Scam series : The Securities and Exchange Commission Warned Against 104 SCAMS: AchieversChainFX, AffinityFXInvest, AffluenceCoins…

The Securities and Exchange Commission (United States of America) blacklisted 104 scam companies, all offering some kind of investment services to local users without any kind of authorization, therefore illegally.

These scams promise you big returns based on crypto trading / mining or forex trading.

Don’t trust these websites and only trade with regulated brokers only !

The list of these fraudulent website :

AchieversChainFX, AffinityFXInvest, AffluenceCoins, Alliance Finance, Alliance Finance Union Investor Services LLC, Allstateline, AmericanFXtrade, AmeriFXpro, Angle Financial Solutions, Apex Options, Atlantic Investment Market, Avaro, AZ Invest, Belvin Miners, Bit-Vaults Investments Ltd, Bitcoins Investments FXT, Bitwala Trading Options, Boom Trader Crypto, Bull Xchange Trade, BWGMiner, Capital Equity, Capital Trade LLC,, Capitalfxinvestor, Central Commonwealth Securities & Exchange Commission, CentralFX Trade, CEXGlobalMarkets, Chain Broker Trade, Coin-infinitude, Coinspotfx, CoremarketOptions, Corporate Interest, Crypto Digital Expert Trading, Crypto Mining Masters, Crypto Tradefox, Cryptocurrency Exchange LLC, Cryptometastock, Cryptopridefx International, DailyFx, DeluxeMiningAssets, Double Invest Crypto, Echelon Capital, Elite FX Options, Elite TradePlus, Evo Capitals, Exclusivecryptotraders, Explorecoinindex, Fidel Venture, Forex Pro Trades, Fraud Detection and Recovery Council, Fund Recovery and Security Commission, Fxcryptoinvestment, Global Merger Arbitrage Partners, GlobalBitTraders, GoSwing * claims to be registered with SIPC, Gray Capital Group, Heritage Capital Ltd., HooverHyfield, Horizon Fx Trade, Hostfx Inc, Legitimatebitrade, Liam Sachwell & Galahad a/k/a LSG LLC, May Capital Group LLC, Mayor Mining FX, McNeil Associates, Mercuryfx, Meta Trader Options, Meteor Trade, NTCoinma, NYSE Block Finance <br /> Aka,, Oxford Mergers and Acquisitions, Paxmint Investment Management Company, Procryptostock, QuickFxTrade, Rapidreturn247, Rave Fx Trades, Rixe Trade, Securedcryptomarket24, Skye Trust Trading, Smart Bull Options, Smartautofxtrades, SparkleWhite FX, Standard Crypto Tradefx, Stock Harbour, Stockholm Holdings, TBO Capital Group, Inc., Top Trade Invest FX, Toptrend Investment, Trade Coins Global, Tradealgo, Trademax Ltd, Tradeoxen, Tradesen, Tradewebexchange, TradingBinance, Tron Trade Options, UltraCryptoMine, Ultrafx Smart Trades, Universal Forex Trade, US Commission on Regulatory Enforcement, Utmost Open Trades, Vitacapitals, LLC & Willow Stream Capital.

Stay safe and do not hesitate to contact us if you have been scammed !

17 thoughts on “Scam series : The Securities and Exchange Commission Warned Against 104 SCAMS: AchieversChainFX, AffinityFXInvest, AffluenceCoins…”

  1. I can not withdraw my investment from Coincheck Pro? I was restricted from Live chat and whatsapp customer service. (usa)

  2. I got scammed by
    They closed my account and told me I had to pay $900 to access my account.
    I have emails and proof they are scammers of the worst kind

  3. Anybody heard of ? I’ve got a guy calling me 3 times a day to invest in a bot algorithm…

    He’s calling me from a private number – blocked call… I’m like yeah, nope!

  4. I am scammed by xpresstrade. They enticed me to pay gradually more money for 6 months while showing pripofits in the screen and eventually they refused any withdrawal coming up excuses every now then until I realized they are scammers

    1. I was scmaed 1150$ by
      There not allowed my money withdraw.ask me tax money 600$

  5. I was scammed by Initial investment was 2k, fees 26k. Still cannot withdrawal funds. No answer from company and emails get kicked back. Beware!

  6. i was scammed by witch is nowkkrusa .live i make over 400 thousand in profit then they said i had to pay over 8000 in taxes they said my money would in the btc on monday the the 3 rd. of july the 3 rd of 2023 now they say i half to pay another 4003 dollars to recieve it they have all my money now so i am thinking its a scam i have no money left

  7. I was scammed by hotcapitalstox. 2000€ are gone since I suddendly can connect to their platform as my account doesn’t exist! Be aware!

  8. I got scammed from a site called LSEP where you have to be invited to I got scammed for over 56K and I have 300k in my assets when I tried to withdrawal 89k it said that my account was being audited so I pressed cancel to see if I can withdrawal a smaller amount 6k still same message getting audited then I try even a smaller amount 300.00 I get a same message that my account is being audited. So I message the customer service and ask them why am I being audited they said I have 5 days to pay 27k in taxes to release my assets. So I payed the 27k of course with the help of the one who I trusted she offered to pay the 7k so with that I message the customer service again then they say I was short 100.00 and all what I put in went to my top up and now since I was going to be late I now had to pay 30k after that was said to me I told the one who I trusted that I’m out and that I’m not paying another 30k. She got very angry and said that she was going to send someone to my house to kill me and she would not mind paying them 50k. So to make a long story short don’t trust anyone! I have filled out a complaint scam form with the FBI hope they can help me and still doing my research everything from the pig butchering list is exactly what I went threw. The LSEP customer service also said if I don’t pay the 30k they will start freezing my assets and that I will get a summons notice and to show up to court with my identification as what I put on the site of LSEP.

  9. These guys are scammers they claim to give you big returns they are young kids somewhere in Asia goes by the name Glen they got me for 800.00 us dollars. Beware
    They go after people on YouTube in the comments section claim to be some one else. This is there number from Whatsapp

  10. Add to the list of Internet scam sites this one:
    Never send money !
    Beware of Kazumi Ikeda/ Kazumi Cleo !!! This is an idiot HOAX!!!

  11. I was SCAMMED by people claiming to be JOHN Green Williams of UNITED NATION GRANT
    Hope you can help me
    And my dad was SCAMMED by SAGATRADE
    Main Deutschland o

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