Bellow is a list of companies that have been blacklisted by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This include investment scams, banking/credit scams, metal scams, pension scams etc.

10 Capital / 10-Capital
365 Markets
10 Trading owned and operated by BINEXT Solutions SRL
365 Binary Option owned by Oproserv Ltd
2dots Limited t/a 8infx
4 You Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
247 Money Express and The Money Source (clone of authorised firm)
53 Capital Trade
1st-Loan (clone)
24×7 Payday Loans (clone)
360 Capital Management Limited t/a 360 Capital Markets
1 minute loan UK / Loan 1 minute UK
360 Financial Limited (clone firm)
2013 Best Invest (clone firm)
2 Way FX Bergio Financial
1st Invest Broker
03 Fincoop Plc
4UFX Forex Brokers
18 Moor Park Drive Credit Union
1st Columbus Management (clone)
Asset Life PLC
AXA Investment Managers UK Limited/ AXA IM Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
Auto Pawn Sale
AQA Capital Partners (clone of authorised firm)
Altium Patrimoine (clone of authorised firm)
ABN AMRO Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
Aragon Loans
Aria Hope / Hope Area
AlgoTradingSoft Broker Limited/AlgoTradingSoft Global
Apsilon Ltd t/a
Amana Trade/ AmanaTrade (clone of authorised firm)
Access Loans/Engaged Solutions Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Alternative Propositions Ltd (clone)
ADM Securities (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Astaria Group
Alph Capital (clone)
Axiom Equity Research Corporation/Axiom Equity
Active Cash UK (clone)
AON Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
AG Capitals
Avant Finance/ Avant Credit (clone of authorised firm)
Assurance ET Capital Partners (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Access Loan
Asic Trader / Hellax Corp
AMP Trading Group
Apollo Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Anahera and Partners
Anaru and Partners
AGA Advisors/ Arnold Gert Anton (clone of authorised firm)
Ally Tuxedo Bank PLC
ArielBank PLC
Allmedia Limited t/a Gallant Finance
Ardent Asset Advisors LP (clone)
Alliance Trust Savings Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Arden & Partners (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Alpha Algorithms T/A Fomax Capital Ltd
Apex Financial Group Ltd / Apex F G Ltd
Apex Tradex (clone of FCA authorised firm)
ADG Placement (clone of FCA authorised firm)
All Day Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
AXA IM / AXA IM Asset Management (clone)
Amalgamated Properties Limited (clone of a UK registered company)
Atwood Stanley Asset Management
Almamarkets Limited t/a Safemarkets
Absolute Capital Returns (Clone)
All Purpose Loans (clone)
Automatix Top Limited (clone)
Amadicia Ltd/ Epic Ventures Ltd t/a 72 Option
ACV Operations S.R.L
Ash Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Axeworth Securities
Asset Link International
Amundi Asset Management (clone)
Affordable Loans (clone of authorised firm)
Amergeris Wealth Management Group (clone)
Aston Wealth
AMAC Mortgages & Loan Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Atom8 Markets (clone of authorised firm)
Adexec Worldwide Financial Services (clone of authorised firm)
Asset Consulting / Consultant Services
Atsuko Ventures
Ashton Moore Developments/ Ashton Moore
Active Funds ICAV (clone)
Admiral Markets Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
AMC Capital Invest / AMC Capital Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Asashi Mergers and Acquisitions Group
AXA IM Asia / AXA Hong Kong / AXA Investment Managers Hong Kong / Acervo Group (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Alpha Consulting (clone of previously authorised firm)
AIG Options / CMC Options
Aequitas Financial LLP
Arkwright Property Management / Arkwright Property Development
ABSA Wealth Management (cloning a subsidiary of Barclays Africa Group)
Allied Capital Consultants
Asset Management Protection (AMP)
Atlantic Global Asset Management
Ambrosia Capital (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Ashford Investments
Algo Capitals (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Avalon Consultancy/Avalon Group
Adexec Loans & Financial Solutions (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Apex UK Loan
Alfred Lettner (clone)
AIB Asset Management
All UK Lenders (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Alco Investment Company
ADVInvests (clone)
Alliance Capital Market
Anpa Forward Ltd t/a (clone of FCA authorised firm)
A1 Loans
Arkol Insurance Brokers
Andersen Consulting (UK)
Axis Bank (clone)
Always Finance / Working Capital 4 U
Asia Pacific Limited
Aspect fund Managers Plc (clone)
Arden Asset Management Limited
Authority Finance (clone)
Ayondo Markets Ltd (clone)
Atom8 Asia (clone)
AJ Cox Insurance
Amerex Trade Limited
Assets Investments (clone)
Aldrich Limited Mergers & Acquisitions Services
Adams & Taylor Group Ltd
Able Alternatives UK Ltd
Axis Capital Group
AT Brokers (clone)
Ashmore Wealth Funds (clone)
Amaze Loans (clone)
Alpha Capital Ltd (clone)
Augustine FX (clone)
ALTR Alternative Fund Managers (clone)
AXN Trading Ltd (clone)
Akasaka Acquisition Group
Aldershire Limited/ Aldershire Capital/ Aldershire Global Trading
Axel Neumann (clone)
Atticus Holdings International (clone)
Andreas Geiger Financial
A One Loans
Avante Corp LLC
AGF Markets
Anglo China Securities
Artemis Fund Managers (clone)
Apollo Multi Asset Management LLP (clone)
Aegis Acquisition Corporation
Aberdeen Trust
Aspen Greene Ltd
Asian Direct Capital Management
AVA Capital Management
Alliance Private Equity LLP
AMT Markets (clone)
Atlantic Mutual Int Ltd (clone)
Alternative Bridging Corporation (clone)
ATM Loans UK/ Cash Cloud UK
Anglo Wealth Limited t/a Anglo Wealth Investments
Asiatic Associates/ Asiatic Acquisitions
Ayrshire Debt Solutions Limited
American First City Corporation
Assiprime Euro Brokering (clone)
Anytime Loans
Albert Price Associates Limited
Aris UK Advisory (clone)
ACM Financial UK (Clone)
Aldersgate Escrow Limited (clone)
AXA Investment Managers (clone)
ABC Direct Solutions
ACP Retirement Advisors (clone)
Axis Capital Limited
Aimdex Group Limited, Aimdex Limited
Ace Developments
Aixia Limited, t/a T4X Binary, t/a T4X Signals
AFL Forex – Agincourt Financial Limited (clone)
AFI – Alternative Financial Investments
Al Reen Capital (falsely purporting to be authorised by the FCA)
Asia World Capital
Alfred Weber Wealth Management (clone)
AMI Professional Services (clone)
Amber Asset Management (clone firm)
Ava Capital Markets (clone firm)
Alliance Capital Securities Ltd
Alliance Partnership (cloned firm)
AVI Trading & Corporate Transfer Service
Accer Mergers & Acquisitions
AXA Isle of Man (Clone of FCA Authorised Firm)
AJAJ Group
Avacia Investments/ Avacia Limited/ Avacia Securities Limited
AJ Nelson Consultants LLC
Apex International Consulting Group (AICG)
ArchWay Trust
Allianz Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Ardea Capital LP
A & R Financial Services (Clone of FCA Registered firm)
Astorg Partners (Clone of FCA EEA Authorised Firm)
Apollo Financial Management
Alliance Direct Management
Aston Forex / Aston Markets / /
Able Capital
Aston Forex / Aston Markets
AG Group Advisors
AGF Europe Advisors (clone)
Ariun Financial Group (clone)
Alpha Properties
AdvisorCorp Ltd
Allass BVBA Advisory Group (clone)
Alliance Bond (clone)
Affiniti Associates Limited
ABD World Group
AJ Wyman & Associates LLC
Advice Europe (clone)
Appleton Associates
Aros Securities (clone)
Amherst International
Alpha Corporate Consultants LTD
ADIBUK Group Corporation/ ADIBUK (clone)
Alliant Holdings I Inc (clone)
A Warner Associates (clone)
Andrew Walker Associates (clone)
Atlas Wealth Management Ltd
Atlantic Mutual International Limited (clone)
Advice Consultants (clone)
Ace Financial
Arrow Merger Consultants
AOT Stock Specialist (clone)
AOT Europe (clone)
Allianz International Group
Abarcas Solutions
Addlerley Davis
Alpha Connect Capital GmbH (clone)
Atlas Consultancy
Avalon Consultants Ltd
Alan Charles King (Clone of FCA Approved Individual)
Abbotts Investment Group (clone)
AIFA Global Market
AIFA Golbal Market
Abel Myers Consulting
ASG Markets
Abacus Financial Management (clone)
Accredited Global Services Group (AGSG)
Asian Capital Group
Amethyst Bullion Limited
Aston Midshires Insurance
Ashford Financial Group
Alpha Broker S.R (clone)
Ark Consultancy Scotland Limited
Alternative Asset Group Limited (AAG)
AMK Trust Ltd
Acquisitions 21 Pte. Ltd
AGFX, also trading as AGFX Pro
Arab-Anglo Finance
Alderton Consultants
AGIFX, also known as AGI Forex and AGI Markets
Alternatives Research Group
Advent Capital GmbH (clone)
AMR Business Services LLC
Astuto Insurance, also known as Astuto Associates and Car Insurance Warehouse
Antek Global Consultants Ltd
Ascensus International
ARSU Asset Recovery Solutions
Atlantic Capital Trust LLC
Alternative Investment Advisors (clone)
Apollo Tiger Fund (clone)
AC Alternative
Argentum Caveo
Ace EU Markets (clone)
Allendale Financial Services Limited 1959 (clone)
Axa Rosenberg Investment Management Ltd (clone)
Abus Services
Addison Management Group Asia
AZ Markets (clone)
Apex Holdings (clone)
Aberdeen Mortgage Management
AR Facility
Asset Restoration Facility
AW Advisory
Andreas Braasch (clone)
Apex Stock Transfer Inc.
Allendale Development (or Developments) Ltd (clone)
Abberley Capital
Alliance Investment Group
Assicurazioni Rossi Riccordi Ltd
Allianz Global Investors (Clone)
Allianz Global Investors Fund
Alan Woods
American Taxation
American Diversified Holding Corporation
ABC Finance
Axis Corporate Finance
American Environment Energy Inc.
Asset Trust Management
Alliance Credit Insurance (clone)
Andrew Blake (clone)
ABF Capital Management
Anthony Williams
Ajay Kumar
Alliance Trust Investment Bank PLC (clone)
Argus Global Equities (clone)
AA Capital
Atlantic Administration
Ashmore Investment Group (clone)
Area Broker Consulting (clone)
Ashmore Inpendent Financial Advisors (clone)
AGP, Atlantic Gaming Partners
Atlas Capital SA
Atlanus Limited
AP Alternatives
Aviva Capital (clone)
Armstrong & Knight
Atol Consultants (clone)
Anglo Irish Associates (clone)
Associated Management Group
Anthony O’Donnell
Atlantis Mutual
ANF Financial
All Your Options
Ace Financial Management (clone)
A & G Insurance Corporation
Alliance Financial Services & Assets Management Limited t/a AFA Markets
Allied Partners Financial
Anthony & Carter
Alderman Associates Ltd.
All Settlements Inc.
Applied Finance Group (AFG) (clone)
Alpha Securities (Alpha Finance) (clone)
Apex Consulting Online
A-Y Universal Limited
Alpha Invest
ALV Group
Abacus Marketing Services
AMG Zurich (also known as Associated Management Group)
ARC Capital Consultants (clone)
Allied Lucent
Allen Hall
Andrew Clayton Advisors
Alpha Financial Solutions (clone)
ACI Financial Markets Association (clone)
Alverton International Consultants
Attlee Wurth
Axiom International
AMG Capital Partners Ltd
Avery Kingston Capital
Ashford Langley
Albion Investment Management
Amkel Capital
Anne’s Diary
Ambro Investment Research
Apex Management Limited
Alliance Capital Management
Asprey Associates
Ascot Management Group
Anderson & Collins
Acorn Investments
Atwood & James SA Inc
Ashby Limited
Aurum Astrum AG
Ashley Partners Mergers & Acquisitions
Andaman Asset Management
Ashton Young and Associates
Anoli Capital International Inc.
Anderson Price
Advies Business Invest BVBA (clone)
Allied Advisory
Associates Financial Advisors
Allen Brothers M&A (clone)
Acorn Consulting
Asian Foreign Securities and Compliance Department
Aims Management
Atlantic Capital Management (clone)
Advance Futures Limited
Alexander Holdings (clone)
A3 Union
Anglo American Asset Management Ltd (clone)
Anderson Goldstein
Anderson-McCormack Group SL
Anderson-McCormack Group SL
Arcfin Group
Alberich Gerhard Securities Wordwide
Anglo Swiss Consulting.
Abbey House Acquisitions
Aston Rowe Consulting
Anthony Michael Naughton
Allied Financial Trust bank
Aston Capital (based in Frankfurt)
Arthur Forbes Consulting
Alpha Oil Inc.
Advantage IEC
Alexander Rothko Associates
Anderson Fitzpatrick (Switzerland) AG
Argus Global Equities Limited
Andrew Papadopoulos (Mr)
Aberdeen Langley
Ainsley Consulting SL (now known as Mercier International Group)


Bristol and West / Bristol and West Investments (clone of authorised firm)
Blue Hill Capitals (clone of authorised firm)
Blanc and Beaufort Brokerage (clone of EEA authorised firm)
BTG Pactual Investment Bank (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Bellsouth Capital Partners
Bruckner Ferdinand
BAT Financial Management (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Better Car Insurance (clone of EEA authorised firm)
BrookBond Limited trading as Whitehorse Capital
Bitprofiting (operated by Finance Advisory GMBH & Co)
Bitcoin FX Option (clone of authorised firm)
Bex Options
Blackwell Asset Management
Blooming Finance
BlackRock Alliance LP (clone of authorised firm)
Bernstein Securities
Blairford Consultancy
Branison Partners (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Bradshaw Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Bestinvest (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Blue Trading / / Blue Group
Benford Heritage Credit Union Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Bidwell Capital Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
BTS Stanley Group
Brighter Trade t/a Ingoten OU
BK Coin
BlackRock Crypto Asset Management Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Base Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Billson Capital Partners
Brokerz Union
Bora Bora Bank / Bora Bora Wealth
Bitcoin Loophole / Bitcoin News Trader
BCG Wealth Group/BCG Markets
Besla Investments (clone of FCA authorised firm)
BlueCrest Capital UK Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Broker XP
Boerum Holdings
Bluestone Asset Management (Europe) S.A.
Bad Credit Car Finance UK
Baltic Concert LLP t/a IDB Trades
Bee Loans (clone)
Blue Insurance UK (clone of authorised firm)
Blackthorn Wealth Advisory
Bankway HMO Property Bond / Bankway Properties (clone of a UK registered company)
Braxton Knight Ltd
Binary Escrow
Bulwark Insurance
Bokan Capital (clone of authorised firm)
Baker Hamlin
Bizzy Loans (clone of authorised firm)
Britannia Capital Management (clone of authorised firm)
Beaufort Securities (clone)
Bembridge Assurance
British Lenders Limited
Blackrock Asset Management (clone)
Bluelight Financial
Barton & Rose
Blakestone Property / Blakestone Bond Fund
Best Connection Finance (clone)
BBS Consulting / Best Broker Service
BvB Advisory Limited (clone)
Blackfriars Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Boston Legal Company
Broad Reach Investments (clone)
Boston Private Law Group LLP
Blacksmith Investments Limited
Broadwood Finance
Business Grants and Loans
Belmont Group/Belmont Wealth Advisory
Binary Tilt/ Chemmi Holdings
Bradley & Nowell LLC
Brits Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
BD CTLY Limited
Baxter International
Bookers Trust
Baumer Mansoor Financial Advisory (clone)
Bit Management Ltd
Banco FX / Banko FX
Bauer Schmidt & Guenter (clone)
Beckett & Cromwell
Bradley and Rogers/Bradley Rogers LLC
Best Loans Limited
Balquidder Advisers Limited
Bad Credit History
Blue Sea Loans (clone)
Bridgewater Asset Management
Best Financers
Bradford & Peninne Insurance
Brooks and Fisher Associates
Brixton Business Consultants
Belmont Capital New York/ Belmont Capital Holdings
Britt Finance
Baker Finch Partnership
Black Rock Ltd (clone)
BlackBird Clear Limited
British Debt Advice
Bank Invest Capital /G.M.E Ltd
BC Financial Advisors (clone)
Benson BPO LLC
Baltic International Bank (clone)
BlackRock Wealth Partners / BlackRock Wealth / BlackRock Wealth Group / BlackRock-Wealth SA (clone)
Burton Capital Partners
B2S Forex
Brookepoint / Brookpoint Ltd / Brooke Point
Bradlodge Limited/ Bradlodge Corporate Trading
Brooke Point Limited/ Broke Point Limited
Belfius Commercial Finance Limited (clone)
Brookmore Partners/ Brookemore Partners/ Brookmoore Partners/ Brookmore Associates
Bauer and Associates / Bauer Consultants
BAM Capital / BAM Forex (clone)
BYQ Insurance Limited / Beat Your Quote Insurance Ltd / BISL Limited (Clone)
Beaturcover Ltd (Clone)
BPEFX / BPE (clone)
Brock Hartwick
BGC Markets (clone)
Best UK Loans
BNY Mellon Wealth Management (clone)
Business Finance World
BlackRock Offshore Bullion Investment Fund (clone)
Baron Group Limited
Berenberg Private Banking t/a Berenberg Investments (clone)
BlackRock Fund Managers Limited (clone)
Brookes and Hargreaves
Board of International Finance
British Greatfount Capital / GF Capital
Brewer Consulting Group
Bloomfield Advisory
Byrd Fleming and Associates
Blue Sky Group Europe (clone firm)
Braun and Brandt Consulting Firm
Billmen & Associates
Banco ING Espana (Cloning the website of an FCA authorised firm)
Balfour Beatty (Clone of UK Incorporated Company)
Benefit Planners Intl (Clone of former FCA EEA Authorised firm)
Bradley King M & A
BJL Hardy (UK) (cloned firm)
BlackBird Europe Limited – clone of FCA Authorised firm
BlackBird Europe Limited (cloned firm)
Brown Brothers Harriman SCA (cloned firm)
Broking Solutions AS (cloned firm)
Blackswan Morgan
Bernstein, Whitman & Lloyds
Boston Acquisition Group
Belgrave Acquisitions
Brinkmann-May Limited
Blue Ocean Investment Company Ltd (cloned firm)
Bankhurst Securities
Bradford Securities LLC
Bridgestone Global Partners
Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild
Blake Capital Partners
Bramwell & Kent Consultants LLC
BridgeWay Corporate Management
Bluestone Investment Strategies
Bond Asset Management
Bellshill Insurance Services Limited
Barclay Trust International
BlueCrest Beacon Fund
BlueCrest Wealth (cloned firm)
Black River Asset Management (cloned firm)
Brown and Wenger Consultancy Firm
Blanka Nova (cloned firm)
B & T Brokers (clone)
Bank Monarch Ltd
B Cooke Ltd also trading as Couture Consulting Group Ltd
Baker & Bains
Bond and Prince
BI Asset Management (clone)
Blue Ridge Financial Group
Blue Ridge Capital Partners
BlueCrest New Investment Capital Hedge Fund (NewCap) (clone)
BlueCrest Capital Management (cloned firm)
Bentall Kennedy
Britannia Wealth
Breeze Finance Ltd, t/a Green Group Investments
BRM International
Blackstone Royalty Corporation
Berresfords Motor Insurance
Bellview Financial
Bingham Consulting Group
Burlington Corporate Management
Biscayne International Corporation
Bloomfield Trust Management
Beaumont, Greene & Partners
Beacon Pointe Securities
BIB – British Insurance – Brokers (clone)
Bull Investment Advisors (cloned firm)
Brenner and Associates
Belverdere Capital Partners
Barrington Group
Biscayne Planning Center
Blue Sky Management
Belgrave Capital Management (BEL)/ BEL (UK) (clone)
Berrington Fund Management (clone)
Blackbird Leys Credit Union Ltd (clone)
Best Select Finanz (clone)
Brentwood Capital Ventures
Butler Investments (clone)
Blackstone (clone)
Blackbird Leys Credit Union
Broche Capital Advisors (clone)
Bolero BPO LLC
Bright Futures Limited
Brachmann Finkley
Bowalls Services (clone)
Bright Bridge Wealth Management Inc
Brachmann Inter Dealer Services
Brookes & Associates
Broompark Investments Ltd (clone)
Black Swan Wealth Management
Banque Internationale Ltd
BreezeFX Affiliates (clone)
B Gold International LLC
Bluegate Commodity Ventures
Bryant Shaw LLC
Black Rose Financial
Brooks and Hawthorne Consulting Ltd
Berrscott, Elliott & Associates
Benson Hill Advisors
Bollinger Finance
Baros and Ronaldo Associates
Banco de Nueva York Mellon Ltd (clone)
Belgium Financial Group
Brunel Asset Management (clone)
Bayliss Clarke Limited
Bronx Finance Company Plc
Bower Best Consultants
Blackmore Stanley
Blue Crown Asset Management
Bio Gas Generation
Blackstone International Finance
Berkshire Mayer Associates
Beijing Securities
Browne Mackenzie
Brooks & Fairbrother
Bishop Wagner & Shaw
Burton Reed
Becker Chapman Asset Management
Black Diamond Equity Group
Britannia Swiss Equities
Bradley Hill Holdings
Blanc and Baumar
Brooks & Smith
Beijing International Finance Group
Berkeley Hedge
Bauer Weiss
Broadgate Research
Bauer & Weiss Associates
Bayside Equity Group
Bearing Management
Bridgeway Group International
Benjamin Tate Associates
Bridgemead Advisors Limited
Barringer & Co.
BBA Capita Capital Management LLP
Basic Investments Ltd
Berkeley Connect
Bornwell Group Company / Bornwell Group Limited
Blacksea Investment Ltd
Blue Nile Consulting
Barrington Securities
Bridgestone Trading
Becker Finch & Waldman
Boulton Capital Partners
Barrett Associates
Blue Source Strategies
Bernburg Investment Bankers Limited
Brunswick Knight
Bluehill Capital Venture
Berkeley Financial Limited
Blackstone Securities Ltd
Bull & Bear Advisory
Blakemore 66 Group
Boyd & Landis M&A
Butterfield Advisors
Broadgate Metals
Bluestar Management (clone)
Berkovic Consultants
Brecon Global
Birchfield Consultants
Bauer Associates
Bayer Investments
BB & E Consultants LLC
Bradstone Healy & Pratt
Barclay Hoffman
Barringtons Asset Management Limited
Bremer Financial Limited
Blundell Oliver
Burlington Ltd
Brookfield Partners
Belmont Shaw and Associates
Barrett and Packer
Blue Delta Asset Management
Bachmann Roth Advisory
Boulton Price International
Berrington Stone
Brentwood Trust Company
Brown Brothers Harriman (clone)
Baecker Dresner Saltzmann
Blackwell Advisory
Blackwell Capital
Bayshore Nominees Ltd
Bench Group (The) aka Bench Group Options
Bursatil Bank Group Limited
Bursanet (a.k.a. Bursatil Clearing Corporation)
Bursatil Financial
Bishop & Parkes Advisory
Big Time Global Services Limited
Berkley Wyatt Limited, S.L.
Blossom Hill Investments
Bell International Asset Management
Brentwood Hall
Bailey and Bennet Mergers and Acquisitions
Bradley Chen & Associates
Black & White Investments
Breslan Allied Limited
Braun & Bridgewater Corporation (aka BBGC Corporation)
Berkley Murray Securities
BenjaminFisher SL
B A Gelman
Berkshire Tax Consultants
Boska Settlement Corporation
Capital Tech Limited t/a PBN Capital
Credo Global Markets / Credo GM (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Cryptoexp a trading style of O. M. G. Markets Limited
Capitalxp a trading style of Quattro Holding Group Limited
Cooper Newton Management Group / Cooper-Newton Management Group
Cashbery Limited / Cashbury International Limited / Global Decentralised Community
Chesterland Credit Union
Capital Traders/
City Capital Markets (clone)
Clarksdale Corporate Partners
Creditstar UK Limited (clone)
Certi UK
City Global Trading
Capital Partner Group (clone of authorised firm)
Crypto Exchange Pro
C. Letlid Loan and Finance Company Limited
Citi Security Finance
Cryptobourse (clone)
Cantor Fitzgerald Bank (clone)
Consero Capital Investments Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Cullen Price Group
Capital Assets UK (Asset Management) (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Crypto Options Trader
Cooper Consultancy Ltd
Capital NCL (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Cap Governance LLP
Carna Capital (clone of FCA authorised firm)
CPT Systems / CPT Trading Technologies
Capital Finance Group Limited (clone of FCA Appointed Representative Introducer firm)
Chimera Investment Corporation (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Classic Brand Europe (clone of authorised firm)
Capricorn Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Callpoint ltd s.r.l. t/a Utrade
Cooper & Sloane Associates / Cooper and Sloane
Coreserv Financial Services
Cash Plus Xpress (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Central Trust (clone of FCA authorised firm)
CFD Royal (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Crown Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
CFD Corporate
Census Capital/Census Capital Group
CT-Trade (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Capstan Properties NHS Care Home Property Bond (clone of a UK registered company)
Cardiff Savings and Loans Ltd (Clone) (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Coin Boost Inc.
Clingstone Bank Plc
Car Insurance 4 u (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Comparison Corporation Limited
Capital City Holdings
Capital Force Ltd trading as Option888
Capital Force Ltd trading as Zoomtrader
CBC Legal Group/ Christian, Bradford and Cohen Legal Group
Cooper & Stone Associates
Capital On Card
CF Partners (Clone)
Clear Loans (clone)
Consultancy Ltd t/a Stratx Markets
Credit My Funds / CreditMyFunds (clone)
Capzone Invest Ltd t/a HQ Broker
Credit Extra Cash/ CreditExtraCash (clone of authorised firm)
Centillion General Holding Limited, CGFX (clone)
Cater Allen Private Bank (clone of authorised firm)
Christopher Scholz (clone of authorised firm)
Carter Corporate Law
Castle Finance Direct (clone)
Cinven / Cinven Partners Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Cabbot Law Group
Chemmi Holdings t/a Max CFD
Carina Asset Management / Sloane Court Capital / SS & Co Consultancy Limited
Charles Ross Associates
Capital Deposit Limited (clone)
Cordell Groves
Cross Ocean Adviser (clone of authorised firm)
Crypto Brain (clone)
Carus Solutions Ltd
Chesterfield International Partners
Century Finance/Century Finance Services Limited/ Century Finance UK Limited (clone)
CTI Group Advisors
Chinatsu & Partners
Cedar Call (clone)
CAL Investments Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
CDN Law Firm
Clarion Global Group
Cash Financers
Caledonian Equity Group
Crowstone Capital
Clever Loans (clone)
Chicago Law Group
Cash Loans For You / Cashloans4ulimited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Campbell & Browne Associates / Campbell Brown
Clayton Wealth Advisory / Clayton Worth Advisory / Clayton Wells
Care For Finance / Care 4 Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Carmine Hoffman Law Firm LLP
Cartwright & Blyth Associates
CWA Options
Courington Law
Colbert & Welling
Capital Value Brokers
Cash Float: clone of FCA authorised firm
Capital Bridging Finance No.1 Limited: clone firm
Campton Capital Partners
CM-CIC Asset Management (clone of FCA registered firm)
Carnegie Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firms)
City Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Clayton & Fisher Advisors
Corpserv (clone)
Click Search Media t/a Debt Friendly (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Carlease Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Chiba & Associates
Charming Money Limited t/a Debt Vanish and Debt Rid
Credit Poor (clone of FCA authorised firm)
CMS Trader
CF Investment Funds (clone)
Costello & Rubin LLP
Cannon Corporate Consultants
City One Marketing Solutions t/a Belmont Venture Capital
CFD-1000 Limited
Capita Consult / Capita Group (clone)
China Beijing Mergers & Acquisitions Corporation
Capital Trust Ventures
Carlson & Clarke Management Group
CJR Investments
Crown Corporate Consultants
Credit Finance
Cash Capital (Clone) / Cash Finance
Cash Match
Credit Investigation Department / Credit Investigation Bureau / Credit Investigation Services
Cannon Solutions Limited
C-7 Limited
Cobra Payday Loans (clone)
Christmas Loans
Carter Flanagan Limited/ Carter Flanagan Private Asset Management
Capital Corp Global Investing aka Capital Corp (clone)
Carlton Brown S.A.
Cryptoconomist Limited
Chester Harris & Co Inc
Campbell & Partners Ltd
Cooper & Brown Associates
Cash Flex (clone)
Castlerigg UCITS Fund PLC (clone)
Credence Financial Earnings Ltd / Credence Trade (clone)
Christopher Brian Financial Consultants
CFE Bourse (clone)
Carter & Webb
Citigroup Investment/Citigroup Implementation Services Limited
China Merchants International Corporation
CMD Acquisitions
Capital Securities/ First Capital Securities Company Ltd
Corporate Trust Asset Management/ Corporate Trust Ltd (clone)
Christian Muhr Investment Research (clone)
Cooper Brennan / Cooper Brennan Associates
Copper and Partners
Chartis Mutual Group
CMI Asset Management (clone)
Claims and Compensation Management Limited (clone)
Cavendish Investor Wealth Management
Charlton Fitzgerald (clone)
Canary Wharf Group
Capital Finance Limited
Castlewood Corporate Partners
CFSE / Cargill Financial Services Europe / FXCFSE (clone)
Crown Group Funds UCITS Plc (clone)
Capital Resource Development Company
Crown Capital Management
Cruiser Trading Co Ltd / CST (clone)
Cash Lands / Credit Xpress
Cenkos Global Securities (clone)
Commodities Link
Capital Gearing Portfolio Fund (Clone)
China Merchant Securities Limited (clone)
Carrington Group LLC
City Equities Ltd (Clone)
Capital Mergers and Acquisitions
Credit Financers
Cash One Finance
Cloud 9 Loans (clone)
Cash Canopy UK
Castle Finance Direct (clone)/ Castle Loans Solution
Chase Mc Millan Limited t/a Chase McMillan
Cash Saga
China Trust Underwriters
Capital One Forex /
CMBS Portfolio
Cash Buddy
Cameron and Beaumont Ltd
CP Investment Brokers Ltd/ CP Brokers (clone)
Consumer Debt Services and Debtline Services
CBO Investment House (Clone) / Bernd Otten Invest
City Financial Limited
City Loans
Cash Pals
CFS PLC (falsely claims to be regulated by the FCA)
Concept Fund Solutions PLC (clone)
Carter & Campbell / Carter and Campbell
CNB Acquisitions Inc
China Construction Bank (clone)
China International Capital Corporation Limited (CICC) (clone)
Chelsea Financial (clone)
Curtis ISA
Cristian Pauna
Cayenne Trust Investment Plc (clone firm)
Chris Dawson (clone of FCA Approved Person) /James Cockle /Capital Solutions
Cooper and Daniels Company
CV Global Corp LLC
Cramer Private Group
Capital Markets (cloned firm)
Cover Driver trading as
Capstone Capital Group
CHJ Management (cloned firm)
Coleman and Partners
Comolli Mortgage & Investment Firm
Clear Gains Limited
CFX Markets
Companies Investment Holdings Ltd
Clarity Capital Markets (cloned firm)
Capita Registrars Group (cloned firm)
Corestone Distributors
Charles Schwab (cloned firm)
Credit Suisse (UK) Limited (cloned firm)
Cartius Finance
Cohen Corporate Consulting
Cristabel & Bartley Limited
Collingbourne Group
Carbon Credit Offsetting
Cotswold Funeral Service
Claybourne Group
Carlton Capital Inc
Center Finance Management
Charles Pearson Investments International
CheapCarInsurance Brokers (cloned firm)
Claymore Capital
Capgemini US (clone)
CT Lambson and Associates
Caixa Bancaja
Consolidated Credit Bank Ltd. (cloned firm)
Cheval Bridging Finance Ltd Markets (cloned firm)
CP Hodgson Limited / CLL Trading (cloned firm)
Compass Financial Management (cloned firm)
CDC Securities Limited
Couture Consulting Group Ltd, also trading as B Cooke Ltd
Collins & Bone Partnership
Courtiers Investment Services Limited (cloned firm)
Christian Lavigne
Campbell & Stewart Advisory Firm
Carbon Credit Active Limited
Citilife Financial (cloned firm)
Cantor Index / Cantor UK (cloned firm)
Campbell Merger Solutions
Carlson Group Consultancy
Crawford Capital Partners
CP Pension Services / / CP Pension Services
Collway Investments and Funds
Cantata Equity Management, LLC
Compact Insurance Services Ltd
CT Carbon Ltd
Connors Thompson Reed (clone)
Capitol Acquisition Management Inc
Citywide Associates
Chris Ellis Keeler (cloned individual)
CPI International
Cadden International Ltd.
Cash My Pension
Carbon Advisory Council
Carbon Credit Specialists LLC
Castle Rock Corporate Finance
Carbon Credit International
Campus Investments PLC
Central and Eastern European Markets Asset Management
Cadman Mergers and Acquisition
CDH Insurance and Finance Consultants
Cambridge Equity Corporation
Capital Edge Group
CIBC Bancorp Ltd
CoolPass Inc
Car Insurance Warehouse
Carbon Green Solutions
Chester Credit Union
Churchill Capital/ Churchill International Group (clone)
Copy of Kavanagh Equity Associates
Chelsea Asset Management (clone)
Capstone Financial Group UK (clone)
Crawford & Knight
Cristos Investments SA
Carbonvest Limited
Capital Standard Corporation
Corporate One Asset Management
Columbia Direct Corp
Crossley Acquisitions
Courtney Brown Group
Citi Capital Partnership
Clayton Pressman Ivy International
Close Capital Investments (clone)
Capital Wealth Management (clone)
Cartwright Investment Group
Charles Schwartz International
Chesterfield Ltd
Cromwell and Goodwin
Capital Invest Trading (CIT) (clone)
CDV Investments (clone)
Cooper Company Management
Centex Resources
Clean Coal Technologies
Car Hire & Cheap Car Insurance for 17+
Carrington Noble
Churchill Management (clone)
Carbon Soulutions
Cooper & Finley
Cornish, Willoughby & Associates
Chesterfield Credit Union (clone)
Chelsea Management Group Inc
Capital Shipping (clone)
Capital Management and Investments Ltd (clone)
Cedar Rock Investments Plc (clone)
Capital Intel Group
Campbell Martin Limited t/a Imagine Mortgages
Carbon Credit Emissions Limited
Chapman Fisher a/k/a Chapman Fischer
Cobalt Finance Group
Cube Insurance Limited / Cube Ins Limited
Corporate Financial Trading Solutions and Investments (London) Limited
Cameron Poe & Associates
Churchill Advisory
China Mergers Group
Clayton & Phelps
Chimera Management (clone)
Capital Wealth Fund
Colonial Square Acquisition LLC
Christopher Gregory Williams
Capstone Capital Markets (clone)
Capital Advisory Partners (clone)
Cambridge Financial Partners LLC
Churchill Investments Plc (clone)
Charles Stanley Associates
Carlisle Capital Group
Calvin & Sanderson Associates
Clarity Market Resources
Chevron Private Investment Limited
Corum Financial Group
Chartered Investments
Continental Partners Trust Limited
Cushman Corporation
Companies West
Chapman Mediation Group, Inc.
Capital Investment Group
CLS Consultancy
CL Investing
Chase Global Securities (clone)
Crown ING Group
Capital Concept Investment
Churchill Strauss
C&P Mutual
Churchill Brewin Associates
Coopers & Lybrand Law (clone)
Coutts Investment Group / Coutts Advisory Corporate (clone)
Centurian Protection LLC
Crazy Diamond
Carter Sinclair
CD Equities
Crystalix London Ltd
Curzon Peters
CO2-Tech Ltd.
Commodore Asset
Colony Capital Associates
Cash In Your Pension
Cohen Dressner
Columbus Advisory
Calderton Capital Partners
Cook Capital Partners
Capital Asset Management (clone)
Collins and Bell
Castlemire Limited
Capital Finance
Cromwell & Pierce International
Cantwell International
CK Investments
Clean Planet Investments
Cohen Hayward International
Crosby Capital Partners (clone)
Carlton First Capital Group Ltd
Citadel Group International (cloned firm)
Conquest Mergers
Crest Asset Management
Chesterfield Partners
Capital Gain Investments
Crestwell Analysis
Clinton King
Capital Venture
Crown Lancaster Equities
Chilton reese & Associates
Clinton Parker Inc.
Collins Capital Management (clone)
Chesterfield Financial Associates
Chamberlain and Co.
Cyrrus Capital Ventures (clone)
Cyrrus Capital
Chartwell Financial Services (clone)
Cameron McDonald & Co
Charles Wurth Associates
Crane and Sterling
Crown Fidelity
Crown Point Mergers & Acquisitions Limited
Collett Quinlan M&A
Colby Mergers
Charles Drake Associates
Carlton Global Management
Coleman Brothers
Cornhill Management SL (clone)
Charles Hirsch Capital Management, Inc.
Continental Administrative Services
Cathay Asset Management
Certified Financial Consultants Inc
Charlton Hayfield & Co
Cohen Green Advisory
Crickmore & Lutz
Capital Swiss Partners
CISA SL Corporate Investment Services
Capitalinform Limited SA
Capitol Hill Group
Cyrus Rushwood & Associates
Chapman Butler LLC
Cadogan United Securities
Continental Offshore finance Ltd
Chesterfield Credit and Trust
Carlton Webber
Chadwick Seymour & Associates
Cohen & Partners
Coleman Kleinfield & Associates
Credit General Group
Citicap Equity Consultants S.L.
Charterhouse International Inc / Kensington Price Consulting
Chelsy Fund, S.A.
Clifton Financial Services
Creston & Childs
Crandale Group
CIC Insurance Company SA
CIC Insurance Company AVV
Cohen Edwards Asset Management
Chicago Board of Acquisitions Inc
Capital One Management Inc
Clarkson Gordon Ltd
Collins Tate & Murchison
Chamberlin Management Inc
Condor Research
Cambridge Global Inc
Carlton Birtal Advisory Services SL
Carter James SL
Dezire Loans (clone of authorised firm)
Dawson Roberts Advisors LLC
DWK Financial Home (clone of FCA approved individual)
Digital Gold Xchange Limited
Deutsche Capital Management Ltd (clone of EEA authorised firm)
DTX Markets
Digital Worldwide OU t/a Royal CFDs
David Charles Cars
DOM Technology Services Ltd trading as TitanTrade
Dantra Business Inc trading as CredoTrade
Dew Finance Services Limited t/a Dew Finance
Delta Capital Markets / ADT Group Ltd
DuetInvest (clone)
Delta Financial Markets/ Delta FX Markets (clone of authorised firm)
Desert Finance Services Limited, t/a Desert Finance (clone of authorised firm)
Debt Advice Trust (clone of authorised firm)
Donalds and Brinkley
Dixon Associates Ltd
Dash Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Daniels and Mills Consultants LLC
Donaldson Findlay
Diamond Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
DVP Consulting GmbH (clone of EEA authorised firm)
DMS Investment Management Services: (clone)
Diamond (Runwell) Limited
Dirk Swinnen/ DS Trading (clone)
De Vere Group / De Vere & Partners UK Ltd (clone)
Discretionary Unit Fund Managers (clone)
DW Trading/ Wolfgang Franz Doppler (clone)
Donnar Investment Corp SA
Douglas Cooper Associates
Drive Cars
DB Yates & Associates
DDC Direct Debt Collections (clone)
DuPont Financial / DuPont FX / DP Global Services Ltd (clone)
Drummonds Initiatives
Deacon Corporate Group
Debt Line Centre
Dolphin Capital Investors UK Limited
DCI Fund Managers Ireland PLC (clone)
D B Ingram and Associates LLC
David Reynolds Associates Ltd
D Corporation Ltd, t/a DCL Systems, t/a DCL Close of Market System
Donend Finance Limited
Dirkmartens Brokers (clone)
Dewcrest Insurance (clone)
DP Wealth Management Limited (clone)
Devonshire Holdings (clone)
Digi Support UK Ltd
Danske Capital (clone of an FCA Authorised Firm)
Derrick Hales / Derrick Hales Financial Planning
[email protected] (clone)
DeVere Group UK (clone firm)
Dominic Nardone (trading as Trading Knowledge Limited)
D G Financial Service Partner (clone firm)
DT Group Business Solutions
Direct Mergers & Acquisitions Inc
Davidson Capital Partners
Dinosaur Group / Dinosaur Investor Services (UK) Limited (cloned firm)
Dean Witter Consultancy
Department of Foreign Investment Control
Doncaster Wealth Management
Directhome Ltd
Delacour Investments / Delacour Group Ltd
DeVere & Partners UK Limited / DeVere Ltd (cloned firm)
Davis & Co LLC (Clone of UK incorporated firm)
Department of Financial Trading
Diversified Capital
Dragon International
Deutsche Bank AG (cloned firm)
Drake Merger Management
Drake & Childs Global Transfers
Dant and Company LLC
DFB Fast Property Sale
DFB Housing Solutions
Dial a Rod Homecover Limited
Douglas & Gardner
Direct Brokers Invest / DB Invest
Direct Brokers Investments / DB Invest
De Vere Private Equity
Derek Harry Taylor
DSF Management Financial Planning LTD
Durdan Heyer Ltd
Drexel-Bearns Consulting Group
Diverse Capital Consultants Limited
Direct Healthcare
Diverse Swiss Limited
Drexel Lambert Mergers and Acquisitions
Distressed Acquisitions Commission
Diversified Portfolio Management Invest / DPM Invest
Devere and Partners Ltd (cloned firm)
Declan and Ross
Diamond Financial Services
Dynamic Wealth Management (clone)
Daine Financial Trust Management
Dyno Medical Limited
Dunhill Capital
Dreyfus Corp
Dreyfus Corp
Douglas Ellis Inc
Davenport & Co (Clone)
Drake Investment Group
Diversified Reclaim Services
Dragon Partners Inc
Darier Asset Management
Dufresne and Andy
Dolan Corporate Equity Solutions Inc
Dauphin Asset Europe
Diamond Asset Management
Darwin Investments
Dawson James Securities
Delta Group, LLC
Draven Mier Associates
Dunleavy Investment Ltd
Dunbar Mackenzie
Delta Liaising
Dolphin and Bradbury
Devere Proprietary Trading Limited
Devere Proprietary Broking Limited
Direct Settlements pte Limited
Damak Group
Delta Trade Financial Group
DG Schilling
Donavan & Yung Partners
Dempster Hampton & Duke
Douglas St James (Suisse) SA
Direct Legal Protection Limited
Elcourt Ltd trading as AD Baxton
European Capital Markets Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
ETbrokers (clone of authorised firm)
Easy FX Trade/Easy Trade Global (clone of authorised firm)
Equistone Volkswagen AG (clone of authorised firm)
Ellis David Insurance Brokers (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Easy Cheap Loans
Execs Financial Service(s) / EFS / Execs Lending Firm
EFEX Capital Limited
E-Prospects Media JLT t/a Best Loans Direct
Easy Daily Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Everett Capital Partners
Evefx (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Euro Global Markets Limited
Efforex (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Escrow Global (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Earnsdale Properties (clone of a UK registered company)
Earnsdale Properties HMO Property Bond (clone of a UK registered company)
Easy Fast Loan
Euro Ventures Group (London) Limited
Energy Advice Group
EJS Gesrion D’actifs / EJS Placements Financiers (clone)
EasyPro Loans
Escrow Ltd (clone)
Epics Loan (clone)
Ellis and Tate
Eduard Steinbach (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Essential Loans (clone of a previously authorised firm)
Eich Invest t/a Capital Courtage (clone of authorised firm)
E Money Limited/Evolution Money Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
East Coast Law Firm / East Coast Law Florida
European Credit Union
Einstein Transfer Ltd
Ernst Hofsetter Asset Management (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
ECN Markets
Elite Trader Pro Inc
Epic Loans (clone)
E-transact Worldwide Limited
Equidebt Limited
Explore Markets Limited
Edward Collins Associates
Evercore (clone)
E-Lender (clone)
EQMC Europe Development Capital Fund (clone)
e-Quote Insurance Services
Easy Quid Finance
Ebor Option (Ebor Trustees Limited) (clone)
Ebor Trustees Limited (clone)
En.FI.MA Ltd/ Enfima Private Bank
EuroCap Investments PLC
Eligere Investments PLC
Eagle and West Limited
Eclips Property Bond Limited
Easy Loans Limited (clone)
Encompass Wealth Limited
Elephant Loan (clone)
Euromax Finance Limited (clone)
Eden & Bracha Ltd
Equity Wealth Management UK Ltd
Eagle Commerce Group
Eleman Consulting Ltd t/a Clarvin Eleman Inc
EAZZY Business Limited
Euro Solution Ltd
Edward Evans Group
Everest Markets (UK) Limited / Everest Capital Limited
Exactly What’s on the Box Limited t/a SatProtect
Edward Windsor (Bogus employee of FCA Authorised Firm)
Evergreen Private & Trust PLC (falsely purporting to be authorised by the FCA)
Euro Nano Inv
Emmett Ashford Group
Estlander & Ronnlund Capital Management (clone firm)
Edge Capital Markets
eKash UK Ltd
Ellis Harper & Co LLC
Epiq Systems (cloned firm)
Eclipse Trading (cloned firm)
Eclipse Options Ltd Europe (cloned firm)
Equiniti Registrars Group (cloned firm)
Edgewood Equities Capital Investment Inc (cloned firm)
Empire Global Group LLC / EG International
Emerald Securities
Eco Asian Carbon Consultancy Ltd / EAC Consulting / Eco Asian Consulting / EAC Consultancy
Euro Benefit Networks (cloned firm)
Euro Forex Investment Limited
Eurolite Global Ltd
European Value Partner Advisors (EVPA) (cloned firm)
Eagle Advisors (cloned firm)
Elkin & Associates LLC
ESIP Finance (cloned firm)
Euro American (cloned firm)
EuroConsult International Mergers & Acquisitions Ltd (cloned firm)
Excel Brokers Ltd (cloned firm)
EWS Group
Eurasia Wealth Services (EWS Group)
ECN Brokers LLC t/a ECN Brokers Direct
Eldridge Financial
Easy Sale Limited
ESPA Financial (cloned firm)
Ernest Weiss Securities
European United Brokers (cloned firm)
Elite Bank Group
EVV Group
Elliott and Laurence Consultancy Group
EV Business Limited
Enterprise Capital Investors Ltd
Edward Jones Group
East Fund Management (cloned firm)
Elite Financial Marketing Limited
Eurasian Mergers & Acquisitions / Eurasian M&A
Eastman Pierce Partners Mergers and Acquisitions
ELM Asset Management Inc Ltd (clone)
ELM Forex
Europa Commodities / Europa Capital LLC
European Finance & Securities Company (aka European FIC, EFIC)
Edenstone Consulting
Easton Corporate Finance
Excess Protection Limited t/a Car Hire Insurance 4U
Evry Money Limited (clone)
Edward Murphy t/a Total Finance (UK) Ltd (clone)
Easton Consultancy
Euromax Capital (clone)
Epicon Financial (clone)
Evolution Securities (ES) (clone)
Eagle Star International Services Ltd (clone)
Europa Financial Group
Europa Capital Group
Escrow Advisory Limited
Escrow Advisory Group
Elite Independent Financial Advisers (clone)
Elite Warranty Ltd
Edward William Marine Services
EFG Trading Limited (clone)
Elite EEA
Everest Leasing Company Ltd
Edgelake Mergers & Acquisitions
Equity Income & Finance Ltd
Energy Group International
Everbrighter Financial Limited
EVO Investment Advisors (clone)
Energy Development Global Limited
European Offshore Trading Company (UK)
Energy and Equity Research Group
Eurolink Equities
Eurotrust Advisors
European Brokers Associated
Equities Europe
Easy Finance 4 U
European Financial Service
Eurolink (clone)
Equity Transfer Management
Easy Lettings & Mortgages
Euro Courtage (clone)
ERP & Associates
EFD Financial Group
Ellis Capital Management
Emerson Grant Asset Management
European Equity Management
Equity Offset
Equity Connections LLC
Energy Capital Partners
European Capital Partners (clone)
England Foriegn Exchange
EYTC Limited
Executive Group
Edenbourg Advisory Services
Europa Asset Management
Euro Advisory
Empire Financial Group (clone)
Emerton Financial Services
Europa Capital Management (clone)
Euroswiss Settlements Limited
Elliott & Partners Advisory (HK) Limited (clone)
E1 Asset Management
Empire Compliance
Europe Trade (UK) Ltd
European Investment Group
Europa Equity Services
Eurotrust Capital Management
Ernest Goodman
Empire Investments
Evergreen Equity
Enterprise Analytics Inc
Esquela Investments Ltd
Equity Management Consultants International (EMC International)
Emerging Equity Group
Earnshaw Advisory Services
Elliot Price & Associates
Equity Research Group
Edward Tate
Fiona Wilson Financial Services Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Forte Capital Mergers and Acquisitions
FSM Smart
Florence Garret (clone of authorised firm)
Financial Exchange (clone of FCA authorised firm)
FCA Investments
Frontier Markets (clone of authorised firm)
FXTRADE777 (clone)
Frontex Group Ltd
Friedman Associates Ltd
FC COIN (clone of authorised firm)
Fernpool Holdings Ltd (clone of Gibraltar registered firm)
FX Merchants
Financial Insolvency Group t/a Overtone Financial
First 4 London t/a Blue Sky Loans (Clone)
Franklin Law Office
Fast Loan Credit/Fast Online Credit (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Finbdo Limited t/a Capital Banks
FX Trade Market t/a Ingoten OU
Fair Oaks Crypto (clone of authorised firm)
Fortune Way Limited t/a FXFWay UK Limited
Fieldbase Investments Limited t/a Fieldbase Wealth
FXG Trade
FastUKLoan (clone of FCA authorised firm)
FGM Technology Ltd trading as 10 Brokers
FTO Capital/Financial Trading Online
Forex Grand
Fintech Technologies trading as Fintech Trade
Financial.Org/ Global Finanz Corp AG
Finance Lenders
Funding Circle Loans (clone)
FXC Markets (clone)
Firefly Finance (clone)
Federal Financial Regulatory Board
Forest Advisory Service / Forest Hill Investments / Forest Hill Management
FCA Market – Financial Contract Authority
Financial Point (clone of authorised firm)
Fisher Investments Institutional Funds PLC (clone of authorised firm)
FXCM International Finance Group (clone of authorised firm)
First Stop Loans / 1st Stop Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Funds Point (clone of authorised firm)
First Plus Financial Group (clone)
Finance Active UK Limited (clone of genuine firm)
Forest Finance / Forest Finance Team / Forest Finance Services Ltd (clone of a UK incorporated company)
FX Jupiter: clone firm
Firecrest Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Finance 2All: clone firm
Federated Mutual Insurance UK
Farnhams Consulting Group
Flexy Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Finance Vision Limited
Fast Loans Now (clone)
Financial Services Net Ltd (clone)
Falcon Asset Management
Fortitude Gold Financial Planning (clone)
Ferrier Group
FX Sep Investor Services (aka FXSEP) (clone)
Frans Ternier (clone)
Finance Centre Ltd / Finance Center Ltd
Frank Bossuyt & Partners (clone)
Fort Finance Limited
Financial Management Worldwide L.P.
First Marketing Limited
Fort Global Fund Managers (clone)
Fundspoint (clone)
Finance Live (clone)
Financial Products (London) Ltd
Fast Loan 4 U (clone)
Finance Life / Provident Finance
First City Bank – UK
Fox Capital
Fidelity Personal Investing (clone)
Fix My Finances (Clone)
Fortress Credit Union Bank
Foster Dunn & Associates
Fundsaver Services Ltd ( and
Financial Strategy Holdings t/a New Trade FX
FSDIB Investment/ FSD Investment (clone)
FTradition/ Forex Tradition (clone)
FXGL Capital
Fidelity Capital Ltd/ Fidelity Capital UK/ Fidelity Acquisitions (clone)
Fast Same Day Loans (clone)
Fredric & Formby / Fredric and Formby / Fredericks Ltd (clone)
Financial Holdings Limited
Futuro Financial (clone)
Fredric & Formby / Fredric and Formby
Fortis Commercial Finance (clone)
Frenson Capital Limited t/a Light Loans
Forex Capital Markets Ltd (clone)
FA International (clone)
Finch Markets
FE Wealth Management (clone)
Fast Line Legal Services
Firkin Asset Consultants
First Trade Europe (clone firm)
First Capital Wealth Limited
Fairtrade Wealth Management
First Asset Management Ltd
FIL Investment Management (cloned firm)
First Fortune Private & Trust
Fusion Capital Management
Felmina Alliance Inc., trading as Felmina Alliance Ltd
Fidelity Global Recovery
Future Gold Invest
Foreign Exchange Clearing House Ltd (or “FXCH”)
Frank Goldenberg Yoshi
Financial Trading Board
Feinler Management Group
Fidelis Research Group
Fund Logic (clone)
Forexage Corporation
Fast Cash Loans UK
Fund Advisers Europe NV (clone)
Fortress Investment Group (clone)
Finata Financial Solutions
FSG Blackstone
Frankfurt Capital Group
Faxtor Securities (clone)
FCV Broker (clone)
Finance Your Dream Ltd
FSG Composites Group Ltd
Frontier Investment LLP (clone)
Falcon Finanz
First Swiss
Fast Corporate Solutions Ltd
FX Newton Financial Group, FX Newton Trading
Forensic Review
Fox World Market
First Standard Investment
Finance International UK (clone)
Frandistrans Group
Ferrell and Associates
First Call Connect
First Allianze Limited, FA Markets
First Allied Capital
First Standard Management
FHM Associates / Fuller Hathaway Moy Associates
Financial Capital Management LLP (FCM)
Forexyard Limited / Fxyard Limited
Financial Affairs Corporation (clone)
Finance Choices Ltd
Fischer & Schultz Independant Financial Advisors
Final Hurdle Ltd (clone)
First Investment International Funds Plc (clone)
Forex Portfolios Management Limited
First Private Clients Ltd (clone)
First Inc Limited
First Initial Asset Management
Fallon Brooks
First Financial Planning Corp
First Choice Investments Ltd
FASD International Limited
Folkoe 1st Trade
Fisher Capital Management
First Information
First Geneva Wealth Management
First Financial Management (clone)
Fortitude Asset Consultants
Financial Market Alliance
Financial Trading Commission
Fusion Financial Marketing
First Shield LLC aka First Sheild
First Global UK (clone)
Freeman International
First Trade Direct
Falcon Oil Group
Finbrands Global Limited
Federal Equities Corp / Federal Equities Corporation
First Call Commodities (clone)
Finanzas Forex
Fu Yee To Capital Group Limited
First Euro Alliance aka Euro Alliance
Fritz Financial Service
First Prime Group
Freeberg Finance
Fiduciary International Services
Fare Inc
First Williston Group / Corporation
Forst Finance
First Mutual Financial Group
Financial Media Group
Falon Group Ltd
Fortune Investments and Savings
Fleetwood Associates
Financial Investment Solutions
Fidelity Capital Research
Friedman Schnaier & Associates
Frazer White Group
First Eurozone
Focus AIM
Fairchild Holdings and Advisory Firm
Financial Services Solutions PLC
Forbes First Financial Corporation
Franklin York
Fares Insurance Company Services Limited
First Commodities Limited
Financial Trading
Finance Continental Corporation
Finance Continental Inc
Financial Consulting UK Limited
Fortura Limited
Fisher, Levinson, Law & Associates
Flemming Advisory
First Colonial Management
Fairchild Pierce
Fraser Hunt Levine
First International Equity & Acquisitions Inc
Fielding Clifford
Fridman, Koch and Saul (aka Cambridge Global and Amhers International)
Franklin Asset Management (aka Jefferson Management)
Fernvale Associates
Fairchild Roth Financial Inc
First Chartered Capital Corp / First Colonial Trust
Goodman Logisassure (clone of authorised firm)
Gold Aspire Consultancy (clone of authorised firm)
Global Co Crypto/ GlobalCo Crypto (clone of authorised firm)
Gold FX Trading/GFT (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Get My Loans (clone)
Glc Car Insurance
Gablee Global Investments Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Gulf FX (clone)
General Partner Finance Limited
Goldoneo (clone of authorised firm)
Goose Investments
GMT Crypto (clone of authorised firm)
GFC Investment and Greenfields Capital owned by Dartalon Ltd
Global Wealth Asia (clone)
Gerber and Partners
Gabriela Kouklova t/a GK-PRO (clone of authorised firm)
Glory Finance (Clone)
Generali Brokers / Generali France / Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. (Clone of EEA authorised firms)
Good Crypto (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Global View International Services Limited t/a Royal Markets Online and Royal CFDs
GoldTech Media Services OU t/a Glenmore Investments
General Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Greenwood Capital Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Gumpold Christian & Co (clone of EEA authorised firm)
GG Financial / Gunnar Grieshofer (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Get Financial
Golden Markets
GCC Investing
Gpay Limited trading as Cryptopoint
Get Your Loans (clone)
Great Britain loans PVT loan Limited (clone)
GF Group
Gainmax Capital Limited
GoldTech Media Services OU trading as S2Trade
Global Multi-Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
GalaFX Ltd (clone)
Giant Global Markets Limited
Goldbrigde Fund Management (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Greenshields Capital Group
Gatco Bank PLC
Genworth Consultant Group
Gruber & Taylor Co
GSI Markets
Greenfield Loans Limited
Global Fin Services Limited trading as Trade 12
GC Venture Capital
Global Marketing Online Limited / ADS Securites (clone of FCA authorised firm)
GMO Investment Management / GMO Funds PLC / GMO (clone)
G R Ranking Limited / Paydayloan
Guaranteed Loans (clone)
Global Attorney Services Boston
GE Money Financing (clone)
Goldman Reeves Ltd
Gem Loans / Jem Loans (clone of an authorised firm)
GVQ Investment Funds (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Go 4 UK Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Gain Capital Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Green Oak Limited t/a Roiteks
Graceful Motors Limited
GF Capital Management Ltd / GB-Capital (clone)
Guarantor Loans t/a
Global Escrow Exchange
GPM by Asadia
Grove Capital Advisors Limited
Grosvenor Capital / GCR Capital
GSH Solutions
GFS Management Limited
GS Loans (clone)
Golden Green FX Limited
Gemini Asset Management
Goodman and Banks Ltd
Gate Resources Ltd
Gerard & Alterman
George Banco (clone)
Goldfish Private Bank / Cooks Private Bank
Getco Europe Ltd (clone)
Goldberg Management
Global Capital Wealth Limited
Grand Loans (clone)
GGM Forex – Gekko Global Markets Ltd (clone)
Garnier Global Finance (clone)
Grossfield (Financial Services) Limited (clone)
Grey Corporate Partners
Green Oak Financial (clone)
Globus Capital Associates Limited (GCAL)
GDPX Assets ltd
GF Portfolio Solutions
Gilmoore Financial
Grants Limited (clone) also t/a The British Business Fund
Global Investment Bank
Griffin Advisors Limited
GE Shaw Management Group
GBL Financial Services Ltd (clone)
Goldman Shaks (PVT) Ltd
GFI Securities Limited (clone)
Global GECR
Geo Finance Limited
Global Intermediate Finance Group / GIF Group/ The GIF Group Zurich
GlassRise Bank (clone)
Gold Asset Associates
GE Wealth Management (clone firm)
GF Capital / British Greatfount Capital (UK)
Global Corporate Partners
Glover Capital Group
Grand Meridian Private Equity Ltd
Green & Global Limited / Green and Global Administration Limited
Grosvenor Investor Wealth Management (Grosvenor FMS Ltd)
Gateway Bond Bank
Global Mergers Corporation
Global Ocean Bank
Goldberg Capital Group Ltd
Gulf Merchant Bank (Cloning details of a FCA authorised firm)
Global Endowment LLC
Greenfield Securities Ltd
Green and Banks Advisors
Gilbert Webb Estates Ltd
Global Financial Services (Clone of FSA EEA Authorised firm)
Goldcrest International Ltd t/a Goldcrest Holdings Ltd
G2G Insurance (clone)
GCAP Management
Global Partners Securities
Goldfield Consultants
Gold Leaf Commodities
Green Palace Loans
Gordon, Tait & Co. LLC
Golden Wealth Group
Genesis Transfer Group
GPG England (clone firm)
Goldman Sachs International (clone firm)
Giles and Hochman Consulting
GMC Europe(clone)
Global Direct Equities LLC (clone)
GTS Provident Corporation Limited (clone)
Global Broker (clone)
Gerrard Investment Management (clone)
Global Wealth Management (clone)
Gold Bridge Capital Inc. (clone firm)
GP Markets Limited (clone)
Geneva-Commodities AG
Global Investments Ltd
Get Private
Green Investment Services
Global Financial Product (clone)
Greenwood Capital Advisors
Great Britain Martial Arts Association (aka GBMAA)
Gulfway Management
Global Investment Partners (clone)
GNB Investments Finance LLC
Gulfway Investments Limited
Green Carbon Direct Limited
Green Choice Standard
Glenn Stephen Edwards (cloned individual)
Global Wealth Management (clone)
Goldman and Lyle Consulting Group
Global Equities Capital Markets (cloned firm)
Global Analytical Solutions
GIGA Invest (clone)
Genius Capital Limited (clone firm)
Global Network Fiduciary LLC
Global Asset Management (cloned firm)
Grenfell and Blackrock Associates
Goldman Phillips
Guardian Securities (clone firm)
Greenfield and Associates
Greenway Consultancy
Gold Asset Managers
Gatemore Capital Management (clone)
Greener Earth Group (GE Group)
Green Choice Limited
Global Climate Agency
Glencore International Plc (cloned firm)
Greyson Consulting Group
Green Carbon Solutions Limited
Global One International
Global Investment Group
GEVAB Europe
Globalbanc Financial Services Limited
Graham Barry Palmer (clone individual)
Goldberger & Decadenet
Gordon Group Services
Global Equity Partners / GE Partners (cloned firm)
G.M.M. Equity Holding LLC (clone firm)
Greengate Advisors
Global World Acquisitions
General Investment Trading Limited
Global Investment Management (UK) Limited
GMM Equity Holding
Gallery Management Holding Corporation
Guardian International Limited
Garant Financial Consultants Ltd
Green Tree Financial Advisors Inc
Greenhill Research Partners
Garrett Hopkins Associates
Global Managers Investment Company (cloned firm)
Geller Associates
GCI Investments
Glo Trade UK Ltd
Gruenberg Partners
Geminus Partners
GB Global Mining AG
Global Discretionary Investment Funds (cloned firm)
GFM Markets / Global Financial Markets
Globex Partners
Green Care Investments
GCI International
GS Global Asset Management LLC
Goodwin William Inc
Garant Partners
Global Capital Group Mergers and Acquisitions / Global Capital Group
Green Brook International
Golden Equity Solutions
Goldburn Management
Gap Associates
G & R Capital Management
Global International Trading
Gresham Associates
Global Quest Emerging Fund LP
Gateway International
Global Financial Management
Guardian Asset Management
GMM Group plc (clone firm)
Gordon Marks Capital
Global Equities Partnership
Global Growth Acquisition
Global Investment Consultants
Greenwich Equities Consulting
Graystone Developments / Graystone UK Limited
Green Machine
Growth Management Capital
G.K.S.J. Financial Services
Garrard Associates
Goldman Crown Property Consultants Limited
Global Investment Advisors
Global Wealth Partners PLC
Gotthard Capital Partners
Greyson Management
Goodman Stern
Guardian Partners LLC
Green World Solutions Ltd
GS Holdings International
Goldman and Ross
Global Capital Equities
Globe Trade Services
Gemini Mergers and Acquisitions
Gun Allen Financial Corp
Global Micro Finance
Geneva International Finance Group (UK) Ltd
Greenwich Trust Ltd
Global Trading Center
Goodwin Capital Management
Guardian Worldwide
GMA Advisory Services Inc.
Global Clearing Services
GAP International Services
Global Link Mergers and Acquisitions
Global Market Consultants
Global Stox
Global Equity Management
GICE Securities
Global Ventures Capital Partners
GS Asset Management
GS Equity Group (trading name of Hodgson Brown Ltd)
Gatemore Securities
Global Administrative Providers Inc
Gulf Building Society
Gatemoor Securities Inc
Grandby Trading Investment Corporation
Great Eastern Securities Inc
Globus Trust Ltd
Grayson House AG
Global Merchant Services
G.S Anguilla
Gulf Pacific Asset Management Limited
Goodman Management Associates
Godwynn International
Goldberg Kravitz (now known as Union Partners SL)
hksvf (clone of authorised firm)
Holden & Co (clone of authorised firm)
HFS Capital (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Harvard Steinberg Trading Group
Holland and Pearce Capital Partners
Harper and Brown / Harper & Brown
Heritage Acquisitions
Hildebrand Capital Partners
Holding Cohen Corporate International (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Haig, Lafferty & Partners
Harper Wealth Management
Hakopa, Williams and Partners
Horst Weinmann (Clone)
Hero Wave International (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Helmut Köb (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Holzmann Friedrich (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Heartloans (clone of authorised firm)
HSL Smart Market Systems
Hash Finance Limited
Heritage Capital (clone of authorised firm)
Hansa Capital Partners (clone)
Howland Law Firm / Howland Law LLP
Herald Investment Trusts (clone of authorised firm)
Hume Capital Management
Home Owner Loans Online
Heritage Property Fund/Heritage Property Plc/Heritage Developments (clone of a UK registered company)
Higa and Partners
Horizon Management Advisors (clone of FCA authorised firm)
HBFX Markets Limited
Hamilton-Scott Holdings Limited
House of Loans (clone)
Halifax and Penn
Holly Invest Global Limited
Harbex Finance Services
Hansford / Hanford and Associates
Hayashi and Partners / Hayashi International Equity Securities
Horseshoe Credit Union Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Hargreaves Lansdown (clone)
Headington Investments Limited (clone)
Homeowner Loans/ Advantage Leads (clone)
Heritage Bank (clone)
Harant Alfred & Co (clone)
Heston Group Global
Hostsave Investments Limited
Home Equity Loans (clone)
Home Improvement Loans (clone)
Happy Financers
Halifax Finance Loan (clone)
Hans Bernauer / HB Trading (clone)
Hans Advisers / Hans Advisors
Higashi and Partners
HH Hubwise Holdings Ltd (clone)
Hedges Capital Group
Henderson Global Trading (clone)
Holdprop Financial Investment Ltd (clone)
Helmut Studer (clone)
Highpoint Trustees Limited (clone)
Hermay Limited
Harper & Reed Consultants
Harrison Stones Limited
Hong Kong Investment Corporation
Hoya Partners
Hutton & Bell LLP/ Hutton & Bell Financial
Harrison & Stanley Associates
Houlihan Lokey (clone)
Hirsche Private Asset Management Ltd
Hudson Coe & Associates LLC
Hexagon Capital Management
Heritage Asset Management Limited
Hill House Loans
Hewlett Partners Limited
Hamilton Carter International Commodities
Hartford Group International
Hobart Roth LLC
Hanover Group
Harold and Bauman
Hoden International Clearing
Hayes Capital Management
Hamilton International Group
Hanson Business Services LLC
Hunter & Black Associates
Hermann Brothers Group
Hayes Associates
Hanover Associates Financial Services AG
Hallmark Financial Solutions / Hallmark Finance Solutions (clone)
H Taft Private Equity
Hamilton Davis Group
High Return
Hutchinson Partners
Hugo Nue Corporation (clone)
Honeybourne Funeral Service
Hong Kong & Shanghai Investment House Ltd
Hollerman & Company LLC
Heckart Associates LLC
Hannover & Rothchild Consultancy
Hang Seng Bank (clone)
Holy Cross Green
Hawkhurst Capital Plc
Hamilton and Pricehouse Consultancy
Harris Trust Private Wealth Management
Hudson Munroe
Hexagon Financial (clone)
Harrison-Stoltz & Associates
Harvard Alliance
Hardcastle Trading (clone)
Hammond Global Solutions LLC
H.Y. Markets/HYCM-T (clone)
Hollymead PLC
Harrision Research (AG)
Hoffman Mueller
Hong Kong Finance
H Helm Investment Portfolio
Hampton Reed London Limited
Harbert European Fund Advisors (CLONE)
Honeycross Estates Limited
Hewitt & Stern
Huntington Financial Group Inc
Hamilton House International
HiFX (clone)
Harris James Associates
Hypo Venture Capital
HVC Asset Management Limited
HVC Securities Limited
Hoxton Associates
Hoffman Charles Securities
Hardwicke Advisory
Hardcastle (clone)
Harmony Ventures
Hartmann & Partners
Houston Research Group
Hartford Brookes (clone)
HR Europe
Hariri Capital
Hamilton Davis Corporation
Hang Seng Financial
Halsbury Finance Limited (clone)
HCG Worldwide (clone)
Hampton Capital Management
HIG European Capital Partners (clone)
Harper Read / Harper Reed / Harvey Read
Hanover Sterling
Hoffman & Stanley
Hammerson Equity Group (clone)
H&H Financial Services (clone)
Henderson Global Care Fund/ Henderson Global Investors Ltd/Henderson Capital (clone)
Hitit Capital
Henderson Capital Group
Harvey Capital Partners
Hawke Asset Management
Heritage Private Banking Limited
Harold Samuel Worldwide Services
Homeland Protection LLC
Horizon Capital
Holland & Leaf Advisory / Holland Leaf
Hawkins and Hawkins PL International Escrow
Hubert Child ACI (clone)
Huntley Claire Associates
Hamilton Associates
Hawkes Barratt Rossi Trading
Hemmingway Asset Management
Heinz Hokkaido International
Harrington Lloyd
Hunter Rowe Financial
Henley Consulting
Hamiltons Financial Services SL
Harvey and Baxter Asset Management
Hargreaves Brennan
Hampton Lloyd
Hughes Partners (clone)
Hudson Asset Management
Hanover Holdings
Heartford Capital Management
Howell Schine & Co
Howell & Johnson Associates
Hamlinton & Goldberg IA
Hachiro Mergers & Acquisitions
Henderson & Rockwell Advisors
Hamilton Hastings & Associates
Hayward Clarke Financiers
Harrington Kilbride
Hopewood & Company
Hanson Cooper
Hollinger Newcastle
Hadley’s Private Advisory
Harman Stockwell and Partners
Harrison Gibb
Hutton Associates
Harley Richard Financial Consultants
Handle and Case
Hamilton Asset Management
Hilton Advisory
Hartford Management Group
Hamilton Pierce
HCG International
Heritage Mergers & Acquisitions Ltd
Hirshall Group
Hydrogain Technologies Inc
Harrington Management Ltd
HC Consultants SL
Henderson Young
Hargill & Black Associates
Harrington Advisory Services / Harrington Advisory SL
Hannover Markka Capital
Harper Mills and Paige Inc
Hyda Florsbanc
Harrop, Lees, Brown & Co
Handel Ross Advisory
Hoffman Philips SL
Hopkins, Pierce & Co Limited
ICM Capital Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Insure4Life (clone of authorised firm)
Innovative Loans
Ian Buckley Financial Services (clone of authorised firm)
IMC Financial Services Ltd (clone of an FCA authorised firm)
Investex Capital Ltd (registered in Vanuatu)
Interactive Services Worldwide Ltd
Insight Managed Funds (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Invest Conseils (Group AIM LTD) (clone of authorised firm)
Interfinancial (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Index Limited t/a 4XPremium (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Ivory Option
International Markets Live Limited trading as iMarketsLive
International Banking Investigation Group
International Securities Limited t/a Brokers Station
Independence Loans (clone of authorised firm)
iCash Loans, ICashLoans (clone)
Improvement Loans (clone of authorised firm)
Instant Lolly Pvt (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Instant Pound (clone)
Indigo Loans / Indigo Finance
Imperial Equity Group Ltd
Izumi Ventures
IBA Markets / International Brokers Association Markets
Instant Lending
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe) SA (clone)
IBL Markets (clone)
Inter Global Limited
iClick Loans (clone)
International Mergers LLP/ International Mergers & Acquisitions LLP clone
I Cash Advance (clone)
Instant Decision Loans
Intervention Loan Firm
IIS Genesis Ltd
I Need Loans
I Text Loans
Indoloan Limited
IK Investment Partners (London) (clone)
IRDM Brokers
IIB International Broker (clone)
INRIS UCITS Fund PLC (clone)
Instant Loans UK / Instant UK Loans (clone)
International Asset Management Group Ltd / IAM Group
Instant Lends / Instant Lends UK / Instant Leands UK
I Financial Solutions Limited (clone)
Invesco Capital Limited/ Invesco Investments (clone)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (clone)
Investec Asset Management Limited (clone)
Ikon Group Inc Ltd (clone)
Ikon Finance (clone)
Ingledew Trading/ Ingledew Securities
Ignite Boilers Limited
International Mergers and Acquisitions Board of Japan
InvestPoint (UK) Ltd
Independent Private Consultants, Independent Finance Trade Commission, Richard Grant Birch (Clone)
Investment & Financial Solution Partnership LLP (clone)
ING Bank N.V (clone)
IAF Capital Limited (clone)
Investec Capital Corporation (clone)
ICMarkets (cloned firm)
INI Securities GmbH (Clone of FCA EEA Authorised Firm)
IFXBG Limited (Clone of a Former Registered Appointed Representative firm)
ICG (Clone of FCA Authorised Firm)
Interactive Investor Trading Limited / Share Price UK (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
International Brokers Worldwide
Independent Carbon (IDC)
Infinia Securities (clone)
Ironbridge Capital (clone)
Insurance Easy
Ivory Dome Securities
Index Mergers and Acquisitions
International Financial Court (IFC) Hong Kong
Implex Insurance Brokers
Imperial Capital Partners LLC
Info Direct Marketing
International Merger Services Group
Isis Capital Management (clone)
Icon Financial Partners (clone)
International Mergers & Acquisitions Administration (clone)
Irwin Mitchell (clone)
IMG Asset Management
ING Investment Management (clone)
ITG Derivatives, ITG Forex
International Financial Trading Commission
IBG & Associates
Isaac Paige Associates
InvestTech FX Technologies Inc
Ian Dike
Innis Financial Services LLC
Investment Capital Consultants (ICC) (clone)
International Regulation Services
Invesco Perpetual – Invesco Gold Precious Metals Fund (clone)
Interdealer Brokers (IDB)
Invesco Perpetual – Invesco Asian Precious Metals Fund (clone)
Index International Investments
Independent Private Consultants
iTaxation Corporation Ltd
International Investor Commission
International Trade Advisory Committee
International Board of Mergers and Acquisitions
Ideal Merger Group
Integrated Investment Group
Invest Direct Group
Interciti Capital
Investec Fund Managers Limited (clone)
Investec Asset Management Limited (clone)
Industrial Biotechnology Coporation
iTeknik Holding Corporation
International Stock Transfer Administration
IDA Consultancy
Intercrest Clearing House
Intertrade Investment
IFC Limited
International Escrow Services
ID Markets Securities Limited
International Acquisition Authority
International Nexus Ventures
IME Advisors
Inter Europe Trading
Investment Property Group
IncoNeon Limited
Insurance 4 Quarries
I Trade
Invexus Capital
Indo Africa Development Bank Limited
Intuition Capital Corporation
Insurance Services (UK) (clone)
International Settlement Services Ltd
IGM International
Inca Pacific Gold & Mining
International Stock Transfers Bureau
IAZ & Partners
Ian John Grisman
Interbank FX Funds
International Consulting Services
IGM Securities
Investment Consultancy UK
I-Trading Limited
Investor Relations Corp
I-Trading Corporation Limited
IPH Properties
IRS and Partners
Investor Pro Net
International Digital Sports Technologies
Interactive World Trading Ltd
Investment House International
Intercontinental Forex Services
Investors Management Services
International Wealth Management
Invicta Advisory Services
Ixis Capital Group
Investor Tec
Irwell Advisors
Investex Corporation Limited
Isaac Kline Securities
International Finance Group
Intercap Management Group
Investor Relations Group
Irvine Financial Intermediaries LLC
International Zurich Group (clone)
International Equity Advisors Inc
Integra Advisory Group
Investors Group International
Insta Trade Inc
International Options Trading (PTY) Ltd
ITB Group
International Business Advisors
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (clone of FCA authorised firm)
JP Morgan also trading as Zurich Capital Management (clone of authorised firm)
JT Capital Markets
James Hambros (clone)
Josef-Zeman Financial Solutions (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Jana Hudikova Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
Jabac Finances Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Jupiter Fund Management (clone)
Jupiter Loans (clone of authorised firm)
J O Hambro Capital Management (clone of authorised firm)
Johnston and James Consultancy / J&J Consultancy
Joshua Development Ltd (previously Joshua Consulting Ltd) t/a Solid FX Pro and Capital Markets Banc
Josef Frank Global trading as JF Global (clone of authorised firm)
JW Global (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
JP Morgan Courtage: clone firm
Jazz Loans
JJ Matthias Asset Management (clone)
Janus Options / Kinetex Limited
JB Trade Finance (clone)
Jet Lending (clone)
JJ Bauer Asset Management / JJ Bauer Equity Research (clone)
Jefferson Philips
JC Sterling & Roth
Jacob Grunfield Global Limited (clone)
Josef Lang Capital Management (clone)
Jacob Johnson Consultancy
Jacobs Buchanan Investment Advisors / Jacobs Buchanan Partnership
Jupiter Asset Management / JAML / JAM (clone)
Jarvis Cohen Associates
Jupiter P Morgan
JP Sterling Associates
Jordan Parkinson Group
James Eden
John Fletcher Financial Management Ltd
John and Langerdorf Associates
Johnson McQuade Acquisitions
JM Financial Services Ltd (clone)
JSA Financial Services Ltd
Jones Capital
James Church Associates
Johnson & Sterling Consultancy Services
Jefferson Brookes
John Windsor and Associates
Jacobson Group
JL Securities
Jez Capital
James Jack Wilkinson (clone)
JP Brown & Partners
John Hutton
JM Finance Group
Jesup & Lamont
Jam Capital
Jefferson Hunt
Jefferies Associates
JD Gordon Ltd
Jupiter Financial Management (clone)
JLM Securities
Jupiter Wealth Management (clone)
Jubilee Financial (clone)
James Marketing Ltd
Jefferson Carter
Jackson Bernstein Associates
Juvet Management
Johnson Matthews Associates
Jefferson Clark Associates
Jacob Stuart & Knight
JR Hoffman and Associates
Jardine McKenzie
J Rowan Associates (clone)
Johnson & Brown
Jarvis Capital Management
Jupiter Capital Research (clone)
Jacobs & Burns
JS Knight & Co Limited
J.P. Stuart and Associates
Jefferson Holt Consulting
Jardine Windsor Asset Management
Jacob Stern
Jackson Cole Investments
Jefferson Management (aka Franklin Asset Management)
Kleinwort Hambros / SG Kleinwort Hambros Bank Limited (clone of FCA Authorised Firm)
K2 Wall Street
Keycroft Investments (clone)
KBC Securities (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Kalessica t/a
K & R Partners Limited (clone)
KontoFX / EZCrypto Place / EZ Crypto Place
Kainz Werner Anton (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Kauri Ventures
Knight Finance (clone)
Knights Wealth Ltd
Kite Loans (clone of authorised firm)
Karel Besta / KB Financial Solutions (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Kleinwort Benson (Ventures) (clone of authorised firm)
Keystone Management Ltd / Keystone Capital
Keiron Partners (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Kleinwort Benson Private Bank Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Kojima Ventures
Knight Capital Markets (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Knight Cover (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Kaufman Franz Wealth Management (clone)
Krystal Escrows (clone)
Kansai & Partners
Kramer and Associates Management Group LLC
Kenmar Securities/ Kenmar Securities LP
KSF Trade (Marshall Advanced Innovation Ltd)
Kucher Partners, LLC
KwikCash Loans (clone)
Keystone Corporate Group
Kingsley Asset Management (clone)
King Edward / Brightstar Financial Limited (clone)
Kiyose Mergers
Kames Capital in association with Dean Foster Associates (clone)
KEE Global Corp
Knightsbridge Management International Asset Management (clone)
Keywood Solutions Ltd
Kevin Williams t/a Kevin Williams Financial Planning Ltd (clone)
Kingston Financial Group
Knox Securities Corp
KA Financial Services (clone)
KSI / Karamanof (clone firm)
KKR (cloned firm)
Karl Johan Fonds ASA (Clone former FCA EEA Authorised firm)
KBP Insurance Service Limited aka KBP Financial Services Limited (Clone of FCA Authorised firm)
Kiefer Business Services LLC
Kensington Reserve LLC
KPR Associates S.A
Kalle Business Consulting LLC
Kessler and Partners
Knox D’Arcy Investment Management Limited (clone)
Kaiser Young Associates
Kubitz Gold & Chubb
Kingfisher Equities
Knowlton Group
Kent Capital Ltd
KB Vision Limited
Karway Transfer
Kirkland Gray Acquisitions
Koppel & Levine
Keller & west Partners, Inc
KHA Management
Kestrel Finance
Kirkwood & Wells
Keswick Group
Knightsbridge Land Acquisitions
Kirkland Lee
Kingsway Financial Group Inc
Koffmann Hatherway
Kensington Capital
Kingsmead Private Equities
KLC Partners
Kenshin Capital Services
Kudos Financial Investments (clone)
Kennedy & Company
Knobel Lynch
Kauffmann & Associates
Kennedy Anderson & Lang Inc
Klein International
Klien Fisher
Klein Group (Holdings) Limited
Kavanagh Equity Associates
Kent Financial Advisors Inc
Kevin McNab
Kobe Securities International
Kerona Trading Ltd
Kline Management Group
K P Allen
Loanski Finance Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Lukas Prib
Loans for bad credit (clone of authorised firm)
Lenders Club Ltd
London E-Management (clone of authorised firm)
Leleux Associated Brokers (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Lauder Corporate Partners
Lisk Finance
Loan For Tenant (clone of authorised firm)
Local Bitcoin Ltd
Loantra (Clone)
Loan Skipper (clone of authorised firm)
Loans Hub (clone of authorised firm)
Legal Trade
Lindmand Group
LS Traders
London Option Exchange
Leadernet OU t/a FXLeader
Loan Match (clone of FCA authorised firm)
London Investment Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Loanovao (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Light Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Loans on Benefits PVT Ltd. t/a Loans on Benefits
LTX Markets
Littinvest / Explatinum Ltd
London Loan Bank
Linq Capital National Bank
Lily Loans (clone)
Lendings Limited
Liontrust Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
Lolly Loans PVT Ltd (clone)
Loan Oak (clone of authorised firm)
Loans 4 All Needs / Loans 4 All Your Needs PVT Ltd / Loans For All Needs (clone)
Loan House UK (clone of authorised firm)
Levine & Levine Law Specialists
Loan 4 Help
Lend Mutual (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Loan Choice / Loan Watch (clone of authorised firm)
Lucky Travel Money
London Finance and Investment Corporation (clone of UK incorporated firm)
Loan Store Limited
LDN Exchange (trading name of Trident Group Limited)
Low Rate Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Lending Stream (clone of FCA authorised firm)
London Private Finance Ltd (clone)
Landa Asset Management (clone of former FCA appointed representative firm)
Lucky Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
London Global Markets (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Loans Factor (clone)
Lawson Consultancy Limited
Liberty Specialty Markets / Liberty Corporate Capital Markets (clone)
Lazard Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Loans 2 Go (clone)
Loan and Go
Loan2Pocket: clone firm
Loaningo (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Liffe Exchange (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Little Loans Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
London B Capital
Lawson Management Group LLC
London Commodity Exchange Plc
Loanfactory (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Loan In A Flash (clone)
Limited Binary
Lloyd Financial Service
Liberum Capital (clone)
Loans Today (clone)
London Loans
Loan Power
Launton Wealth (clone)
Little Cash Loans
Loans Expert Online (clone)
Loan Deals (clone)
Liberty Loans (clone)
Lowest Cost Loans (clone)
Loans to You (clone)
Loans for Everyone (clone)
Lelo Loans
Loans Money (clone)
LondonFX (clone)
Ledger & Simmons LLP
Lackner Kurt (clone)
Langford Consulting
Loan Me The Money
Lamberg Kapital Ltd
Loan Partners (clone)
Loan and Credit Solutions Limited
LoanAxess Limited (clone)
Loan Kings
Lloans Direct (clone)
Loan Machine Limited (clone)
LEM Spreads / LE Management Ltd
London Capital Group (clone)
Leveltrade Ltd t/a LevelTrade
LK Advisors/ (clone)
Lansley Everett and Moore LLC
Lucrativa Limited
Loans 4 u, also known as ‘Loans4You’, ‘The Loans4You Company’ and ‘Loan 4 You’
London & London Developments Limited
London & London Bond Company Limited
London Prestige Capital Limited
Lukas Kantor Securities (clone)
Loan-Monarch (clone)
Loan Solutions (Cheshire) Limited trading as Loan Solutions Direct (Clone)
LBBI Risk Solution Ltd
Loan to Loans
Lloyd & Mitchell Partners
LSE Wealth Management / LE Management
LSE Acquisitions
LGS Commerce Insurance (clone)
Ledbury Moore
LBV Asset Management, LBV (clone firm)
Leighton Corporate Services LLC
Lexington International Group Inc
Leonard Ullrich Neumann (Clone of previously FCA EEA Authorised Firm)
Lawrence James & Associates
Liberty Alternative Investments Ltd
London Gold and Commodities Exchange
Lincon & Carter Associates
Lawson Knight Group
Lexicon Mergers and Acquisitions
Lehman Reilly
Leighton International
Leighton High Income Fund (clone)
Lefroy Hudson
Lakepointe Capital Advisors
Lifetime Value Mortgage Services Ltd
Liam Collins
Leroy Philips Consulting / Leroy Phillips Consortium
Luxor Trade LLP
Linda & Katherine Krueger Loan Firm
Lawful Bank
Litmus Capital Management Group (clone)
Lima Resource Partners Inc
Lin Yanguang
London Bankers Trust
Ladies Workout Express Limited
Leggmason Investors Asset Managers plc (clone)
LEK Consulting Group
Lightman Associates
Land UK Developments Ltd
Lombard Grand Financials
Lombard Grand Inc
Lexington Direct / Lexington Clearing Firm
Lundy & Associates
Lloyds Finance Group (clone)
Lincoln and Rutherford Financial Trust Management
London Capital Trading (clone)
Lawrence Taylor and Co Ltd
London International Derivatives Exchange
Lehman Capital Market Limited
LPA Financial Services
Leed Finance Services UK
Leaf Corporate Advisory
Lewis Freedmann
London McFee Investments
Lease Corporate Advisory
London Equities
Liquid Appointments
Lehman Brothers Associates Corporation (clone)
Langhorn Group
Lance Global Solutions
Lendorf Alliance
Laidlaw Asset Management (clone)
Lynx McKenzie Inc
Litchfield Enterprises Inc
Lincoln Ventures
Linsure Holdings Inc
Limbaugh & York Associates
LDG Capital Markets Company Limited
Lloyds & Lambert Capital Ventures
Lambert Macmillan Corporation
Land International (Far East) Pte Limited
Ledge Goodman
Lucano Holdings Plc
Legacy International
Livingston Mergers and Acquisitions
Lincoln & Ellis Asset Management
Lamont Group International
Lyndon Pearce
Lowe & Lane Asset Management
Leonard Merlin
Lion Equities Inc
Langdon Group
Lloyd Stanley
Laurus Capital Group
Lynx Commodities
Lynx Ltd
Landmark Trade Services Limited
Legend Merchant Group
Langley Advisory Services AG
Liberty One Advisors LLC
Lox International Group
Liberty Assets Inc
Livingstone Asset Management
Liberty First Financial Services
Margin Bank
Mn99 Credit Union (clone of authorised firm)
Millennium FX
Molly Ramm
MT Capital
Mayfair Wealth Management (clone of authorised firm)
Marketing Essentials t/a Kruger Exchange Ltd
Morgan & Berkeley Associates / Morgan and Berkeley Associates
Miller Davis & Partners / Miller Davis and Partners
MegatradeFX (a trading style of Guide Universal LP)
Market Gate Coin (clone)
McIntyre Capital Group
Marcus Korsten (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Mergers and Acquisitions Ltd / Capital Mergers and Acquisitions Ltd
Markets Index Ltd
Markets Research Ltd
Mirex Group Ltd
Markets Unlimited
Mayfair Capital Markets (clone)
Meta Investing
Marcel Miler (clone of authorised firm)
Minsura (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Mayfield Pension Services
Maplewalk t/a Prime Crypto
Manaia and Partners
Mace, Parry and Associates
Meacock Capital (clone of authorised firm)
Markets Cube
Moneyfall (clone)
Monaco Finance
My-PersonalLoan (clone of FCA authorised firm)
My-PersonalLoan (Clone) (clone of FCA authorised firm)
McGarry Corporate Partners
Morgan Wealth Advisory
Mutual Fund Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
My Quick Loan (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Menden Hall Law Office
Moneyworld (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Marcela Gerlova (clone of authorised firm)
Monevo Loans (clone)
Marc Hermann Wealth Management (clone)
Max Montgomerie Debt Recovery & Investigations (also trading as M&M Debt Collection Services)
Money Financers
Michael Miller (clone)
Money Saving Expert (clone)
Meridian Financial Group
Marcela Cunderle (clone)
Mitchell Bloch Law Firm
Mayford Capital Partners
Marathon Asset Management (clone)
Multi Month Loans (clone)
Miller and Cohen
Morgan Consultancy Group
Michael Ullrich Hartmann (Clone of EEA Authorised Firm)
MBQ International Incorporated
Mr M M Bregman of FIBI Bank United Kingdom (clone)
MG Finance Consulting (clone)
My Finance (clone of authorised firm)
Money Solutions UK (clone)
Merit Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Miton Asset Management, trading as Miton Commodities (clone of FCA authorised firm)
MPG Partners (trading as HBC Broker)
Multi Strategy Investments Limited trading as London Investments
Markets Trading Ltd
Markets Capital Limited (trading as FX Markets Capital)
Marketier Holdings (trading as Stox Market)
Markus Spielmann Inc (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
Marks & Spencer Bond (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Money Information Service
Matchpoint Finance PLC (clone of Irish incorporated company)
Mr Instant Cash (clone of an authorised firm)
Maeda Ventures
Meridian Bond Limited (clone of a UK registered company)
Mulvey & Hanson LLP
Money Matcher Ltd
Miyake Gould Mergers and Acquisitions
Metro Loans UK Ltd
M J Ansen (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
Mirabaud Asset Management / Mirabaud Group (clone of FCA authorised firm)
My Money Solutions
Mackenzie & Brooke
Markets DL (clone)
Morgan Stanley/Morgan Stanley & Co Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
MTA Trade Limited t/a MTA Trade UK (clone)
MFG Investments (clone)
Martin Pranz (clone)
Mapletree Investments Limited (clone of a UK incorporated firm)
Markets Central Investment (clone)
Metro Group t/a Metro Credit Service
My UK Loans
MT Capital Partners trading as Justrader
Marshall and James Limited
Miller and Osbourne Limited
Malcolm Consultancy Ltd
Millennium Capital Partners / Millennium Management LLC / Millennium Partners (Clone)
Mannex Global Corp LLC
Melbinger Leopold & Partners (clone)
Matt Tamara & Co. (clone)
McMillan Consulting Group
Mercleases/ Mercedes Direct
Maple Securities (U.K.) Limited and Maple Securities (clone)
Montana Leon LP
Maple Leaf Management Ltd
Mayfair 23st (clone)
Max Forex (clone)
Migham Credit Finance Limited
MTR Global
MFEX Capital Management LLP / MFEX Capital Fund Investors / MFEX Enterprise Trust Plc
Munroe Securities Limited (clone)
Mason Securities LLC
Martin Kessler (clone)
Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group Inc (Clone)
Marcus KPO Services LLC
Marshall Hoares
Manor Trade Limited
MN Financial Services Ltd (clone)
Maia Wealth Ltd
Mesirow Financial or Mesirow Financial International UK (clone)
Manhattan Finance Company
McQueen and Bond
Martin Donnelly
Mallary & Company
Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co. Ltd (cloned firm)
MKR Global Services LLC
MRB – Multi Risk Benefits Limited (Clone of FCA EEA authorised firm)
Managed Savings Company Limited
Miles Corporate Services
MKP Capital Europe / MKP Europe (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Mergers & Acquisitions Financial Administration
Montgomery Capital Partners
Mohmed’s Housing Group
Meridian Marketing (UK) Limited
Milton Keynes Capital Partners LLP
Manhattan Sky LLC
Mason Dunne
MCI Zurich
Mayer Thomas (clone)
Mendel Meir & Safwat
Markets Capital Solutions LIMITED
Morris and Hill Acquisitions
Mitchell Berry Consultancy
Maynes Business Services LLC
Mercury Global Acquisitions
Merkel Financial Incorporated
MM Institutional (Clone of FCA Registered Firm)
Mercator Amalgamated
Maxwell Consultancy
Mergers & Acquisitions Supervision & Administration Commission (MASAC)
Morrison Capital Group
Monarch Wealth Consultant
MT Carbon Ltd / MTC Land
Milestone Management EU Ltd (clone)
Mr Preethy Biju Gopinath
Milestone AMG
Manor Private Capital (clone)
Miami International Bank Limited
MHH Associates
Moe Securities
Mako Global Market (clone)
Morgan Philips Consulting
Mercer and Associates Limited
Millennium Capital Management (clone)
Man-Stein Capital Group
Mitsubishi Finance (clone)
Murray Merger Group
Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc (clone)
Macro Trade
Momentum Securities (clone)
Money Helpers
My Pension Cash
Mullen and Cheecks Consulting Group
Matthew Christ / MC Expert Consulting
Michael John Hammond (clone)
Mont Bec Asset Management
MC Trading
Master Life Securities (clone)
MetCap Securities
Midas Capital Group
Mount Rock Capital (clone)
Manhattan Corporate Transfers
MF Financial Ltd / MFFX
MKL Business Services
Milburn Equity Research
Miller Winston – Worldwide Mergers and Acquisitions
Mathews Merger Management
Management International Dublin Ltd
Mandolin Resources
Morgan Premier Group
Moore Capital Group (clone)
Maji Capital Partners
MA Capital Partners (clone)
Miller Consulting Group
Milton Financials (clone)
Menzies & Co
Montrose Group (clone)
Mount Vernon Equities Inc
Madison Avenue Mergers & Acquisitions
Manor Financial Management (clone)
Momentum Investment Limited
Miller & Parker Consulting Group
Mercier and Clark Partners
Macintyre Schaffer
Madison Advisory Group
Mathisen Financial
Michael E Cowell
Mayfair Capital Investments (Clone of UK-incorporated firm)
M S Global
Mr Insurance
Masters Financial Corporation
Mortgage Healthcare Ltd
Manhattan Acquisition Corp
McMillen Capital Management
Mark Bael Risk Management and Legal Services (clone)
Midas International / Midas Worldwide
Mercator Associates
Money FX Financial Services / Money FX Financial Services
Money FX Plc / Money FX PLC
Merit International / Merit Corporate Finance
Marcus Jones International
Mayfair Equities
Mitsui Asset Management
Mortgage Repossession
Man Financial
Marble Land Group Limited
MMCIS Investments
Melqu Investments
MBC Financial Group / MBC Finance Group
Marshall Browning
Madden Group
Mortgage Carriers
Money Plus Worldwide Financial Services Limited
Morris & Kent
MediSys Corporation
Missold Investments
Mitschka Alternative Advisory
Mac and Ivan Solicitors
Marcelo Belgrano Ledesma Abogados Ltd
Montgomery Schiller
MoneyRain Corporation Russia / MRC Russia
Merger Law Ltd
Morgan Financial Services
Mortgage Finance Bureau
Mitchell Finch International
Mid America Fulfillment
Myers Bruning Associates
Morgan Stern Group
M & A Alliance Group
Macmillan Frasier
Milton Hayward
Melrose & Greystone
Matterhorn International (clone)
Marketing Services International
Mercier International Group (aka Ainsley Consulting SL) / Mercier asset Management Inc
M & A Global group
Merchant Finance / Merchant Finance Society
Matthews & Meyer Capital Wealth Management
Maganura Mergers & Acquisitions
M F Asset Management
Midas Consulting Group
Milton White Advisors
Mount Royal Investments
Maxson & Associates Securities Ltd
Matheson Lloyd
McCarthy & Bennett
Mannix Mergers & Acquisitions
Minerva Management (clone)
Masaru Associates
Merkater International
Morgan Soloman Inc
Masahiro International
Macao Management
Maitland Bell & Co
Muller Lacroix Consultancy
Marriott & Lloyds
Maxon Capital Limited
Murdoch Finch Associates
Morrison Douglas
Marshall Stanwick
Morgan Hurst
Morgan Philips Advisory
Madison and Silver Asset Management Inc
Marshall Lambert Group
Marshall Eastman Advisory
Midland Bank of Scotland
Milton Dewar Asset Management
Montgomery Tate & Associates
Morrison, Kirkland, Long
Montague Stearn Advisory
Mercantile Sterling Management
Meissner Goodison Lee & Associates
Morgan Lynch Advisory
Market Access Group
McKenzie Goldstein & Associates
Miller Bosses Acquisitions INC
McKenzie King Ltd
Millennium Financial Ltd
Maxwell Fleming & Associates
Mercantilebanc Securities Inc
Morgan Young Financial Consultants
Morrison Cross Financial Investments Ltd
NB International
Novomountain Ltd t/a Next Coin Market/Next Coin/Nextcoinmarket
National Refund Group
Northern Trust (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Now loans (clone of an FCA authorised firm)
Nomura and Partners (clone)
Newmont Wealth Advisory
New Power Gen Ltd t/a Strategy Markets
Noble Capital House
Noble Capital House t/a FXG Trade
Neo Finance Limited
Nordhill Capital (clone of authorised firm)
New York Law Specialists
NBLFX/ Niru Bala Limited / Numex Foreign Exchange Corporation (UK) Ltd (Clone)
Northill Global (clone of authorised firm)
Norde Bank (clone)
Novostar Finance Co Ltd
Natix Bank (clone)
Novus Capital Management (clone of a former authorised firm)
Nomura Levy Mergers & Acquisitions (clone)
Norbert Mach (clone)
Next Loans (clone)
Need Quid (clone)
Nicolas Adamides / NA Trading (clone)
Norton Finance Group Limited (clone)
Nakamura Corporation
Nightingale UK
Need Loan Now
National Debt Plan
Nano Industry Investments Inc. Limited (NIIIL)
Nexus Capital Management Limited
NetCFD / Centaure Capital Partners
National Debt Assistance
NBF Forex (Clone)
Nasacrown Credit Union Ltd
Nova Portfolio Management (clone)
Next Financial Network
NCP Financials (clone firm)
Nationwide Property Buyers Limited
Northern Capital Consultants
Novum Capital (Clone of FCA Authorised Firm)
NetoTrade UK LTD and NetoTrade Global Investments LTD
New England Private Equity
Nelson Capital Advisors
Northern Trust Global Services Ltd (clone)
Newcastle Distributors
Newton Smith Associates
New Lines Futures Austria
Nick Money of Mercier and Clark Partners (clone)
Northern Capital (clone)
New Dynamic Group
New York Finance Company
Nippon Financial Partners
Nova Portfolio Management (clone)
New Outlook Management Group
New Bird Capital Network Ltd
North Atlantic Oil & Gas
NC Advisory Ltd (clone)
New Waterford Ltd
NKP Financial ( (Clone of FSA Authorised firm)
NY Finance Limited
NT Financial Services
Nexus Ventures
New England Worldwide Services
Nikkei Financial
New Century Capital
North Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions
New York Financial Group
Norton Dunne & Associates
Nygard Wallace Management
NJ Williams Law
New Power Technology Ltd (NPT)
Newland Underwriting Ltd
Natures Wealth Management
New Asia Business
Nest Acquisitions and Mergers
Newedge Broker Ltd (clone)
New York Financial Corp
North Point M&A Advisors LLC
Nakamishi Financial Inc
New Alliance Capital Management
Northern Alliance Group
Newbridge International
Norsk Financial
Newman Bell Mergers & Acquisitions
Noble Investments and Securities SL
Nexus Futures
Nationwide Mergers and Acquisitions
Nivo Invest and Trade Corp
Norwich Capital Mutual Funds Limited
Network Capital Partners
OPT Finance
OLZ Wealth Management AG/OLZ Group (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Oliver Anton Lintner (clone of authorised firm)
Our Mortgage Hub (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Ostrich Capital
Olimp Finance (owned by Cassius Services Limited)
Orbit Investment Services (clone of authorised firm)
Oladimeji Junior Oyefeso / Elijah Oyefeso
Options Tech Limited trading as multiple entities
Option Solution Online Ltd trading as Option500
Options Tech Limited t/a CMA Capital
Option Stars Global
Olsson Capital
Options Tech Limited t/a MWM Markets
Oakwood Advisory
Osbourne Mulligan Consulting
Oxford Capital Partners (clone of FCA authorised firm)
OneTrade (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Orchestra Finance (clone of authorised firm)
Ono Ventures
One 2 One Loans (clone)
Oliver Kamann & Partners (clone)
One 2 One Loans
Ox Global Investments Limited Ltd (clone)
Otam8 (clone)
Oak Tree Finance/ Oak Tree Financials (clone)
Oakwood Financial Management LLP (clone)
Oakwood Financial Services Limited Inc
Ownbrix Client Services Limited/ Ownbrix International Ltd t/a Ownbrix
Oumal Bank Ltd
OCB Corporation (clone)
Omega Trading Limited
Ok-Loans Limited
OffShore Private Bank Plc / OffShore Private Scotland Plc
One Option Finance Ltd (Clone of FCA authorised firm)
Objective Returns (Cloned firm)
Opstock Ltd (cloned firm)
Ovidiu Maftei
Oxford Sunergy Ltd
Omega Investment Solutions
Oil Trade Asia Ltd
Online Financial Market Service Ltd (OFM Forex)
Opes Capital Inc
Oakwaldeen Asset Management
Offshore Taxation Ltd
Octagon Financial Group
Occidental Capital Partners
Orion International Trading Inc
Optis Group LLC
Orange Finance Group UK
Oxford PCG Limited
Obsidian (clone)
Oriental Consolidators
Office Administration Services Limited
Olin Solutions
Oracle Equity Management
OFS Investment House
Omega Capital Management
Okamura Asset Management
Oxburgh & Palmer
Omega Advisory Group
Omega Financial Services
Onyx Acquisitions
Omega Equities
Oxbridge International Limited
Opes Ingenium Group
Oakmont International LLC
OPM Resources
Oceanic Equities
Phoenix Capital SPRL (clone of authorised firm)
Platinum Global Associates
PBH Invest (clone of authorised firm)
Provident Consultants Ltd
Prime Loan
Purse International (clone of authorised firm)
PV Merger Group
Property Option Investing
Pennberg KPO LLC
Priv Invest / Priv-Invest / PrivInvest (clone of FCA authorised firm)
PT Banc
Payton Capital Partners
Protect Your Bubble Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Premier FX/Premier Exchange
Pelham Capital Ltd (clone)
Pro X Finance
PVP Research
Polarity Index / Polarity Index Wealth Management
Prime by ADS Securities (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Padmar Investments Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Preston Management (clone of authorised firm)
Prestige Financial Markets owned by AllProTech OÜ
Purple Bridge Services Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Preussen Wealth Management
Prime Coins Trading
PGM Patrimoine (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Publiczny Kapital Oszczednosci (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Privé Global Management Services Ltd. (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Primus Forex Financial Group (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Platinums Gain (Clone) (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Prople Investments Limited
Potter Consultancy
Plus 500 Pro
Premium Peak Ltd T/A Greenfields Capital
Pacific Sunrise UK Ltd T/A CFD Stocks
Proinvest Solutions (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Personal Loan Now (clone)
Patcham Investment Funds (PIF) (clone)
Policy Expert (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Poalim Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Prime CFDs
Prime Admin Services
Pension Services
Pascal Grande Capital Partners (clone of authorised firm)
Positive Lending (clone of authorised firm)
Paramount Law Boston
Polen Capital Investment Funds / PCIF (clone)
Panda Payday Loans
Prolinet Ventures Limited
PPL Global Capital Limited (trading as Prime Properties Global)
Pointfinance Limited (clone)
Pounds in Accounts
Pension 2 Cash (also trading as Early Pension)
Prudential Global / Prudential HK / Prudential Asia
PDL Finance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Pioneer Asset Management (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
Pulse Finance (clone)
Prime FX Ltd
PDP / Payday Pixie (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Peyton Private Bank
Penflow Ltd (clone of UK Registered firm)
Pan Associates (clone of FCA authorised firms)
Pearson Global Markets / Pearson Private Clients
Prospect Investment Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Pearson Chase / Pearson & Chase / Pearson Jacobs
Pan Asia Pacific Mergers and Acquisitions
Purple Loans (clone)
Piper Jaffray (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Passion Finance
Portsea Asset Management LLP (clone)
Prudential Consultants / Prudential Group
Parmaserv Ltd
Pearson Jacobs Limited
Property Shares
Pro Trade FX
Payday Loans 12 months 3
Paice Ashton and Lord
Prusik (clone)
Peterson Group
Perkins Consultancy Group
Payday Loans Now (clone)
Pecunia Financial Limited
Parrish Eastway Limited / Parrish Eastway Partners Limited
Professional Investment Consultants (clone)
Payday Party
Perfect Loans / The Perfect Loan
Parkbrook Incorporated (Clone of a FINRA Registered Firm)
Prime Financial Management Services Limited/ Prime FMS
Pritchards Stockbrokers (clone)
PMG Forex (clone)
P J Financial / Peter Jager Financial clone
Pareto Securities (clone)
PlusFN Ltd / +FN / Equity Sky Capital Marketing Limited
Pawlaks Group Asset Management (clone)
PL Securities
Premier Mergers and Acquisitions
Profit Hunters
Protected Today
Primex – UTIP Trader
Paul Atwal
Peter Bradshaw (clone of FCA Approved Person)
Phoenix Investments AG (clone)
Protect Life Insurance
Pan American Global Partners/ Pan American Acquisition Group
Protec Gold Advisors
Protec Advisors
Pictet Private Wealth Management (clone firm)
Property Cash Buyers
Pacific First Securities
Project Finance Bank
Pacific Blu L.P.
Pension Release Scheme
Pensions-UK 123 Ltd
Portsmouth Lending
Palmer Corporate Solutions, LLC
Peterson Capital Partners Inc
Platinum Capital Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Pacific Ventures Consultancy
Platinum First Bank / First Platinum Bank of London
Professional Finance Centre (East Midlands)
Persist Global Wealth Management (clone)
Princeton Capital Investments Inc
Positive Spreads
Profitable Sunrise
Paul Fairbrother (clone)
Portland Wealth Associates
Pacific Capital Management
Persist Global Wealth Management/PGWM Ltd (clone)
Parker & Master LLC
Preferred Management Group SA
Prudential Global Group
Pension Locator
Perry Capital Limited (clone)
P.A.N. Securities LP – Mergers and Acquisitions (clone)
Prime Strategies LLC
Professional Financial Advisors (clone)
Preethy Biju Gopinath
Pex Global
Prime Management (clone)
Pioneer Global Investments (clone)
Pharma Holdings
Pension Cash Today
Profitors Investment Corp Ltd
Pro Smart Advisors (clone)
Pratt International KPO LLC
Peter Daniel Daly (clone)
Philip Jones
Pagani Wealth Management Ltd
Plus 500 UK (clone)
Property Freedom
Pearce & Clarke
Pre Money Limited
Pinnacle Group
Prime Solutions Inc
Pierce Morgan Capital Management LLC
Pacific Alliance Mergers & Acquisitions Limited
Pro Brokerage BV Limited
Platinum House Financial (clone)
Platinum Funds Management
Park Avenue Mergers & Acquisitions
Peterson Advisors Limited
Phoenix Cooper Financial
Polaris Capital Management
Powerhouse Corporate Financial
Peak Power Direct
Peregrine International Consulting Group
Progress Advisors LLC
Panmure Gordon & Co
PFR Services (Planning for Retirement)
PBF Asia Limited (clone)
Pan Asia Brokers & Consultants Ltd
Price Webb Associates
Paul Michael Harwood of Cooper and Finley (clone)
Patterson & Klein
Paul L Thomas (clone)
PGS Limited
Parsons John (clone)
Paxton Capital Services
Pan Asia Futures Limited (clone)
PH Capital Invest
PRI Services Limited
Prestige Finance Europe Limited
Paddington Stewart
Price & Stone Mergers & Acquisitions
Price and Stone Mergers and Acquisitions
Pendleton & Associates
Platinum Group Holdings (clone)
Platinum Consultancy / Platinum Consulting
Pan European Equity Advisors
Premier Cash Investment United Kingdom
Proctor Goodman & Associates
PCA & Associates
Premier Equities Limited
Paradigme Solutions
Partners Investment Network
Platinum International Investments Inc
Price Stone Group
Peregrine Capital Management Limited
Polaris Trading Partners
Penn Capital Management Ltd
Phoenix Property Development & Sales Ltd
Philip Equity Management
Presiding Brethren PLC
Property Gains Management Poland SP Zoo
Property Gains Management SL
Phi Alpha Holdings
Peterson and Rothschild
Panama City Capital Corporation
Platinum Associates
Pretoria Overseas Bank Plc
Provident Capital Indemnity
Peterson & Jones Associates
Parker Forrester
Pearlman & Sinclair
Peterson McCormack Associates
Pearl Associates
Parker Monroe Associates
Pinnacle Trade Ltd
Park Lane Financial
Pancisco International Ltd (aka Pancisco Int Inc / PIFX)
Peterson, Paton & Edwards Capital
Pacific Capital Trading Ltd
Prestige Asset Management
Papillion Associates
Platinum Management Inc
Phoenix Mergers & Acquisitions
Plasters Investment Europe Limited
Priority Venture Management
Portland Capital Assets
Prentice Capital Management
Platinum Index
Provident Capital pte Ltd
Portland Advisory
Portsmouth Escrow Service LLC
Peter Church Consulting
Prymus Solutions
Perrin, Holden & Davenport Capital Corporation
Premier Asset Management LLC
Portman Manaheim Group
Perpetual Suisse
Preston Wainwright Asset Management
PGM Europe
Pacific Citi Trust Bank Plc
Pioneer Equity Advisors
Price Worley
Principal Consult Limited
PIPS Financial Services
Polson and Strong
Price Stone
Parker Rowe
Perlman-Haas Associates
Prime Forestry
Parker Lane
Pan European Investment Management
Platinum Asset Management (pty) Ltd
Pan Pacific Financial
Premium Placement
Platinum Placements Management
Phoenix Partners SL
Phoenix Asset Management SA
Pacific Federal SA
Quantum Forex Trade (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Quality Lending Service
Quaroni Group (clone)
Quick Loans Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Quick Quid / Loan Point (clone of authorised firm)
Questra World
Quick Loans
Quick Financer
Quick All Loans
Quick and Easy Loan Service
Quick Loan Finance
Quick Quid (clone)
Quick Finance / Quick Financial Group
QuickCash (clone)
Quinn & Voakes Capital
Qualtrum Adviser LLC
QS Liberty Funding Corp LTD
Quest Financial Management (clone firm)
Quantum Partners ltd (clone)
Quadrant Mergers & Acquisitions
Quantum Asset Management, Switzerland
Quickest Homesale Limited
Quintessence Holdings, Inc.
Queen Anne’s Property Investment Group (QAP Investment Limited)
Quick Orbit E-mony Limited
Quarta Dimensio
Quantex Trading
QBUK / Quanta Business UK
Quest Commodities Ltd
Queensland Finance House Plc
Roman Merenda (clone of authorised firm)
RS Investment Group/ RS Investment Partners (clone of authorised firm)
RB Wealth
Ravenstone Corporate Partners
Ranalter Thomas (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Reg Investment Bank
Royal London Asset Management (clone)
Red Arc Global Investments plc (clone of an FCA recognised collective investment scheme)
Redcap Management
Ruppel Alexander (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Richmond Investing (clone of authorised firm)
Ronger Properties Bond / Ronger Properties (clone of a UK registered company)
Radcliffe and Young Asset Management/Radcliffe and Young
Rowlands Advisors LLC
Revolution Variable Systems (RVS)
Reyker Securities (clone)
Regent Street Finance (clone)
Riel Investment (clone of authorised firm)
Redfield Markets
Remington Mining
Revive Capital Group
Redthorne Realisations Limited t/a Redthorne Markets, RT Markets
RTC finance/ Icon markets/ First World Consultants Limited (clone of authorised firm)
Rathbone Brothers (clone)
Router Bank / Routar Bank
Rothschild Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Right Choice Insurance Brokers (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Rolls-Royce Bond (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Ridge Capital Markets
Riverside Escrow Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Ralston Consultancy Ltd
ReLoan UK (clone)
Right Capital Partners Limited
Rhine & Associates/ Rhine Associates
Rothschild Private Wealth (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Reinhard Hofer International / Reinhard Hofer Venture Partners (Clone of EEA authorised firm)
Rhodium Forex / WR Trade
Robert Brooks Ltd (clone of a UK registered company)
Royalton Capital Group
RK Capital Management (clone)
RBS Bourse
Raymund Servais (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Rhombus Commercial Brokerage
Rushmoor Associates
Resolution Fund International / Resolution Funds International (clone)
Resolution Investments Plc (clone)
Right Capital Services
Roland Puchta (clone)
Regency Funeral Plans
Regulated Broker
Raymond James Investment Services Ltd (clone) & Equerry Investment Management (clone)
RK Trading/ Roland Kemeny (clone)
Repayment Management UK Ltd t/a Repayment Management Services
Recruit Plus
Rent To Buy Cars
Robinson Securities LLC
Ronney Loan Services
Red Level Enterprises Limited clone
Robinson Capital Partners
RT Owens & Associates LLC
Redbrook Motor Company
Radical Loans
Rosenberg & Carter / Rosenberg and Carter
Rolf Muller (clone)
Richmond Wealth Management (clone)
Rimas Risk Management Service (clone)
Rothstein & Company Oil Rig Contractors Limited
RBC Wealth Management/ Royal Bank of Canada Wealth Management (clone)
Riggs Bank Europe Limited
Redford Securities International
Rowe Corporate Services
RSI Bank Plc
Release My Pension
Range Legal Assistance
Rubin Price Securities
Regular Bank Plc
Reynolds Consultancy Ltd
Russell Acquisition Group
Risk & Portfolio Management Ltd (Clone of FCA EEA authorised firm)
Richard James PRUDENCE
Reynolds Merger Solutions
Regal International (clone)
Rabo Strategies (clone)
Richardson Capital Group / Richardson Consultancy
Rhaines LLC
Regal Capital Group LLC
Robertson Ellis
Russell Merger Group
Reliance Capital
Ryan & Mahar LLC
Rowe Allan Mergers and Acquisitions
Robinson and Schroder
RG-Client (Clone)
Robert Gold IFA Associates, RG Associates and Robert Gold Associates (Clone)
RIG Securities Limited, also trading as RIG Capital Rainbow Market Group
Regent & Langley Consulting Group
Rosenstock Capital
Richard Adamson
Revendor Management Inc t/a MYO Fund
Reliance Asset Management Ltd
Rothridge Consulting Group
Richardson & Foster Partners
Richard Davies Investors Limited (clone)
R.A.Lafferty Inc
RDS Commodities
Rattenbury Group
Richmond & Co Associates Limited
Rayburn Watson and Associates
REF Capital Markets (clone)
RBEF Limited (clone)
Rooney Gallagher Private Equity Partners
Rothman Securities Inc (clone)
RDLynch Trader
Red Enterprise
Raydu Advisory
Robbins, McCaully, Appleby LLC
Riva Holdings
Remi Boiffard
Ryan Robert Burnside
Redbridge Associates
Redwood Associates
Robinson Waid and Partners AG
Red Dragon
Robinsons Group Consultants
Redwood Capital (clone)
RBG Finance / RBG Finances (clone)
Renko & Associates
R.A.D.O. Global Trade Limited
Regency Exchange Board
Red Brick Capital Corporation
Richard Blendmonde
Ruluso Holdings Ltd
Royal London Investment Group (clone)
Rifkin Weiss
Richmond Capital Management
RTS Advisory Group
Rutherford Ross Limited
Reed Johnson International
Rothman Capital
Rosenthal Collins Foreign Exchange (UK) Limited
Rossford Mergers & Acquisitions
Richmond Analysis
Reynolds Group Limited
Reed Johnson International Inc
Royston Hobbs
Royal Assets and Research
Rose & Cranfield
Regency Advisory Group (Regency AG)
Robinson Hurst
Rothman Goldstein
Redwood Capital Consultants Limited (clone)
Rubens Gold & Myer
RVC Markets
RV Corporate, or RV Corporate Finance
Regency Equity Consulting
Radisson Venture Capital
Ridgewell Capital Markets
Richmond Royce Advisory Services S.L.U.
RJL International Limited
Royal Asset Management of Canada
Rementon & Fitzgerald / Wakeford & Goodridge
Rementon & Fitzgerald
Richard Watson Associates
Reichman Advisory SL
Research Capital
Stanford Capital Markets
Sergo Capital a trading style of Sergo Solutions Limited
Schwarz Gehard
SeRex Investments (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Stonehouse Consulting Group
Sucdens Financial / Sucden Financial (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Schurz Helmut (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Secure Life (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Safe Regulated Investments/ RS Investments
Swiss Life International (clone of authorised firm)
Swift CFD, a trading style of Digital Worldwide OU
Strategic Funds (clone of authorised schedule 5 firm)
Steiner and Partners
Spectra FX Investments Team (clone of FCA authorised firm)
SMS Crypto Limited
Swiss Capital Invest Holding Ltd (Clone) trading as Swiss Capital Invest
St James Bank Limited
Skye Tower Momentum Bank
Safemarkets a trading style of Optimumcommerce OU
Sullivan Seton Murphy Law Firm
Symmons Advisors LLC
Savings Options Trading (clone)
Signature Cards / Gem Finance Cards / Easy Cash Cards / Gem Card Finance / Liquid Card Finance
Starwood Asset Management Fund (clone of authorised firm)
Seveninvest Management Limited (clone)
Square Global Ltd t/a Square Global Enterprise (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Scrilliy (clone)
Superior Finance UK Limited / Superior Finance Services Limited
St. James’s Place (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Stocktradeinvest Limited
Simple Investments Limited t/a Simple Investments and UK Standard Investments
SMO Investments Limited t/a The Loan Doctor
Schroeder Law Firm
Stubblefield Advisors LLC
Spot2Trade Ltd
Southampton Trust (clone of authorised firm)
Smart Spend Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Storm Finance Limited
Satis Asset Management (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Shore Capital (clone of FCA authorised firm)
SRS Enterprise Limited
Steam Finance Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Save Power UK Ltd
Sovereign Wealth Preservation (clone)
Swiss Privilege
SW1 Options
Soft Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Sunshine Credit (clone)
Sterling Bishop Associates
Skyblue Capital
Swish Loans (clone)
Sutton Johnson Holdings
STX Global Limited t/a STX Markets
Six Swiss Exchange Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
Speed Finance UK (clone of authorised firm)
Standard Fidelity
Savoy Asset Management
Stenham Investment Funds plc (clone)
Sakai, Yao and Partners
Stamford Wealth / Stanford Wealth / Stanford Wells (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Sky Protect Limited
Stern Options / Stern Markets
Security Capital Consultants
Stratton FX (clone)
Stevenson Investment Management Inc
Swiss Life (clone)
STP Markets
Savage Finance Limited / Savageloans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Stockfield Associates Group
SSW Market Making GmbH
Search Loans Ltd
Seedoro Bank
Sanderson Partners (clone of FCA authorised firm)
SLS Trade
Shaks Specialist Cars (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Swiss Partners AG (clone)
South Finance (clone of FCA Authorised firm)
SkyQuid (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Sky Financial Services (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Swiss Investment Corporation (clone)
Simple Finance (clone)
Sterling Consultancy Options (clone)
Stanford Law
Schulz & Partner (clone)
Sameday Loans / Same Day Loans (clone)
Sure Money UK (clone)
Scorpion Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Sunflower Loans / Sunflower Personal Loans Limited / Big Loans
Stefan Ofenbock & Co (clone)
Swiss Investment (clone)
Silver Gate Index Limited
Snapper Head Marketing Limited
Sines Media Limited
Secured UK Loans (clone)
Samson Capital Group
Sherman Consultancy Group
Standard Chartered Mutual Services (clone)
Silverfox Technical Services Ltd t/a Chevron Financials Ltd
Strategic Global Investments by Milena Beranova (aka Strategic Global) (clone)
Sunbird FX c/o Spring Empire Solutions Limited
Southampton West Savings Credit Union
SMP Forex
South Wales Savings Credit Union (clone)
Smart Lenders LLC (clone)
Stanley Ball Limited (clone)
Solicilinks Limited
Sofia Tucker Firm
Same Day Funds
South Coatbridge Credit Union Bank (clone)
Shields Corporate Partners
Solution Loans/Loan Solutions (clone)
Shimbashi & Partners
Select Capital Ventures SA
Simon Gray & Associates
Stanley Hudson
Songbird Finance Limited (clone)
Sapien Capital Limited (clone)
Schwarz Oliver Thomas (clone)
Stanford Barclay
Smith and Jacobs
Skyline Umbrella Fund Plc (clone) / SKY Fund Managers Ireland Plc / Skyline Funds
Sterling & Carter
SMS Fast Cash
Short Term Reinsurance
Smith and Stanley Corporate Consultants
Springer Asset Management
St James’s Asset Management LLP/ St James’s Investments (clone)
Sierra Finance Asset Management
Seth Cohen LLP
Sussex Associates Ltd
Stewart International Inc/ Stewart International Ltd/ Stewart Title Limited (clone)
Sachs Manfred (clone)
Suffolk Loans
Scott Thomas Wealth Advisory
Six Towns Loans Company Limited (clone)
Start Up Loans Ltd (clone)
Skylade Insurance Services
State Street Global Markets International Limited (clone)
Stover Limited
SVS Securities (clone)
Stanford Crown Partners
Spencer and Richardson Financial
Satellite Consumer Services Ltd t/a Digital Support
SF Wealth Group (clone)
Summers Associates Ltd
Strategic Private Equity LLC
Stonehill Securities
Skandia Invest (clone firm)
Swiss Investor Club AG
Steinberg Management
Specialist Investor Funds
SKJ Capital Partners (clone firm)
Smith Securities Limited
Solicitors Financial Centre Limited (cloned firm)
Sachs Trust
Scott Fischer Consultancy
Shaista Investments
Swan Asset Management
Shawz Online Brook (Clone of FCA Authorised Firm)
Solstrand Limited
Sol Transfer Agents LLC
Stalmann Clark
SFVA Finance (Clone of FCA EEA Authorised Firm)
Smart Stuff Ltd (Clone of FCA EEA authorised firm)
Shirley’s Financial Holdings
State Street Advisory (clone)
Securities Trading Board
Smith and Olsson
Stanten Williams
Stansell Corporate Services LLC
Seagreen Global Limited
Salomon and Associates
Solaris Financial Solutions
Scottsdale Capital Consultancy Services
Sun-Wealth Corporate Finance
Strategic Investment Partners Group
SAN-Trans Services (SAN-Trans Services UK)
S-One Financial / Summit One Financial
Strauss Jones
Secure Insurance (clone)
South Atlantic Securities
Springhill Group
Sell and Rent Back Solutions
SanSZee Financial Solutions Ltd
Strategic Merger Consultants
Schaeffer Collins
SUMITOMO Financial Corporation (clone)
Swiss Global Asset Management (clone)
Sterling Alternative Energy Group
Stanley Morris Cooper / SMC Group
Square Mile Financial (clone)
Simplon Corporation Trust
Smith and Lockhart Associates
Santiago Mergers & Acquisitions
Sunline Transfer Agents
Swiss Financial Service
Sell Pension UK
Synergy Capital, LLC
STP Direct Ltd
Salamon and Tate Consulting
Swiss & Global Asset Management (clone)
Sarasin Funds Management (Guernsey) Limited (clone)
Sino Financial
St Andrews Securities
Strauss Capital Consultants
SDA Investors Co
Seagram Services Ltd
Savoy Investment Management (clone)
SGS Consultants Limited
Square Mile Financial (clone)
Sterling Independent Financial Solutions (clone)
Synergy Europe
Sterling Finance AG
STJ Advisors also trading as STJ Wealth (clone)
Swiss Financial Research
Svl Asset Management
Southampton Investment Services Limited
SPS Investments GmbH (clone)
SPS Investment Products (clone)
Sanford C. Bernstein & Co (clone)
Steve Kelley Independent Financial Advisor (clone)
SVM Ireland (clone)
Semper Consulting Limited & Co KG / Semper Management Services Limited
Securities Trading Commission
St. James Wealth (clone)
Starke Wealth Management
Sandford Hale & Co
Sino Trade Europe (clone)
Steiner Haus Capital
Standard Hokori Group
Summit Holdings
SLFC Unit Managers (UK) Limited (clone)
Sunlife Offshore Limited
Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada “Offshore Division”
Stanton Goldstein
Saudi American Holding Corporation or Schaffner Holding
Sidstone, Gray & Partners
Smith Capital
Share Sales Pty Ltd
Shenzhen International Group
Skipton Asset Management (clone)
Sigma Securities / Sigma Asset Management (clone)
Securities Administration
Symposia Private Equity
Simora Investments
SNF Associates Inc
Seisma Oil Research LLC (also trading as Seisma Energy Research)
Shaw Capital Management
Securities Advisory Group
Sky Money Solutions
Sage Consultants
Schiller Gates
Spectrum Land
Sterling Equity Corporation
Selva Resources Corporation
Samsung Securities (aka Sigma Securities) (clone)
Sky Safe Ltd
Smith & Dalton
Strathclyde Associates
Seaboard Securities, Inc.
Sold In A Click
SPG (clone)
S & P Group (clone)
Springbok Finance Limited
Selfridge Perkins Group (clone)
Saxon Rose / Saxon Rose Associates
Swiss Money Report
Sanderson Independent Group (clone)
Stephens Capital Markets Limited
SMES Bank Great Britain Limited
Sterling Asset Management (clone)
Sky Capital / Sky Capital Enterprises / Sky Capital Holdings
Swiss International Group
Sekulic Dragon
Swiss Financial Group (clone)
Swift Bridging
Spielberg Kraus Associates
St. James Partners
St. James Associates
St. James Asset Management
Select American Transfer Co.
Safe Inrest Quota Obtain Ltd (also known as SIQO)
Schreiber & Gruenberg Partnership Limited & Co. Beteilingungs KG
Switzerland Investment Group
Secure Wealth Management (clone)
Sherwood Henderson Limited
Sauer Rayson International
Synergy Commodities
Swiss Capital Assets
Scottsdale Future and Options
Swollen Horse Limited
Suisse Life Securities
Spearmint Blue Limited
Spearmint Blue SL
SGI Investments
Stephen Vandervord
Sullivan Investment Group
Securities Associates Group
Stratton Wainwright
Smith Financial UK
Sophisticated Investor
S.F. Invest Limited / Limited
Stoic Capital Management Inc
Silverman International
Shanghai Wang Venture Inc
Schneider Wolfe Alliance
Securities Management Research (clone)
Strategic Energy Partners
SAGI (Securities Advisory Group International)
Schroeder Wahlberg
Summit Capital Management
Steed and Associates
Spectrum Acquisition Holdings
Shanghai Capital Group Inc
Swiss Key Equity
Swiss Atlantic Securities AG
Sakuma Group
Sovereign Pacific Inc
Summit Mergers and Acquisitions
Sloane & Rutherford
Stanley Equities Investment Advisors
Sullivan Ross
Swiss Trust Advisory
Syndicate Group International
Stockwell Investment Group
Scott Fitzgerald Group
Synergy Mergers & Acquisitions
St James & Thatcher Associates
Steinberg Investment Research AG
Synergy Wealth
Smith Kearney M&A
Security Advisory Group
Solomon Lloyd (clone)
Smith and Gianni Partners
Spencer Group
S G Financial
Strategic Investment Group (clone)
Sterling Manhattan
Sunwide Finance
Southern Cross Mergers & Acquisitions
Swiss Management Consulting
Stanmore Advisory Group
Schotts Capital Managements
Steinbrueck Financial Services
Stonewell Finance
Silverthorne and Chambers Inc
Sentinel Trading Investment Corporation
Stanton Berkley
Smart Marketing Services
Stockcom Tradez Inc
Secured Communications Limited
SP Trade Investments Capital Limited
Standford Long
Stephenson Moore Consulting
Simon Eastwood Asset Management
Siegar Private Limited
Strategic Corporate Services
Stein Fitzgerald Associates
Stein Fitzgerald Group
Stratford Advisory Services
Selective Insurance
Stanfield Moritz Associates
Schoefer Davis Limited
SpencerFerguson Financial Services / SpencerFerguson Wealth Management
Smith Fairchild
Stein Banc Commerce
Stanley Riebeck Corporation
Treasury Consulting Group
Tenecom Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Tradospot OÜ
Taylor Maison Capital Group
Thomas Markgraf
Tasbir Singh
Tradepro Capitals Limited
Tomas Tisler Financial Management (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Terium Gestium (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Threepaid Limited
Tradition Cheptal/Tradition London Clearing (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Trading Epic
Tech Support Services
Tradex Options
The Pension Assessment Agency Ltd
Trade Capital Investments LLC t/a Trade Capital
TRSystem t/a CFDS100
Taylor, Hodgson and Associates
Tullett Prebon (clone of authorised firm)
Tickeo (clone of authorised firm)
TSP Options
The Share Centre (clone of FCA authorised firm)
TVT Partners / TVT Investment management limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Talbot Review Centre
Trade WFX
Tait Investment Group
The Haighton Ruth Group (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Tradeovest (clone of FCA authorised firm)
The Finance Corporation Ltd
Trade Korea (clone)
The Castlebrook Properties HMO Properties Bond / Castlebrook Properties (clone of a UK registered company)
Tradeplus Solutions Ltd
TCV & Partners (clone of FCA authorised firm)
TDC Property Development
TSB Wealth Advisory (clone of EEA Authorised firm)
Trinity Wealth Management (clone)
Trustee Credit Savings Bank (clone of authorised firm)
Templar Settlement Services SL trading as Templar Invest
Taylor & Clark / Taylor and Clark / TC Wealth
Trading Trinity
The Britain Loan / Britain Loans / Britt Loans
Tilney Fund Managers (clone of authorised firm)
Team Four Digital Services Limited / Team4Digital
True Blue Loans (clone of authorised firm)
The Loan Expert / (clone)
Tesco 2 Finance / Tesco 4 Finance (clones of FCA authorised firms)
Tide U Over (clone of an authorised firm)
The Finance Solutions
TorOption/ Smart Choice Zone LP
Thomas and Gareth Consulting Group
Templegate Investment Ltd
The Loan Lenders
Telford and Bernstein
Treasury Advisory Group
Titanium Wealth Management
Thomas and Johnson Consultancy
TFX Traders
Traditional Funds Plc (clone)
TRD Brokers Limited / TRD Futures Group
Thornton & Tresk / TT Financial
Thompson Advisors
Trust Loans
Tenjin & Associate
TRM Group
Temple Crown International
Techkredit Limited T/A (clone)
Tilney Asset Management (clone)
The Pension House (clone)
Thomas Loppacher (clone)
Tradignition (clone)
True Loans (clone)
The Quick Loan Shop (Clone)
Thomas Capital Partners
Taito Securities Group
The Right Loan 4 U (clone)
Thungen Financial/ Thüngen Financial
TSL Finance Limited (clone)
The Mortgage Centre 1 Limited t/a The Mortgage Centre
Thornblack Limited t/a Thorn Black International
The London SIPP Company / The London Pension Company Ltd
The Capital Club 1 Limited, t/a The Capital Club
TBR Assured Limited t/a Personal Touch Insurance
Traders Trust Capital Markets Ltd (clone)
TL Mallen, LLC.
The Bond Consultants (UK) Ltd
Toyo Securities (clone)
The Prime Mortgage & Finance Limited
Tolland & Boch Limited
Temple Nugent Capital Management
The Pension Help Desk Limited
T. Pederson and Associates
The Best Investment Guide (Clone of FCA Authorised Firms)
The Masons Corporation
The Pensions Club LLP
Titan Worldwide Recovery
The Bean Group (UK) Ltd (trading as Bean Wealth)
Thompson Gerrard (clone)
Titan Financial Services (clone)
Trowbridge Capital
Thomas Capital
TRA (clone)
The Carbon Exchange Inc
Trilogy Investment Funds Plc (clone)
The Kenzo Group
Thompson Associates
The Bradford Group
The Brantons Group
Turner Financial Inc
Tate and Caver Consultancy Group
Titan Invest PLC
The Clayton Group
The Home Alliance Plc
Tiger Consultants (clone)
Touch Financial (clone)
Tribune Assets Management
The R.A. Roberts Partnership Limited (clone)
Tucan Claims
Taylor Mannis LLC
Trias ltd
Tsuen Wan International
TPF Trading
Trendex Research UK
Thomas Anderson Advisory
TPG Securities (clone)
Tony Oliver
Trinity Options and Futures Group
Transmeridian Exploration Inc
The Prime Time Group
The Renewable Corporation
Thompson Cartwright Group
Tudor Asset Management
Turtle Futures Limited
Transatlantic Alliance
Treasury Standard Bank
Tudor Client Associates
Templegate Asset Management
Talvest International
Terence (Terry) Wright
Trading Resources Capital Management
Tudor Hamilton
Traditional Funds (clone)
TBS Securities
Thomas Stockman
The Equity Institution
The Platinum Group
Timberlake Energy Solutions Inc
The Crown Group (clone)
The Cohen Group
Terra Med Alliance Corporation
Trent Consultants
The Vale Group / Vale Group Asset Management / Vale Group Investments (clone)
Triumph Capital Management
The Alternative Investment Group
Textaproperty Limited (Brian Smith)
Textaservice Limited (Brian Smith)
Turner Greene Corporation
Tudor Invest Limited
The Bank Street Securities
Tate Rutherford
Thalam Property & Financial Services
Templeton Finance
The Birchmore Group
Trade Winners
Thomas and Stanley
Transglobal Oil Corp
The First Shield LLC
Taylor Wilson International
The Trading Fund
Thomas & Hyde Consulting
Tarquin Capital Management
Teikoku Commodities
Tailormade Investment Villages Limited
Taylor & Grant Associates
Thomas Weisel Group Europe (clone)
Trinity Finance Offshore Banking
Troy Lansdowne
Tricontinental Capital Corporation
Taiyo Financial
Templar International
Total Financial Limited (clone)
The Roth Institute
Taylor Bancroft
Trustnet International (clone)
Tri Capital Management
The Ashton Lewis Group
TC & P Trade
The Research Group
Takeshi Finance
Trent Advisors
Total Asset Management
Taylor Morrisson
Transatlantic Group Mergers & Acquisitions
Turquoise Development Company
Thompson Miller Group
Trinity Finance International
Thomas Cohen
The Settlement Group
Taylor Hargreaves (clone)
Taylor King & Associates
Templeton Consultants
The Charinton Group GmbH
Thomson Hill Group
Trenton Hassel Investment Limited
Titan VC Zurich
Trinity Management
Tradelinx Investments Limited / Tradelinx Securities Group
The Roth Group GmbH
Tom Brookes
Trillium Drake
Tana Corum Holdings
The Clarington Group
Thompson Weinberg
Thibault Capital Markets
Tresaderns & Partners SL
Trident Market Advisors
UK Investments
Union Capital Partners (clone)
UK Insurance (clone of FCA authorised firm)
UK Financial Services Ltd (clone of authorised firm)
UK Loans Ltd.
UK Investment Hub Limited
Uno Media Solutions trading as Binary Uno
UK Further Trading Co Limited t/a AMG Capital Partners Limited (clone)
UBS Private Wealth Management (clone)
UK Financial Investment Ltd (clone of a UK registered company)
UK Tech Protect Limited
UK TV Care Limited
Uride Car Club
UK Fast Loan (clone of FCA authorised firm)
UK Money Lenders and Cash ASAP (clones of FCA authorised firm)
UK Loans (clone of FCA authorised firm)
UK Fast Finance (clone)
UK Unsecured Finance (clone)
Utility Bill Solutions
Unsecured Loan Credit (clone)
Unsecured Loan For UK
UBS Global Investment Management Ltd / UBS Private Wealth Management / UBS Wealth Management (clone)
Unemployed Loans
Unsecured Loan Call Me (clone)
Unsecured Loan For All / Unsecured Loan 4 All (clone)
UK Loan Deals (clone)
UK Trust Loans (clone)
UN Loans (clone)
UK Today Loans
UK Credit Limited (clone)
UK Same Day Loans Limited
Unsecured Lends
Umoru Ali
UBS Wealth Management/ UBS Global Wealth Management (clone)
UBS Global Asset Management Funds Ltd (clone)
URS VOGT (clone)
UBS (clone)
Unsecured Loans For You / Unsecured Loans 4 You / unsecuredloans4u (clone of authorised firm)
Union Investment Limited t/a Royal Union Investment
Upgrade Motors UK Limited
UK RBB Barclays Business (clone)
United World Capital Ltd (clone)
UST Financial Services Corp
Unique Car Insurance Brokers
Unique Cheap Car Insurance LTD
Unique Car Insurance
Unlock my frozen pension
UK Pension Loans
Unicorn Finance Group
Unique Solutions Network Limited
UTC International Services
Universal Energy Corporation
Universal Energy Group
United Wealth
Universal Consolidated (clone)
US Stock Transfer Bureau
US Securities & Equities Bureau
UOT Financial Services Limited
Union Wealth Management
United Markets (Asia) Limited
Union Research
Union Acquisition Group
Univest Limited
US Petroleum Holdings
Universal Partners
Universal Management Services (clone)
United Re-Insurance Group
Unified Investment Group Inc
US Capital FX
Union Partners SL (formerly Goldberg Kravitz SL)
Vanguard Wealth Advisory
Vanguard Investments (clone of authorised firm)
VIP Crypto / Cryptonix Team
Virtuous Wealth Ltd
Viking Investments Global / Viking Investors Global (clone of FCA authorised firm)
VBM Capital Partners (clone of EEA authorised firm)
VIP Brokers
Victordebt Limited
Verge Finance Private Lending
Vanguard Asset Management (clone of authorised firm)
VRS Law Firm
Val Consultants Ltd
Venor Associates Limited
Very Pro Loans (clone)
Viva Loans (clone)
VGF Wealth Management (clone)
Verbatim Asset Management PLC (clone)
Verrazzano Capital/ Verrazzano UK (clone)
Versima Plc
Vantage Point LLC
Ventura Capital Consultancy Services (clone)
Vincent Clare Limited
Vickers Equities & Research
Venta KPO Services LLC
Vauntage Trading
Viridian Ethical Investments
Vantage Securities (clone)
Visotrade Management Inc
VRS Funding Corp
Vantage Equity
Viking Gold Limited
Viking Mining Resources Limited
VGRM Limited
Vogel and Fine
Viking Gold Resources and Mining
Valcourt Investment and Advisory Services
Victory Invest Limited
Van Broeke Consultancy Group
Vale Group Asset Management
Ventura Capital Partners Ltd
V Finance
Vanguard FG International
Vision Commodities
Vanderhoff Group
Vertical Analysis
Van De Vries Partners
Vertex Commodities
Vanguard Financial Services
Von Bismarck Global Investment Research
Voyager Investment Management
Van der Halen Equities
World FXM/WorldFXM (trading name of CHO Development Limited)
Walton Securities LLC
Wellingtoninv (clone of authorised firm)
Waterfield Consulting Group
Wexner Consultancy Group
Wings Finance / Wings Finance UK Limited
Westerman Consultancy Ltd
World Techno Trade (clone of authorised firm)
World Class Group Consultants Inc
Wallace Braxton Credit Union Limited (clone of FCA authorised firm)
White Square Trading Limited trading as Universe Markets
WG Affiliates Ltd
Whitman Law Group
Whitestone Finance Ltd (clone)
Westpac Bank of London (clone)
Wageme (clone)
Wee Loans (clone)
Waybridge Financial (clone of authorised firm)
Wharton Asset Management UK LLP (clone)
Way to Finance (clone)
Wilkins Developments / Wilkins Property Developments
Westmount Associates
We.Insure (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Williams & Chase Associates
Wainscott Consulting Group
Westburn Finance/Finance 2 All (clone of FCA authorised firm) Loan Shuttle (clone of FCA authorised firm) (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Watkins Consultancy Ltd
WB Wealth Group / WB Wealth Management (clone)
Wheaton Capital Limited (clone)
Westgate Consulting Group
Watters & Partners Ltd
Walkert Alliance (clone)
Woolworth Investment International/Woolworth Investment (clone)
W Parker Consultants LLC
Winton Fund Managers (clone)
Wiseman Partners Ltd
WINTON (clone)
Whitaker Corporate Partners (clone)
Wigston Private Bank (clone) (clone)
West Financial/ West Financial Advisory House
William Howarth
Wattford Capital Partners
Whitfield International Consulting Group
Wakefield Securities Limited (clone)
Wakamy Libman and Associates
Wheeler Consultancy Ltd
Wilkins Capital Group
Wagner Capital Management Group
Wade and Wiley Consultancy
Windlow Group
West Capital Partners Inc
Wolffe Commodities
WB Global Strategic Asset Management
Watts Corporate Services LLC
Williamson Advisors Ltd
Walters Capital Group
Willow and Black
Wise Cash
Worth.IT Financial Services Ltd (clone) t/a, Worth Financial Services, Worth Ltd, VenetFX
Wagelender/ Poundlender
Wealth Planning Solutions Europe (clone)
William Grant & Co (clone) (clone firm) / (clone firm)
Westberg Equity Research Corp (WERC) (clone firm)
Wellz Zable Limited (Misusing the name of FCA EEA authorised firm) (Misusing the name of FCA authorised firms)
Whitney Cooper Associates
William Wright (clone individual)
Waterman Wealth Management
Wainwright Wealth Management / Wainwright Finance / Wainwright Corporate Ltd
White Plains International Securities
Western Clwyd Bank
Whitmore Wealth Management
WiredMoney Bank
Walton Johnson & Co
Woodlake Commodity Solutions
Walter Harris & Company
Wise Capital Financial Consultants
Warner Abbott Capital Management
Walker Financial Management (clone)
Weston and Scott Consultants
Walten Pichler (clone)
Weisberg & Cohen LLC
Williams Consultancy Limited
Williams Mckenna
Welling & Company LLC
Washington D.C Securities Division
Worldwide Investors Portfolio (clone)
Wells Fargo Advisors (cloned firm)
Wallace Jacob Consultants Corporate Services
Wells Fargo Securities International Limited/Suncor (clone)
Wheeler Asset Management
Welborn Capital LLC (clone)
WSEP Services
Wellington Management GmbH (clone)
Wells Capital Management
William Blair Capital Partners (clone)
Westton Worldwide M&A Inc
William Campbell Company
Welbeck Associates (clone)
William & Brown Management Group
Windsor Brokers (clone)
Wellington Management Portfolios (clone)
Wealth Management Services Limited
Whitestone Financial Planning/WS Financial Planning (clone)
Westmill Associates
Weinberg Equity Management
World Pension Plus
Westin International Inc
Winchester Consultancy Group
Waight and Caffie Company Ltd
Winterthur Fund Management (clone)
Wellington Management
Warren Fisher & Associates
Westgate & Greene Associates
Westbrook Acquisition Authority
Wilsone & Duffus (UK) Ltd (clone)
Westhorpe Capital
World Energy Holdings & Research PLC
Welcome Mittal Group UK Ltd
Wolf Investment Solutions
Worldwide Risk Consultants (clone)
Warthon Rubin
World Exchange Markets Limited
World Exchange Markets WEM SL
World Exchange Markets SL
Weizmann & Young
World Securities Authority
Wolfgang Investment Group
Walker Bryan Securities
Walter Parker Group
William Smith and Company
Wentworth and Gerrard International Capital
Whitehouse Capital Limited (WHC)
Westerby (clone)
Wiltshire Asset Management
Willkinson Capital Group
West Golden Capital
Worldwide Finance Marketing Services
West Finance Limited
WBwso Ltd
Wilton Investment Group (clone)
Whittman Simmons
WCB Financial Group
Washington Roberts
Westminster Equities (clone)
Westminster Advisory (clone)
William Smith Partners
Westernfield Holdings
Wainwright Research (Zurich)
Waterman Associates
Wilkins Fairbrother
World Blue (Cyprus) Limited
Winthorpe Morgan Group
Wealth and Asset Planning
World Capital Group
Warren & Massey Asset Management Ltd Inc
Weston Chase
Walker Stone
Worldwide Limited
Wakefield Lieberman
World Capital Securities
Western Royal
WindRiver Capital (clone)
Worthington Financial Group
Westcomb Capital Management
Wilkin Associates
Worldwide Bio Refineries
Warren Sitco & Company
Wiess and Associates Ltd (clone)
Wall Street Organisation
Westminster Group (clone)
Worldwide Research Group
Waldon McLean Associates
Warrick Management Group Ltd
Westgate Capital Management
Weber Goldstein
W R Bainbridge
Wakefield Partners
Wiess and Associates Ltd
Wakefield & Stern
Woodbridge Investments Group
Wellington Mergers & Acquisitions
Wellington-Duke & Associates
Woods & Sheldon
Wellington Trading Group
Willmont Financial SL
World Market Resources
West Shore Ventures Limited
Waterhouse Scott Ltd
Windsor Asset Management
Webster, Cohen & Galombik Inc
World Trade Financial Corporation
Xtraderfx (a trading style of Gpay Limited)
XFR Financial
Ximex Executive Ltd
Yes Option / Yes Trading
Your Loan Deals (clone of authorised firm)
YF Asset Management (clone)
Yinforex Capital Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Yamazaki Acquisition Group
Your Secured Loan
Your Step Change
Yakamoto Investments
Yardstick Marketing
Yamato Asset Management Co Ltd
Yuan Finance
York & Williamson
Yamato Associates
Yee Seng Global
ZAI / ZAI Finance (clone of authorised firm)
Zoom loans / Zone Loan (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Zurich Capital Management
Zimmerman Capital Partners
Zandex Investment Capital and Finance Ltd / Tier One Capital Ltd (clone of FCA authorised firm)
Zola Ltd trading as BinaryOnline
Zan Partners (clone of authorised firm)
Zurich Capital (trading as
Zenith Investor
Zimmermann Global (clone of EEA authorised firm)
Zeta Holding Limited (clone of a UK registered company)
Zino Management & Services Limited
Zurich Prime
Zopa Loans Reviews
Zelomit Insurance (clone)
Zenith Profit
Zohra Investment Ltd
Zane Hegarty
Zurich Direct (clone)
Zurich Capital Gruppe
Zimmerman Consultants
Zenith Commodities
Zen Investment

Please note this list was taken from FCA website.