What is ScamWatcher ?

Scamwatcher was created to protect people from different scamming industries all over the world. ScamWatcher team have been scammed in the past. Since then we wanted to contribute by helping you to avoid those scams and if you have been scammed, to assist you to recover your funds.

How often is ScamWatcher updated ?

ScamWatcher is doing his best to provide the best and latest content for our viewers. This include but not limited to :

  • latest scams
  • list of the regulators
  • latest regulators updates
  • best funds recovery services
  • assistance by email if needed if you have any question

How to avoid been scammed in the future ?

This is the jungle out there, don’t let fraudulent companies or person scam you from your hard earned money. Here are some tips for you to avoid been scammed in the future :

  • Choose Strong Passwords
  • Keep an Eye on Your Statements
  • Opt for Fraud Alerts
  • Protect your Personal Information Online
  • Be Aware of Deceptive Marketing “When it’s too good to be true, it usually isn’t”.
  • Check if the broker is authorized or registered.