Scam series : Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) Warned Against 46 SCAMS: Achievers World FX, Airbrick Finance, Alpinoak Investments Inc…

Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) blacklisted 46 scam companies, all offering some kind of investment services to local users without any kind of authorization, therefore illegally.

These scams promise you big returns based on crypto trading / mining or forex trading.

Don’t trust these websites and only trade with regulated brokers only !

The list of these fraudulent website :

Achievers World FX, Airbrick Finance, Alpinoak Investments Inc., AlfaBTC, All Coin Swapper, AllPaySoft, Altcoins Ltd.,, Atomic Trade, Astra Horizon, Aurora Capital Finance, Blockchaiin, BullGeko, Capital Group Ltd., Coin Market Solutions, Crown Global Ltd., Cryptop72 Asset Management, Cryptos Circus, Crypto-Guider, Crypto Lloyds LTD, Cryptoneyx, Crypto-Seed, Culture of real virtuality (CRV), Defi-Line, Explore FX, Get Prime Crypto, Global Solutions Ltd., Fasttrader, FXGlobal Capitals,, Infinity4x, Koorbit Company Ltd., Main-Bit, NovaTech, Ltd,, Onyx Traders, Optimal Stocks Pro, Quantum AI Trading, Tesler Trading Systems, The Financial Centre,, TitanTrader, Valiant Markets, Uni-co, Unicoin and Whitcoin.

Stay safe and do not hesitate to contact us if you have been scammed !

2 thoughts on “Scam series : Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) Warned Against 46 SCAMS: Achievers World FX, Airbrick Finance, Alpinoak Investments Inc…”

  1. I’m writing to expose the Achievers World FX scam. I invested $500 in this. They allow you to pull a small profit out in the beginning. I pulled out $200. After building up my account with daily profits for months, I decided to make a withdrawal of $1,200. This is the email I received from them when doing so, which is indicative of a crypto investment scam:
    Greetings, Dear Achiever, We received your withdrawal request but write to inform you that your action is required to enable us to process your withdrawal. In line with the administrative/statutory imposition on investments by market regulators on standards of fees and redemption charges,and other necessary processing requirements, you are required to make an unlocking 20% fee to redeem your investments before we will be able to action your withdrawal. This was introduced by regulators in common execution of functions on cryptocurrency investments regulations/maintenance associated with Blockchain technology declared valid by regulators that every portfolio must comply with maintenance directives to avoid clampdown from regulatory authorities for violation of electricity minimal consumption law/directives and before we will be given the redemption code to unlock your investments. A processing 20% fee is required to unlock your investment before we can action your withdrawal in order to balance with the recent agreements cryptocurrency brokers had with government financial market regulations agencies to share to reduce electricity consumption.
    It is paid per individual account and cannot be paid partly. 20% of the current value of your account is the amount. We will calculate it for you when you are ready to kick-start the process. Thanks for your favourable understanding.


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