Where To Report Scams?


1️⃣ Federal Trade Commission (FTC): You can report scams to the FTC by visiting their website at ftc.gov/complaint. The FTC is a federal agency that works to prevent fraudulent and unfair business practices.

2️⃣ Better Business Bureau (BBB): The BBB is a non-profit organization that helps consumers find trustworthy businesses and charities. You can report scams to the BBB through their website at bbb.org/scamtracker.

3️⃣ Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): The IC3 is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). You can report internet crimes, including scams, to the IC3 through their website at ic3.gov.

4️⃣ Your state’s Attorney General’s Office: You can also report scams to your state’s Attorney General’s Office. They may have a consumer protection division that handles these types of complaints.

5️⃣ American Association of Retired Persons: It is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and advocacy for people over the age of 50. They have a fraud watch network that allows members to report scams and fraud. You can report a scam to AARP by calling their fraud helpline at 1-877-908-3360 or by filling out an online form on their website at aarp.org/money/scams-fraud/fraud-watch-network/.

6️⃣ The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): It is another important organization where you can report scams. The CFPB is a federal agency that works to protect consumers from unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices by financial institutions. You can report scams related to financial products or services to the CFPB by visiting their website at consumerfinance.gov/complaint or by calling their toll-free number at 1-855-411-2372.

7️⃣ The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): If the scam involves investment fraud, you can report it to the SEC by visiting their website at sec.gov/complaint or by calling their toll-free hotline at 1-800-732-0330.

8️⃣ The National Fraud Information Center (NFIC): The NFIC is a project of the National Consumers League that provides information and resources to help consumers avoid fraud. You can report scams to the NFIC by calling their toll-free hotline at 1-800-876-7060 or by filling out an online form on their website at fraud.org.

9️⃣ The Internal Revenue Service (IRS): If the scam involves tax fraud, such as someone pretending to be an IRS agent or requesting payment of taxes through unusual methods, you can report it to the IRS by visiting their website at irs.gov and searching for “Report Phishing” or by calling their toll-free hotline at 1-800-366-4484.

Scammed? What to do!

1️⃣ Collect evidence by taking screen shots of all trades, messages and communications, money transfer addresses, their websites, etc.

2️⃣ If you used a bank card to make a payment to a scammer, contact your bank immediately. Tell them that you used this card to make a payment to the scammer and ask if they can refund your money trough a Chargeback process.

3️⃣ You can report the company/person who scammed you by contacting us. We will make a review and expose the crooks. May warn potential victims.

⚠️ Reminder: If you deposited your funds on a platform and they ask you to pay a “fee” or “tax” in order to withdraw your funds do not pay anything! It’s a trick to steal more funds from you.

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  1. Ufx protiprávně hned mne udělali profesionálním.hracem a navedli špatně ztratil 6520 USD. Žádám zpět ukradené peníze. Jan Růžička Česka republika.

  2. i opened a trust wallet usdt .com account and after I added funds and started trading the link chanced to trust1wallet.xyz/#/funds?coin=usdt and I can withdraw my funds they keep saying I need to pay a Margin of 32 K and a profit tax of 16 K if I try to send my funds to my coinbase acc they frezz my account and say I need to pay before withdrawing PLEASE HELP

      1. sir i was withdrawing usdt from Raysbot60 first time customer service told that because of different valid address you have to deposit 2500 usdt verification fund then we deposited again i am withdrawing 20000 now so again speaking i have to pay 10% tax we have invested lot of money in this now i cant do anything please help us

  3. Hello everyone please beaware of Laxsson.com

    I have been scammed by them and my and my subordinate are blocket. No one is answer us. Laxsson project is a big scammer.

  4. InvestmentsGlobal.com is a scam organization. All their talk about Arbitrage is a story from the pit of hell. The so called CEO and Account Manager, Troy Delliot and Maria Ivanov are master trickster and fraudsters. Please be warned!!!

  5. Dear all, be aware of these thieves cct1.cc …after cheating in Ethiopia, now they started with a new site to cheat people in Mali, Nigeria, etc.

  6. There was an ad related to Elon Musk’s Quantum AI trading platform which mentioned only for non UK citizens . This is highforecast.com . Unfortunately I happened to click it and made an investment of 250 dollars into ally . Was asked to invest a further 2000 USD which I did . The profit shown as 4000 USD in 10 days and manager told me highly volatile week of trading taking the total to 6000 USD . Upon request for withdrawal was asked to initiate a mirror transaction of 6000 USD. Was very hesitant but he sounded very convincing mentioning it was required for first transaction . Was asked to open Revolut account to buy Crypto . Installed remote application AnyDesk and he guided me to do a transfer from my bank account to to Binance to make the payment in equivalent BTC .2 days later get a call saying I have to pay taxes as this company is based in Uk and I could show taxes paid at time of tax filing in Australia . Was sent a letter with letterhead of HM Revenue and Customs for 2488 USD which he made said needs to be paid on ERC20 network. Someone claiming to be from their finance department contacted me saying fund manager did not pay taxes properly resulting that amount as a credit to my trading account and I was asked to pay up taxes same procedure . I panicked and did it thinking it’s all legit . Recently get a call saying since Binance suspending AUD withdrawals they have put in a credit of 7000 usd which I need to mirror if not would be caught up in AML issues and not allowed to leave country . When I said not possible was threatened with AML consequences. My money is gone for sure but this is the modus operandi of these fraudsters .

  7. Hice un depósito en zertom de 29500 euros y no me permiten retirar mi dinero, si antes no pago un impuesto al fisco. Que hago

  8. bit vault invest
    now changed their domain to a new thief scam site

  9. oceanprotrader seams to be a scam… promise very high margins but you have to pay a high “commission” to withdraw your funds, but after paying the commission they still don’t allow you to withdraw. Avoid!

  10. I was added to a forex trading group on whatsapp by a person named Melanie led by a Mr. Jacobs there were approximately 177 in the group I was asked by Melanie to
    get involved with the various trading plans created by Mr. Jacobs so i wired money to Osmosis FX
    under the direction of Melanie. On July 20, we were told that we could withdraw funds but there would be a 10% tax fee but never was it mentioned that the fee would have to be paid upfront.
    My tax fee was 26,579.00. There is no way i can afford that fee as i have depleted my saving to take advantage of the profits from trading with Mr. Jacobs. I have checked their website FAQs and read policies and nowhere it says anything about this upfront tax fee in order to withdraw. I feel that I’ve been scammed and am asking for your assistance in getting my fund returned to me. Thanks

  11. Was just scammed out of $250 CDN dollars by a company called GoldNrise.
    Fortunately I refused to give them access to my computer or give them any more money!

  12. I am a victim of romance scam name Sherlee/ Shirley in english name, Yang Li in chinese name using phone numbers: 213-3578974/ 626-3222704 thru WhatsApp and 650-8813823, personal phone, thru investimg money with the trading broker name, YSHX- YUN SHANG HUI XIN LIMITED, website: yunshfex.com. The broker-YSHX frozen my account worth $82,872.50 and I am unable to withdraw money. YSHX online service rejected my withdrawal because they said I did not complete the 50% of the require platform mechanism which I do not understand. YSHX said that to withdraw my funds anytime I must deposit the $41,440 to my account before August 10, 2023, if not according to them the FBI will involve, and my account said triggered the AML law. Then, I reported the matter to local enforcement agency, police station in Cerritos, FBI website ic3.com, DFPI, FINRA, SEC, WikiFX. All I want is to withdraw my wired money thru my bank worth $25000. I have all the evidence with the lady name Sherlee thru whatsapp with pictures, video and voice clip and the broker documents online service with all the transactions. I live in LA, CA, USA, the lady in Atherton, CA, USA no complete address given and the broker website location in 2304, 2-16 Garden Street, Hongkong City, Hongkong 999077 China.

    Please help me to recover my funds.

    1. I am scamed with zaif int I deposited 42528usdt
      And earned whit trading 33683usdt
      And they said do loundring and take from me 5000usdt
      And again said your credit score is low and take from me 3000usdt
      And I can’t withdraw they said you must pay 20persent taxes
      I told to them give me a little money that I deposited I give your taxes
      They said if you don’t pay all of your taxes you van not withdraw 10usdy
      I believe now they are scam and they never time give me my deposit and earned money

  13. Coınbitex bir dolandırıcıdır. Tüm herkese duyrulur para yatırıyorsunuz ,yatırmış olduğunuz paraya biraz kar ekleniyor ,daha sonra o parayı çekmek istediğinizde sizden önce vergi daha sonra finansal fon kullanım ücreti ve en sonunda kara para sinyali diyerek para yatırmanızı istiyorlar yatırmış olduğunuz paraları geri çekemiyorsunuz

  14. Coınbitex e dikkat edin , dolandırıcıdır ,yatırmış olduğunuz parayı ve yatırımdan kazanmış olduğunuz parayı size vermemek için elinden gelen her türlü engellemeyi yapıyor

  15. I am scamed with zaif int exchange company
    I can’t withdraw my found account
    Deposit money and earned money
    42525 deposited

  16. Fmytex.com is a scam platform. I had about 14,000 USDT of my own funds on their stock exchange and had increased my funds to 56,600 USDT. I tried to withdraw funds from the Fmytex platform but they required me to pay 50% of the total amount to them in order to withdraw my funds.

  17. Onde de fato podemos fazer uma denúncia sobre esses golpistas que usam as plataformas como meio de nos arrancar dinheiro?

  18. Be aware of BTCBANKCANADA they scam me for lots of money when trying to get money out its become a game to deposit more money for security deposit and other fee from what they say is blockchain regulation

  19. I was scammed by this Viber group J4116 HRT Cryptocurrency Trading Club with the person name Audrey claimed that she help her boss to raise fund for charity . After I deposit $2K and 4 trades she froze the website and disappeared, no communication


    Also this site trustminingcoins.com
    A person with phone number 214-795-3491is a scammer helping recruit more pp and claimed to be someone else with fake photo

  20. I have been a victim of romance scam through a platform name bitvip-enos . Com / bitvenus. Com . I deposited $150.000. Wire transfer from Wells Fargo to Community federal savings/ Crypto.com transfer to DeFi Wallet then to bitvenus wallet. I earned 600,000. I wanted to withdraw $1000.000.00 they told me I need it to pay 15% tax upfront before I can withdraw . Is when I found out is a scam. I told them to take it from the platform and give me the rest and they said no that you have to pay first and that they would then deliver the funds after I pay

    1. GOCCFX See my situation this lady cheat us around 300,000/- USDT past 75days I deposited, finaly I ask I need to withdraw she said pay commission then u can withdraw I arrange 60k usdt for commission , I thought I can withdraw 300,000/- then she said you have to pay Crypto investment TAX 9% 27k USDT I told I don’t have u can deduct from my capital but she denied
      Finally I ask 100k usdt she said pay tax when you withdraw 100k.

  21. Traderup is a scam. You start with minimum AUD 388 but then they say to make more money, I need to invest more money. Have been wanting to withdraw my ‘profits’ for the last 2 months, there is always an excuse as to why I can’t withdraw, was finally told yesterday, I need to pay 10% exchange fee to exchange USDT to AUD on the crypto exchange. my ‘investment’ is gone and my money has been stolen. Complete SCAM.

  22. I was scam by invox.trade i lost all my savings..i was so devastated and got depression because of what happen..i hope somebody can help me

  23. Gcxcrypto.co
    Is a scam just like the rest of these. I’m on a fixed low income of 900 per month. I begged, borrowed ,and pawned my wayup and lost approx 12k , that is more than I get in a whole year. Now in debt badly, credits going down the toilet and ut wasntbthat great to begin with but I was trying to make it better, I owe friends, pawn shop, Ace loans, and not to mention all my bills because when I lost the first 10k approx , I then took my whole months income, didn’t pay my bills and invested it last month to gain it back yo pay my debts and bills up….but it too was lost. I can’t believe myself anymore when I believed so much in this being real, then it turned out to be a scam. How then can I possibly ever trust myself that what I believe and trust was ever real or ever will be real?
    I’m so screwed. These guys are a whole new kind of low.. and if there be a special place in hell for those who steal from the already poor, then I wouldn’t lose sleep if they went there.

  24. I was introduced to Forex by a friend, when I contacted his mentor Eseika Comilyay she assured me that this was legit and when I asked her about the risk she said there wasn’t really any risk but she did not tell me all the fees and upgrade charges that would asked for. She had me to download swifthubtrad.com, and Whatsapp, so did. When I was confronted about the fees from Swifthubtrade (Nathan) and asked her why she didn’t tell me about the fees she replied, “my bad.”
    After I invested $600, my balance was $10,700. The she told me to deposit$850 more and that would be added to my balance which made it $19,700. When I tried to make a withdrawal, I got a message that I needed to upgrade my account. So, I contacted her, and she told me to contact Swifthubtrade. So, I did and started talking to Nathan. He informed me that I needed to upgrade my account there were several ones, so I decided to do the silver account which was cheaper $1,2050. I explained to Nathan that I would have to make the payment he next day(Tuesday) because I could not get to the bank until then. He said,”ok”. So on Tuesday I make the payment for the silver account. Then when I asked what my pin was so I could make a withdrawal he tells me that I paid my upgrade fee to late, and it was going got be a $700 late fee. I told him f…that. This was a scam and I was not going to give them anymore money. He assures me this was not a scam. So they agreed to let me pay $350, and when I made my withdrawal I would pay the rest. So I did, when I tried to make a withdrawal I got a message that I needed to pay the rest of my commission fee and make a 10% deposit of $3460..
    I was never informed about any late fees, commission fees, 10% deposit.
    I told Nathan I had never traded before and was new at all this. His reply was sorry I never told you before

  25. I was scamed by BingXPro Fake investissement platform. They asked me to pay the fees for activation of my account, if not it will stay frozen for three years…all you explain they approach, strategies is exactly correct and what happened to me. I just regret my nativity. But this is very heavy criminal activity and they seems very professional in their “job”. The person who brought me into this field present as Henry Williams, dressers designer from London. And platform is BingXPro…

  26. I was scammed by Neiman mall cross border e-commerce…when i wanted to withdraw funds they asked me to pay taxes before doing so.

  27. All I want write like small book my 4 month journey. It’s not allowed me to paste.. My whole experience from the beginning.. Don’t Don’t Don’t send penny to TFISFX, you will lose all

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