How to spot a Crypto Scam?


How to avoid Crypto Scam?

1️⃣ If you see any of these following domains: .cc, .xyz, .pro, .online and other unusual domains, pay attention.

2️⃣ If you have a look at the terms and conditions of those platforms (some don’t have them at all), you will notice that their conditions don’t comply with the securities act of 1933-1934. Welcome to the schemes from the wild-wild Crypto space. No regulatory authority behind the platform? (depending on the location of the platform) RUN and don’t look back because this is a scam.

3️⃣ Be wary of any investment opportunity that promises high returns with little risk. These are likely scams. “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”. If you notice that the platform does not have a solid use case which is meant to solve a real-world problem but promise high returns – beware, it is a scam.

Let us say you want to register a business in Singapore, you will have to contact the regulatory authority “ACRA”. If the “business” is nothing but a ponzi-scheme, ACRA will dismiss it.

In case a platform claims to be regulated, contact the according regulator (of the country) and ask if the platform which claims to be registered is related to the business number it was registered under.

Scammed? What to do!

1️⃣ Collect evidence by taking screen shots of all trades, messages and communications, money transfer addresses, their websites, etc.

2️⃣ If you used a bank card to make a payment to a scammer, contact your bank immediately. Tell them that you used this card to make a payment to the scammer and ask if they can refund your money trough a Chargeback process.

3️⃣ You can report the company/person who scammed you by contacting us. We will make a review and expose the crooks. May warn potential victims.

⚠️ Reminder: If you deposited your funds on a platform and they ask you to pay a “fee” or “tax” in order to withdraw your funds do not pay anything! It’s a trick to steal more funds from you.

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  1. Hi,
    I invest my money in bit exchange and now it become a 100,000 usdt and customer service asking me to pay tax to withdraw the money. They are asking me to pay 21200 usdt personal income tax. Is there any way to recover my money !

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