BlockchainEtrader Review

In this review, we will describe why BlockchainEtrader is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !

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BlockchainEtrader Scam Review
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  • Type of Scam : Unregulated Exchange
  • Regulation : None

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4 thoughts on “BlockchainEtrader Review”

  1. Scammers, Thieves, heartless scamming people who will steal all you have. They do not have a trading platform. That is fictitious what you will see once they say you are trading..
    They have no licence. They have no fixed address. They say they are in London, its a lie…God only knows where they are base. They call themselves Dave and Lucas and Felipe and many other fictitious names…
    They are scum, they need to be shut down, hunted and put in prison for what they are doing to people.

    They will take all you have and more, including getting you into loans just to get more of your money.

    I hope someone with exceptional hacking capabilities can show these scammers how it feels to be robbed, scammed, humiliated and exposes them to the world.

    Please do not even think in investing your precious hard earned money. Do not even entertain these cowboys. They will convince you if you allow them to get a grasp on you.

    Best of luck to all and please stay very clear of

  2. Well,
    It was a question of time until Blockchainetrader , start telling possible clients that the bad reviews they are seeing online is from people who committed fraud or that are fraud.
    I am accused of apparently dealing with false credit cards even when my payments were made by bank transfer.
    They are such liars, scammers and thieves that they will use all they can to fool and attract new victims.
    What am I and others that added negative reviews, going to be accused of by blockchainetrader scammers?
    The only fraud, scammers, liars and misguiding people are you,
    I have all the proof that I never used credit cards and all the transactions made to Blockchainetrader.

    Please be advised that they will take all your money and disappear.

  3. I can’t believe i fell for their lies! I’ve lost so much money to these scumbags! And they have disappeared after stealing all my money! I wish they burn alive! They are absolute scum! Unfortunatley i was fooled and read these reviews too late! They will steal all your money as soon as you say you want to withdraw it back into your bank account!
    We need someone to take these crimes seriously and act and find them and bring them to justice, perferably life in the worse prison in the world (which still wouldn’t be bad enough for these lying scumbags!)

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