Quantum Code Review

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Quantum Code Review

🔴 Quantum Code services are questionable – a warning sign!

🔴 Quantum Code isn’t licensed – a red flag!

🔴 Quantum Code isn’t transparent – a red flag!

🔴 Quantum Code creates unrealistic expectations – a red flag!

What is Quantum Code?

Quantum Code is an an unregulated automated trading platform designed to “help people” trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies similar to BitAlpha AI, which we reviewed earlier. Problem with unregulated trading apps is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from them as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice. Companies providing online investment services without a license cannot provide their clients with any sort of protection.

Quantum Code

Quantum Code Regulation

Quantum Code is unregulated and most likely totally illegal, which ultimately means that your funds will be in danger if you deposit! So, yet again, there is another reason to stay away from Quantum Code!

As there is no regulation, the people running the trading app can pocket your money while bearing no responsibility for their criminal actions. They can disappear any time without notice. Companies providing online investment services without a license cannot provide their clients with any sort of protection. In contrast, regulated firms are required by law to adhere to a slew of regulations that ensure the safety of clients’ funds. For example, in most jurisdictions, a company will get a license if it meets the minimum capital requirement that varies by country and may also depend on the product specification, business classification and so on.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known investment platform, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this investment firm, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why they are dangerous to deal with.

On top of that, once you click and provide them with your e-mail and contact number they will ring you immediately and promise you anything to make you deposit money with them as fast as possible. Most of the scammers are experienced manipulators and before you know it they’d ask for your bank card numbers to assist you with the deposit. You shouldn’t provide this information. There is also a chance to become a victim of Identity theft, experiencing many more problems consequently.

Quantum Code Complaints

Depending on the amount of experience people have with trading apps, it may be easy to tell what is legitimate and off-base before the problem starts. However, most of our clients were not aware their platform was problematic before they had already signed up. If Quantum Code shows any of these signs, either avoid them entirely or look very carefully before proceeding:

🔴 Not regulated

🔴 High fees and commissions

🔴 Not enough information on the website

🔴 Poor communication and refusal to answer questions

🔴 Pushy manner

🔴 Keeps mentioning rules and fees that were not outlined in the contract

🔴 Does not let you withdraw money from your account

Quantum Code Products and Services

Quantum Code is not safe, and we say so because it’s an unregulated trading app. They always promise things they won’t deliver, and Quantum Code makes no exception – they claim that customers can earn big money, which is a scam offer seen from any viewpoint! Such promises are ludicrous, and they show that Quantum Code is a suspected scam you should avoid! Beware!

Fake celebrity endorsements were spotted too (fake news article with Tesla CEO Elon Musk endorsing Quantum Code).

Quantum Code Customer Support

Quantum Code allows you to contact them through telephone contact and email. They do not provide any location data. There is no certainty in the contact information available.

You ought to receive an instant reply to your query, if not fast. Nevertheless, fraudsters cut off communications upon receiving your money. It is improbable to deliver a friendly interface without proper customer relations. Active customer support assists in determining more trust in the company.

Are Funds Safe With Quantum Code?

With such lack of information and Quantum Code being unregulated, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated trading apps. A red flag that we noticed is that they are withholding vital information to users. They could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about them.

Quantum Code does not guarantee the security of funds. The safety of your money is a top factor to consider in any platform. Any red flag is a warning you should not ignore. Investing your money with anonymous platforms not only puts your money at risk. Your data may fall into the wrong hands attracting criminal activities during the registration process.

Quantum Code Withdrawals

The point at which many of our clients realize they are dealing with a scam platform is when they request to withdraw funds and the platform either won’t allow them or will make it difficult. They may employ the following tactics:

🔴 Will aggressively urge clients to make additional trades. The client often acquiesces because the platform will be quite pushy and make it clear he or she is in control since they hold the client’s funds

🔴 Will charge high withdrawal fees. Many clients will instead try to make more money to cover these high fees and will make more transactions instead of withdrawing

🔴 Cease communication. They may be evasive or simply not communicate at all.

If Quantum Code is doing any of these things to avoid releasing your funds, contact our experts today.

Quantum Code Review: our Conclusion!

Quantum Code is an unregulated trading app to avoid. Their methods for investment are unreliable.


If you have been scammed, leave a comment or if you wish to arrange a free consultation with our professionals, feel free to submit your complaint by clicking the button bellow.

ℹ️ Quantum Code Details Review
  • 🖥️ Website URL : thequantumcode.net (keep changing)
  • ⚖️ Regulation : None
  • 🛍️ Promise : $10,000 Per Day
  • 🧭 Headquarters : N/A
  • ⚠️ Other : This scam is online for YEARS and the website keep changing. Don't be fooled by this scam.
  • 🚨 02/10/2023 : Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) Warned Against Quantum Code

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28 thoughts on “Quantum Code Review”

  1. I invested £250 three and a half years ago and failed to make any contact with Quantum Code to see how my account was progressing. I did receive a contact asking me for more money but wasn’t happy with the situation and asked for my money back. I was told this was no problem but I’m still waiting.

    1. Me too lost AED 1100/- in same manner in 2017 and requested them to give me back when they were calling me, but no body cares there to refund my money, i am still finding way to reach them.

  2. Quantum Code called me from these below listed Telephone Number : +6015 4877 1209 and
    +6015 4876 7423
    on 22 April 2021 at 5:14 PM & 6:16 PM.

  3. I sign up Quantum code through u-tube in my phone, any how my account was directed to brokers name investlite, l was scam Malaysia ringgit 71,000. Their brokers direct me to trade, u can see on my phone is making profit but we can’t withdraw our money. We are always asked to top up and invest more money

  4. Thank you kindly for all this valuable information about ‘quantum code’, I’m glad I checked with you, before to invest and fall in this scam. Would you be able provide information on ‘Market Pro Trade’ company, is it legit or scam as well?
    Thanks again .

    1. Yes good stuff. Im glad i foumd this site before investing $250. Horrible thimgs they do. My providet blocked ,e going to the scam site.

  5. Why the government doesn’t arrest these crooks and cheaters & ban their activities …??!!

    I strongly believe that the officials should interfere into such scams & save people and their hard earned money from such crooks …😡😡

  6. Hello everyone
    I did not invest anything. I just watched the video. It struck me that so many employees have Russian names. ”Tasha” is short for Natasha, and she even speaks with a slight accent. ”Vlad” is short for Vladimir. ”Sergey” is also a Russian name. I couldn’t help but wonder if this was more than a coincidence. Are they all from the same family?

  7. They called me back three time after I’ve hang up. I wanted to deposit 10000 usd. She told me begging with 250$ you’ll see how it works great.
    I’ve asked for her USA trader number after she told me that she has many trader license. Told me that she was in Zurich. She could not tell what was the time there. So I’ve hang up again.
    Please do be a fool.
    When it’s to good to be true…..it’s not. I have almost sign but I did not.
    BTW I was hearing a lots of other people trying to help scam other people over the phone

  8. Why not you put a list of all the cheaters involves in Forex shares crypto currency etc. in one website for the public at large. Put it on the face book too.


  9. Well glad I googled it before I almost signed up yesterday through a youtube ad. Well indeed one site where all the scammers are named would be nice for the general public. How is it possible they use adds through sites like youtube/facebook or whatever sites; ow well that’s why they call it the INTERNET i quess lol. Well safed me 250 bucks. Maybe I should just go out and buy me some crypto coins for 250 bucks and get lucky on my own 😛

  10. When, in the promotion film, i saw this shabby Office i knew. A scam.
    And if it was true why would the guy and the secretary still be working in this office, they would be taking care of themselves don’t you think so…

  11. I am really concern about these scams using Youtube and other social media
    to promote these kind of unlawful behavior and yet they are promoting
    lies every day,
    So sad to see we are now living in a society that is dominated by Greed Scams, liars and dishonesty !!
    We have create a legacy for our children telling then than honesty is not the best of policy anymore..So Sad .. I Wonder Where Do We Go From Here???

  12. I almost fell for this but googled their you tube site and got these warnings and i didn’t do it,,,,Also i thought that they were actors ,,,there was such a rigidity to their performance,,,,i knew right away that this was false and they were false,,,,just not a good video to promote a lie ,,,,they were too stiff and unnatural,,,,These days you need razor sharp discernment not to get conned into losing hard earned money. Thank Heavens these scammers are called out,,,,Russian at that,,,,who knew,,,,,You did and thanks for letting us know

  13. Thank you for this site. I was about to deposit USD 1000 for this Quantum Code. Luckily I open this site before I deposit. You save me from being conned.

  14. Hi, I also saw the video this morning, I opened a trading account without investing money and they called me a couple of hours later from a dutch phone but they said they were calling from England. As I could not speak at that time, the same person called me an hour later from a Dutch phone but this time the code was from another city … And she kept saying that she was located somewhere in England.
    Strange, right?

  15. I watched the ad on you tube and realized it was to good to be true so I gave a phone number just to see what these scammers had to say and they have been calling and harassing me since I told them to take a hike.

  16. I watched the video on YouTube I thought it was kind of suspicious when it says click on to the link and filled out the information name email and phone number and hit submit and then an agent with contact me within 12 hours they had been more than 12 hours and never been contacted I’ve read all these reviews from my card back claim and I’m happy to say I’m glad they have not contacted me

  17. I was bored and watched the video. It was very fake and poorly filmed and not a professional production at all. The 2 actors from England and Australia had such fake accents it was a sure give away (I’m from England). They play on your emotions of wanting to earn big money for doing nothing and life isn’t like that. Earn your living, do good to others and enjoy life 🙂

  18. Can’t believe youtube allows for scams like this to advertise on thier site, and the easily take down innocent videos from regular youtubers!

    Thank you scamwatcher.or for saving many innocent people from thieves.
    We appreciate what you do!

  19. I did the same after watching the vid on youtube. Not even 30 seconds from clicking “submit”, I got a call from a heavily accented woman claiming she’s calling about the Quantum Code investment that will make me rich. Told her to take a hike and since then been inundated with calls with all those numbers seeming to be local phone numbers but when answered there will be those heavily accented man or woman on the other end. They obviously get upset when I asked them who seems to be more desperate now? The scammer or scammee…

  20. Yes, I fell for the scam a few years ago, and was continually hassled’ sometimes daily for more money, for the last few years.
    AND, I nearly fell for it again, except the amount was the same $250.00 as last time.
    Sort of rang alarm bells in the memory cells.
    How stupid can one be to fall for a 100% scam.

  21. I came across Quantum while looking at NEXUS Newsfeed homepage .I watched the video of the so called Mr. Crawford .It seemed a bit too good to be true ,and I almost filled my details in .But I looked at their terms and conditions ,the small print ,and it said everyone in the video was an actor ,paid to advertise Quantum .I thought I’d be better off not doing it then and switched off .Since then I get daily notifications of their ad (watch this video before it gets removed .I hope it does get removed) .Thanks Scam watch for checking these scammers out

  22. Interesting to read all these prior experiences. The promo kept stressing no set up fees, no deposit required. Mr Crawford made it look like these were special concessions for Beta Testers, testing the new release, version 8 of QuantumCode. I have seen the ads for this promo for quite some time and the note on the far left said 111 people were watching. Only the first 20 could be free Beta Testers. Surely they had reached the 20 testers long ago.
    Finally, Sylvia looked into the fine print and discovered they were actors to promote the company and not real employees at all.

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