the same old thing just trying to get you to send money to there external wallet. However, you dont get any money back they keep it once it is sent. Dont send ANY MONEY TO THEM. IT IS A FAKE CRYPTO EXCHANGE.

    3. If I could share the pictures I have three pictures of here and all of our conversations aswell. She told me to screenshot each step throughput the process all the way the screenshots of the gains when we traded. They allowed me to by the Signal coin on accident and I gained $18,000 of they’re imaginary money without buying a subscription. Because of that they wanted 15% of my total asset by October 26th, then 2% asset damage each day after for 15 days untill November 12th.

  7. This company is a scam. A scammer called Lisa will contact you on instagram . I have reported it but this platform do not care about these people scamming their customer it’s a disgrace.. stay away they will say you have got x amount from trading. Then they will ask you to make a payment… SCAM.

  8. And I also worries that I give them all my information. I give them pictures of my driver License I don’t know what they might do with it

  9. Byron I have been in contact with the Asian woman her name is Amelia, also she lives in Manhattan NY.
    How can we exchange pictures of the woman?
    I don’t think we can upload her pics here.

  10. In one week I received 3 whatsapp messages from 3 different Asian women, all from Hong Kong.
    First one name Lena with platform CME group, she lives in Manhattan NY she has clothing stores and Crytocurrency trades.
    The second Amelia with platform CBO, she also lives in Manhattan NY, also she has clothing stores and beauty clinics.
    The third one, her name is Li Huimin or Vivian, she has 2 clothing stores in Hong Kong and she is in Los Angeles for vacations, she is trading with platform Zitzoom.com with digital coin OKSP.
    All 3 had changed their numbers twice and upgrades their platform addresses.
    I believe it is a group that they pass the numbers to each other.
    Everyone out there be careful with this people, I think China found the way how to take our money away from us and destroy the economy in USA.

    1. You are so correct on your perception! Spot on! Everybody just keep putting there fake platforms on this scam site so anybody can google search the platform and see it is a scam. We need to keep this updated so they get fewer people to scam.

  11. A mí me contactó una supuesta chica asiática que dice llamarse Alice diciéndome exactamente lo mismo que a todos los que han comentado aquí.
    Ella dice vivir en los Ángeles California y ser una experta en cryptomonedas

    1. Cuidado con eso.
      Se estan aprovechando de la devilidad del hombre.
      No se pierde nada con mandalas a la Ching&*^%.
      Nunca las veras en persona unque te digan que quieren estar contigo.

  12. One of the pics she was standing in front of a fancy painting with a fur over her shoulders. The second she is wearing a white shirt and white hat with a plaid skirt in front a tower. The third picture she is sitting on a grey couch saying she was just chatting with her assistant.

    1. I did pay the taxes at first, but when they asked me to pay more I stopped talking with Amelia, she also told me that she can lend me 10,000 to pay the fine CBO is asking in order to release the funds, of course I am not paying any cent more, I already lost my money. Here is a copy of the email I received today Thursday from CBO:
      Dear user, because you used an illegal transaction, you need to pay a deposit amount of 32000USDT. Please pay the fine within November 15th, otherwise we will permanently freeze your account after November 15th!
      Now I know that this email came from Amelia, she is the only one who knew about the 32,000 the original amount CBO was asking was 31,400.
      I do not want to confront Amelia yet until we find the way to catch her and send her to jail..
      Her number from whatsapp has been deleted and my only contact with her is in “Line” line does not require a phone number to add contacts.
      Lest keep working together.
      My Instagram is Froylan Munoz (wearing green t-shit and a bicycle)
      We can exchange her pictures.

  13. Same story here. But she is using the name Lianna from Singapore. She is in New York on business and her godmother is a financial professional. I put in $50 to start and then started getting suspicious. Guaranteed returns just don’t exist. Glad I searched before I put in anymore

  14. There a Chinese lady go by Anna Lee,claim to be very successful in 30 seconds trading short term investments, ask me to transfer dollars into USDT then transfer into cbo wallet trade with me then don’t want to let me transfer money back out then eventually blocked me.she got me for$16k plus do not transfer no money

  15. How to take funds out of such website. I have some money there and it asks about withdraws address, I don’t know where to find withdraws address….Please Guide

    1. “Unknown” ⬆️ You have to add the address of the wallet your wanting to send the funds to. If it is Coinbase then go to the trade button and chooses recurve, it will give you the address at that time. Same if you are using Trust wallet like I was instructed to do, if the amount is over a couple hundred then you will be promoted to pay taxes before you can get it and the reason we are all here. Good luck

    2. If you sent any money to there external key address it is too late. They will not return any money back. They are doing this scamming people. That is why I setup this website to warn people if they search cbo finance.

  16. Now here name is Mary from Manhattan and she has her own beauty products company. She called me on WhatsApp asking for Dr Jason a vet for her puppy.

    1. They have endless means of bullshit schemes to try to get people hooked please beware it all ends up the same them taking your money and not returning it.

      1. My scammer was named Alisa from Manhattan. Same thing. I got fooled texting with her as a friend for about a month until I got scammed for 8k. I even talked to her on a phone call on Line. Spoke English perfectly too. I hope they all really go to prison.

      2. yes! Mine is Mary too! Told very similar stories as others posted here.

        The CBO website she told me to sign up for an account on is not registered with any certificate services. That alone tells me this is a SCAM!!!

        I did not register

  17. I am trying to transfer my funds from CBO to Coinbase.com. I used the wallet address and pasted the Scan Code but the funds were not transferred yet, Any other advise??

    1. Well brother.
      Forget about your money.
      The next step is to ask customer services, their answer will be, That you have to pay taxes 20% of your assets.
      Do not pay the taxes.
      Your money is gone.

      1. Not true. All cryptocurrency can be traced with forensics. These scumbags THINK they’re safe from prosecution. Trust me. They are not. Bring up your case with the proper authorities. We will get back what was fraudulently taken from us!

  18. The Money still shown in the CBO account, But it is not transferred back to coinbase…..I used several wallet address to take it back….but couldn’t….Any advise??

    1. The CBO website is fake the scammers run it. So it really doesnt matter what it shows they have your money and wont return it. It will show processing but its not transferring anything they control it. The customer service and the Chinese person you been texting with are all in it together and scammers.

  19. Let’s send these fu#king assh#les to prison and get our fu#king money back.

    Our money isn’t lost. All cryptocurrencies can be traced. This is fraud. There is enough of us, that this can be considered a class action lawsuit.

    1. I have pictures, emails, and the numbers too. We can share and gather all together to report them. But we’ll need a platform like discord to do it. Hopefully more agree to do this.

  20. I scammed as well. Can the FBI investigate this, to take down their scam site and trace the numbers/emails we got to report?

  21. We should all join a group like in discord or something. We’ll talk and share everything we have and would be easier. Then plan to report to the authorities, together we’ll try to stop their site and these criminals. What do you guys think?

    1. I am in the middle of this scam. I felt suspicious and started doing my research and found your posts. I did not transfer any funds to CBO finance. The imposter woman is still asking me to transfer the funds. I am wondering if there is anyway that law enforcement can catch her .

      1. Glad you researched CBO first. You saved your money from being taken. That is why I started this web scam search. Good deal!

  22. Sounds good to me! I did a report with The FTC, but they just take a report and share info to agencies, but they don’t try to retrieve your money. But it’s still a start. I also plan on contacting U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

  23. I also was contacted on WhatsApp by a Asian lady by the name of Joana. I originally deposited a small amount of money because I was very very hesitant with this whole thing. I was getting more convinced after the first night of “nodes” and seen some gain, but the next day she was asking me to put the remaining of saving into CBO because it like a bank. I then searched for it and found this thread so thank you all for sharing. I would join a discord or some other chat to share all of our information with each other to try and and start a lawsuit.

  24. Met this person on WhatsApp. She sent a message that said something like this: “Hey long time no see,” and mention a persons name which I don’t recall. I said told her she had the wrong number. She apologized and the asked about me. And like a fool I told her and so began a conversation which eventually led to talking about cryptocurrency. She convinced me to open a Coinbase account and invest in CBO. I started with $100 and then $500. I made a small amount but enough to convince me to invest more. She convinced me to add $10,000. Like a fool I took out a loan. During the course of about 4 days I made $62,000 dollars. CBO stated I had to pay $13,000 in taxes, which I did. But then CBO stated I had to put up front a security deposit of $30,000 to withdraw the $62,000 and that I would receive the deposit back. Of course I didn’t have $30,000. Jennifer insisted I pay the $30,000. I didn’t. She has contacted me a few times afterward but I ignored her. I managed to keep both her phone numbers. The first phone numbers. They are (352) 639-4081 and (970) 629-6191. She says she’s from Singapore and currently lives in New York. Both these area codes are not New York. After reading the comments from others this Jennifer fits the profile. I also have profile pictures, if this is her. She needs to be stopped.

  25. Same MO for everyone as a matter of fact, I was already scammed and yet i received a happy thanksgiving from another Chinese lady attempting to do the same thing again. They are in US on temporary visas, they should all be deported to back to China. Get as much info, phone numbers, pictures, etc. and report them to INS, Homeland Security, FBI, etc. for federal and international cybercrimes.

    1. How do you know their information? And please make their information public on here so we can have them prosecuted.

    2. I don’t think that anyone of them are in the USA. They pretend to be here. They use fake USA numbers, and Whatsapp blocks some of their accounts after people complain . My person still talks to me even though I told her that I will not put any money in CBO.
      I keep talking just so in case if it will help any law enforcement.

  26. I also got scammed. I agree with Brandon these people are not in USA. They just use Whatsup and fake googleapp phone numbers so you can not trace them. You can ask as many numbers on Google as you wish thats why is so easy for them to change all the time. Iam not even sure that is a girl at all. They just use images of chinese looking girls mostly originated in Singapore. Its a whole team that built the fake website which should be shut down first so others can not be scammed any more. Then go after these people but for that we need people to collaborate and help each other. People who know how to dig on the web and find these people. If we all help or make a little effort I believe we can catch them. Let me know if you open a group to chat there and share information.

  27. Everyone who got scammed were initially contacted on Whatsup. So lets shut them down there by sharing on Whatsup with everyone that if they are contacted by an asian person not to engage as they will be scammed out of their money. Share with friends and people you know and put up notes on your facebook page to warn other people who read your page. In this way we can spread the warning.

  28. I have been scammed by CBO exchange too. Please le me know if there are specific things we can all collectively do together.

    Thank you

  29. I lost 5k on CBO. In the account appears more than 100,000k I tried to withdraw but they told me that I have to pay taxes for 21k I sent to fuck her mother, her name is Alice, they live in NY. She told me that she has a beauty agency in Hong Kong that this vacation in NY is a scam.

  30. This sites been taken down as well. Would anyone be interested in joining a Discord group so we can discuss how we can get our funds back and prosecute these assholes to the fullest extent of the law? Reply to this comment and let me know.

    1. I am very interested, I lost a lot of money. WAP.CBO.IO is a scam! Don’t send them money. How can we get any of our money back? Anyone have any ideas?

  31. CBO Exchange now has moved to wap.cboxs.finance. Still scamming people out of money. DO NOT TRANSFER ANY MONEY TO THERE FAKE EXCHANGE OR YOU WILL LOSE IT.

  32. Same with me. Wrong text in WhatsApp and then a nice good looking Asian girl Elinda. Introducing her self as a business woman in beauty saloon expert of trading. I did put few thousands but after I looked in your site ma eyes to bring back my money by telling that I was interested and I had trust in her but because my wife was in charge of the site where we were doing trading I said I want to close everything and do by myself with higher numbers of funds. So they let me get the money. Now I’m just playing around because I want to have some revenge. She did change the number with the excuse that phone broke and now is with a Malaysian number. My account was let free only after she thought I was going to play hard and only after I contacted her telling all the story above but always not all story together just slowly. That way she thought I trusted her. She was the one that was managing my account. Be careful they will push hard and convince they know these node moment and you will get profits. You may get but then they ask for more funds to get more profits. If you put then you lost everything.

    1. Nila
      Can you share her telephone number.
      I want to see if it is the same girl I got scammed from , she is also from Malaysia.

  33. Nila
    I am also victim.
    Do you have her number, the girl I have been dealing with it has a Malaysian number, but her “name” Is vivian.

    1. They all work together they use many different scenarios and names and pics. It is just all fake and get you to trust them to get the most money you can send them and then they will stop talking to you and move on. They control the fake website and once you send the money to there external wallet they lie and say you will get it but they have all these different taxes, fees, etc excuses to get more, but will not send it back.

  34. Well everyone, I have read al of these stories and comments. Mine also started with a wrong # on Whatsapp to Irving. Her name was Amelia. Very pretty, 32. Then casual conversation. She loved golfing a lot and spoke of her making a very comfortable living off of her investments. She started suggesting them but I did not have much. She finally said something like … You don’t have the balls to pull the trigger! … and that was the end of her.
    Then off of TIKTOK I think came Anna. again casual chat with her talking up crypto , a fashion designer in Singapore and suddenly gone when I didn’t bite.
    But it got me to thinking about the possibilities. Then I met AnLi or Lily as she calls herself. I’m sure none of her is real… She lives in Manhattan, and even gave me her address and her Chinese name. She too was looking for someone else from a charity ball she attended… her assistant must have written the # wrong… of course. Always very nice casual conversation.
    She has a beauty supply company there, a 6 year old daughter, and estranged husband in Hong Kong and an uncle that works with a team of annalists from Goldman/Sachs. … Then came …” You’re very nice to me in my breakup with my husband. Let me help you.” Bad move on my part!
    I only had about $4,000 to start… with the various nodes, 30 second nodes up to $49K, 60s up to$100K,120s up to150K,300s up to$200K (tho very rare), depending on how much cash you have on the CBO external wallet. Each of these paid higher dividends from 40% to100% Then comes the specific times…. like 10:21pm ET (since she was in NYC) and always in sets of 3 for the night.
    So we built $4K up to $15… she convinced me to get to $50K for higher payout. I cashed out my Roth IRA for $30K which we turned into $90K. She then talked me into borrowing $90K from CBO. Now I had $180,000 in the wallet! On Christmas Eve she turned into $710,000. My ship had come in, so I thought. Then I tried to pay back the loan… They would not release and funds until I paid =back the
    $90K I borrowed… wait… what??? If I had the $90K in the first place then why the hell would I borrow it? Major red flagged all over. Lily then said she would help me by loaning me $40K so that meant borrowing at least $50K more… I knew there had to be interest or some sort of taxes involved. She gave me a loan company to borrow from last night as my 30 days is about up. “LIGHTSTREAM… Loans for practically anything” so this morning I started looking up Financial and came across this site.

    1. Let me further add to my previous story… Lily continued to offer the loan me. I told her I was tapped out. Loan me the full amount for a few hours, I said. Then I will repay you double what you loaned me. She said she borrowed the money from her folks in Hong Kong. I said, You might as well give it back then because I can’t get a loan. So then she starting verbally attacking me telling me how disrespected she was, and that ‘I suck!’ She never wanted to speak to me again! That continued for a bit. So, just for fun, I said Good Morning the next day. BTW we were talking on her Asian chat site… LINE.
      She responded and even offered the money again. I said, let me think on it.
      moving forward, today I had a 2 hour chat session with CBO. At first all they would do is threaten to take me to court if I did not pay them. I told them to stop threatening me and maybe we can accomplish a solution. Over and over they refused to answer any questions. Then they transferred me in the chat to another guy. after a bit of BS he offered me this… Pay 1/3rd of your loan and we will release 1/3rd of your total assets…. sounds tempting… pay them $30K and they will release $200K??? but the truth is they are trying strong arm me and when that wasn’t working tried to offer me a deal too good to pass up!

      1. What I suggest is to open an account, where we can share the photos and phone numbers of Asian women.
        I still continue talking with one of them, despite the fact that she has already confronted her and continues to deny that she has nothing to do with those CBO platforms, I present her with the evidence and she still denies it, she wants to come to Los Angeles Ca.
        She wants to convince me to invest in Coinbase.
        She is telling me that she is from Singapore.
        Her name now is “Mary.”
        Before her name was ” Jin Minjia, this is my Chinese name” and previous to the Chinese name was “Carol”
        Who of you is willing to open that account to share the pictures of Asians.

  35. Let’s stop crying can someone open a case by the federal government and try to get money back and keep us posted what’s our next step???????

  36. Hello, the same story happened to me also. I lost 10K. her name was Alia. I have all conversations with her and also photos. she told me that she is living in Queens and represents cosmax cosmetic company in US. here are her phone numbers from WhatsApp 585-969-56-97 and 774-295-4245. I also contacted her via Line. This is the site from where I was scammed wap.cboxs.finance they would do is threaten to take me to court if I did not pay them and also Alia keep telling me that they can put me and my family, especially my kids in trouble.

  37. Another scammer has now contacted me on WhatsApp, same story texted me accidently, but keeps texting me even after I told them that I am not the person they intended the text for. So far she hasn’t said anything about Crypto. She’s trying to build a trusted relationship. Claims she lives in the Bay area and works for a big company. Has sent me couple of pictures of a young Chinese girl without me ever asking for her pictures.
    I am waiting to see how this one tries to approach me on the crypto subject and than see how she wants to try to scam me. Will keep you guys posted.


  39. These people steal other peoples identity and use photos and videos pulled off their social media platforms. The last scammer pretended to be a car dealership owner from Thailand, she sent me pictures of the dealership, staff and clients interacting with her. Sent me pictures of shopping sprees where there were bags of Louis Vuitton, Channel and Gucci . I actually called Thailand and spoke with the real owner of the dealership, the real owner confirmed those were her pictures and videos that she had posted on her Instagram. She was shocked to know that someone was pretending to be her….but she couldn’t do anything about it. Once I confronted the scammer about this, The scammer closed the Whatsapp account and moved on. Be very careful…..DO NOT believe anything they say.
    The new scammer keeps on sending me videos and pictures of another cute Asian. I have asked her to address me by my name in the video…..she has not done that because she is not the person in the video.
    I wish that somehow we can start a site where we can post the pictures and videos that are sent to us as well as the phone numbers that are being used. Can someone look into this. It will be of great help to others.

  40. Does anyone have any new numbers to share? Anymore information? FBI has a form that you can fill out online. IC3. Put in all information and submit it online. Locate a local FBI office close to you. Go in and complain in person. Cryptocurrency can be traced. All of it. These scumbags will be caught, but it’s up to us to take proper action.

  41. All victims of the fraud should file a complaint against CBO with FBI and Securities and Exchange Commission

  42. Their webpage WAP.CBOUS.IO was taken down. Does anyone know what their new webpage is? They change every few months as a way to throw off investigations.

    1. The new website they moved to in mid April is called app.bitdogexltd.com, you are right, they move around every other few months, we need to act fast to catch these thiefs …

  43. CBO Scammers are now using this mobile website to continue there fraudulent activities! app.bitdogexltd.com

  44. Terry i confirm that, we all should file complain IC3 form on the FBI website so that they will investgate !

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