Pig Butchering Scam(Romance Scam): What is a Pig Butchering Scam? What should you do if you’ve been scammed?



What is Pig Butchering Scam?

Pig butchering scams are a cousin of older-style online romance scams, which often have smaller-scale losses. While pig butchering sometimes uses romance as a tactic, scammers can also build other types of personal or professional relationships over time in order to convince their targets to invest more money.

Pig Butchering Scam can also be described as a romantic scam. Scammers use false online identities to gain the affection and trust of their victims and then use the illusion of intimacy to ask for money, induce victims to invest or use their personal information for other theft and fraud schemes.

Scammers are found on most dating and social media sites. They will spend weeks communicating with you every day, acting like your best friend.

Then at some point they will start talking about how they have made lots of money trading forex or cryptocurrencies and state that they have people who guide them. The scammers usually also have demo accounts where they will send you fake trading data, screenshots of their earnings to make you think they are really making big money. Then they will ask you to open an account, make a deposit and make money with them.

When you want to withdraw your money, the initial small withdrawal may be smooth; but once you apply for a large withdrawal, it will be difficult. Scammers will hinder your withdrawal in various ways, such as asking you to prepay a certain percentage of taxes, deposits, anti-money laundering fees, etc. This is all part of the scam. When they have scammed you out of your money, they will disappear. The whole scam process is scripted, which is Pig Butchering Scam. And the scammers are usually hard to verify because of their hidden movements.

How to avoid Pig Butchering Scam?

1️⃣ Do not send money to anyone you have contacted only through the Internet or by phone.

2️⃣ Be careful of the personal information you post online. Scammers are likely to get to know and target you better through the details you make public on social media and dating sites.

3️⃣ Be wary of any investment opportunity that promises high returns with little risk. These are likely scams. “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”.

Scammed? What to do!

1️⃣ Collect evidence by taking screen shots of all trades, messages and communications, money transfer addresses, their websites, etc.

2️⃣ If you used a bank card to make a payment to a scammer, contact your bank immediately. Tell them that you used this card to make a payment to the scammer and ask if they can refund your money trough a Chargeback process.

3️⃣ You can report the company/person who scammed you by contacting us. We will make a review and expose the crooks. May warn potential victims.

⚠️ Reminder: If you deposited your funds on a platform and they ask you to pay a “fee” or “tax” in order to withdraw your funds do not pay anything! It’s a trick to steal more funds from you.

43 thoughts on “Pig Butchering Scam(Romance Scam): What is a Pig Butchering Scam? What should you do if you’ve been scammed?”

  1. So I did in fact get scammed. Thank you for this info on what I need to do hoping to get my money back an recover what I can before Christmas.

  2. Yes i can relate and they are really smart ! The websites look real and they bait u in doing small trades making crazy money then say you caint trade unless you have a minimun of $100k caint you borrow that?? Have yall hesrd of ISE crypto digital trading platform? Suppoedly stands for International Secutities Exchange a division of NASDAQ claims the scsmmers. They took me for $67,000 whrn i tried to take it out they claimed i hsdnt traded enough yet. Id like to catch these crooks sndvput them behind bars ! Ive been documenting everything i can. Any help out there?

    1. I feel your pain bro.there slick would have got me for five thousand dollars more if I had it.RARIBLE. straight scam.stay away.

    2. For scamming of that much amount why possibly you cannot report the incident to FBI with all the evidence? Even reporting to FBI no solution would be found? How possible is that?

    3. Don’t feel alone, I’m out $100,000.00, currently working with the FBI, US Secret service along with the Memphis Police Department economic crimes division.

  3. Buongiorno
    Con la presente ti contatto per chiedere aiuto a un truffatore che mi consenta di affrontare i miei grandi errori più di due volte.
    Al momento: ho bisogno del vostro aiuto e vi invio i documenti ricevuti per i versamenti.
    Di fronte a questa situazione, non ho altra scelta che cercare la tua gentilezza per ottenere un aiuto truffa che mi impedirà di cadere nel cerchio.
    In attesa della vostra risposta e rimanendo a vostra disposizione per qualsiasi richiesta di ulteriori informazioni, vi prego di accettare, (Signora, Signore) (Indexvolver e de Dux holding group limeted), l’espressione con i miei migliori sentimenti.

  4. The MetaTrader 5 App is a fake app used by serial scammers to pig-butcher you. If a broker or someone on-line asks you to invest in cryptocurrency using this fake app, run the other way immediately and report them to the FBI and authorities. This is an intricate scam to steal your money!

  5. Big losses here. So stupid!!!!!!Swapped out my entire retirement account to do this. Perfect presentation. Fell for it hook,line and sinker

    1. Coinsbitc just did this to me. Exactly! Anti money laundering fees. Demanded 10,000 to get my
      20,000 out. Yes the small deposits went and the big one didn’t. Same fake account with money in it. Is there any hope of getting it back?

  6. i got scammed by (GLOBITFX :LAURA HANDEL.
    i paid 800 euro and stil i have nothing from them and stil they ask me to send more fees.

  7. I don’t like scammers. Recline Hong Kong took $7.00 from my account and I want it back, because I did not order anything from you.

  8. Exactly. What ever written the same happened to him.
    At sudden I got a whatsapp message from an unknown numbers then she introduced herself as Shirley Chen Xueli (+85253075071, +85259447307). Then she started her story that she is from China residing in Hongkong and how she lost her job, money and relatives in pandemic. And now she is stable and making much more money then before through coin trading. She has a mentor named Mika who is helping her. Then she shared the screenshots with me as well as her pictures. Then she started to convince me for coin trading.
    I was hesitant to do so but at last, after almost a month I started because of her repeated request on daily basis. I have invested 10,000 USDT on her website and one day I found that the website is closed.

  9. What about lioncoin.buzz? Its out of Singapore. They have me in for 10k. I made a profit, but can’t withdraw the money. I am sure its a scam too. I am so mad.

  10. Mi hanno contattato su WhatsApp dicendomi che possono trasferire con effetto immediato sul mio conto bancario, di cui mi chiedono le coordinate,
    la strabiliante somma di 98,5 milioni di $.
    mi dicono che è tutto gratuito , non ci sono nè tasse nè commissioni e che se voglio invece in tutto o in parte contanti debbo pagare.
    Non posso credere alle favole e non ho fatto nulla.
    Mi hanno detto che tutto quello che c’è da pagare sono 10€ per carta ATM.
    Naturalmente non ho pagato perchè penso sia una truffa e le coordinate Bancarie me le sono tenute

  11. Libre Holdings Ltd is a sham fraudulent phony “trading” platform. Updates of investigation of Libre Holdings Ltd – Allegation confirmed by UK Gov! On April 25, 2023, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of UK responded, OFFICIALLY, to my request to investigate Libre Holdings Ltd after submitting a preliminary investigation report. The website and emails no longer exist.

    A complete Fraudulent phone Trading Platform! DO NOT Do anything with them!
    Unfortunately, I did not do my reseach thoroughly.

  12. I got scammed by Qin Hao, a chinese i met on instagram. His instagram handle is magicinvoice2. Same story as above. Wooed me and made me believe he was sincere. He told he he graduated masters in Cornell University in NYC major in Finance. He made me invest in crypto using this Apenft.ai. He would teach me how to invest by doing a screenshot to guide me every step. Since i created my own account and was managing my own account, i didnt think he was scamming me. Even offered to add in my account to make the principal higher for higher profit. All in all i invested about $ 20,000. He transferred $10,000 in my account saying he wanted to build something with me for our future. When we did contract trading using seconds futures, yhe total amount in my account was about $300,000 then asked me to withdraw all the funds. When i asked the “customer agent” to withdraw, i got an email that i needed to pay a processing fee of $21,000. At first i was determined to pay the processing fee to get my money, but it was a good thing my brother researched about the website and found negative reviews which prompted me to research more about the site. True enough i saw thatvit was a scam. A painful lesson indeed. Its a good thing i no longer paid the processing fee otherwise i would have been in great debt.

    Please create awareness of this modus.to prevent other people of being scammed.

    1. I just scammed he guided me how to trade step by step through screenshots in WhatsApp. We met on Tinder. First he will try to earn your trust sending you messages everyday. And then he will mention his side business Crypto. He will first ask you to invest small amount and earn a little and once that’s established he will ask you to invest more and when you invested huge amount he will offer additional funds to your account. You will earn but they will ask you to add more funds to withdraw the money. The website is Cointoken.live

  13. Most of these cryptos platform are not reliable. It is difficult to really get in touch with one that really does what they say.

  14. I’ve been invited two different what’s app group I. To crypto trading in May 23, one of them claims they’re part of Blackstone Group, call theirselves Joseph Baratta and Erin Helen and they’re using bdswissasias.com platform, other one is Raymond Christie and Janice, they’re not using their app you can choose your own but their signals only on certain app call BIT exchange, after 2 months I tried to withdraw some of my investment that’s when they locked my account and asked me to pay taxes, unfortunately I sent what they asked for taxes and of course there is no change, if they can trade daily with their knowledge and make millions of dollars in couple minutes why do they have to steal I don’t understand, shame on them, I am regretting I didn’t see the scam signals before, what is this world came up to, thieves are all around and no one can stop them.

  15. TokPIeDEX
    made a few trades, racked up large gains and was required to pay upgrade fees and taxes with new money separate from gains in account to make any withdrawals. More than enough funds in account to pay fees and taxes but not allowed to withdraw any to pay fees and taxes nor not allowed to use any funds in account to pay fees and taxes.

  16. Same thing happened to me. Wooed by someone who said he wanted to marry me and have a future with me. He found me on Instagram and he goes by the name Mindray Ding. He says he owns an architectural/interior design company in Hong Kong, and that he lost everything during the pandemic which is also when he claims to be the time his younger sister died. He got me with his sob story and as compassionate as I am, I fell for it. I started trading cryptocurrency with his help on Mvxnft.com and made huge profits. But when I decided to withdraw the funds, a restriction was placed and required me to deposit 40,000 USDT (15% of the total funds on the exchange), just to gain access to my account balance for withdrawal. I refuse to put in more money just to get access to money that’s rightfully mine. Be warned of the scam exchange MultiversX using the website mvxnft.com to use as the app. Do not fall for their trap. What a hard lesson to learn and a lot of money lost for something that’s too good to be true. Always listen to your guts when you start to notice red flags. Unfortunately, for me, it was too late and I wasted a lot of money.

  17. Same thing happens to me. He message me through LinkedIn and encourage me to trade through bchaintop.com. His name in Linkedin is Charlie L. I ended up investing up to more than $25k and he added more money into my account so I can get more profits when we trade. I was able to withdraw some funds from the very beginning without any issues. But then he encouraged me and pushed me to apply a subscription thing as a new member and that’s where the issue started. I could not withdraw my funds until the $100k subscription is completed and due to the fact that they already added the 30% bonus into my account, it cant be cancelled and they won’t even offer penalties. He gave me assurance that he will help me complete the subscription and he did help some including the balance, but towards the deadline, he came up with some kind of reason that he only have this much to transfer at the moment because his friend did not pay him back and that I have to come up with the remaining $20k. I was angry and said something hurtful and he didn’t like it, our communication went south and fell, and he blocked me from WhatsApp and disappear. I didn’t want to add more funds anymore coz I have a feeling that they will come up with another alibi to get more funds from me. Right now, the total funds is about $160k including his, mine, gains, and the bonus. So beware of this people trying to be close to you and be friends and trying to have a relationship with you. Again, the blockchain trading platform is bchaintop.com.

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