Scam series : US Securities and Exchange Commission Warned Against 70 Scams : Astride Forex Trade, Argonoak, Apexfx Verge, ApexFuturesFX…

25th April 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (USA) Warned Against 70 Scams Brokers / Investments.

These scams promise you big returns based on crypto trading / mining or forex trading.

Don’t trust these websites and only trade with regulated brokers only !

The list of these fraudulent website :

Astride Capitals a/k/a Astride Forex Trade, Argonoak, Apexfx Verge, AipCapitaltrade, ApexFuturesFX, Apex Global Finance, Altaris Capital Securities, LLC, 24TradeConnect,, 247Crypto Trade, Digital Capital Markets LLC, CurrencyFX Ltd, Cryptostocktradefx, Cryptoprofits, Inc., Cryptolegaltrade, CryptoIndex Options, Crypto-Trading Hub, Crypto Forex Trading Ltd, Coinminersfxoptions, Coin Fx Capital, Coin Capitals Ltd, Citi Investment Capital Limited, Chaka Technologies Limited, BTC Investments, Bittrade Capitals, Bitpayfxpro, Binary Invest Expert, Berkshire Consulting, Avery Wealth, Atlantic Escrow Services, Drala-Capital, Elite Crypto Mines Inc., EztradeFX, Fenix Securities, Fidelity Concept, Financial Securities Authority, Fincord Asset, Forex Trade Services, FX Digital Equity Market, FXProStrategy, Gerard Wealth,, Hoover Hyfield Group, Hot Binary247, IndexCapitalMarkets, JFA Advisors, LLC, Klarotte Group Inc, Lead Asset Pro, New York Mergers Inc.,, Petron-Pay, Profitstradezone, Redmond Asset Management, LLC, Reliable Options Trade, Sherman Ellis Law Mergers and Acquisitions, Speed Funds Recovery, StarFxMarket, Statonfxc, Stockate, Stockfinace247, Stocktradefxt, Think Crypto FX, Trade-BTC,, Traderex Mining, Tradesbail247, Vista Capital Finance, Wellbitex, Xcryptodoubler, Xpressmarketfx.

These companies claim that they will earn you this sort of returns thanks to either cryptocurrency mining or trading. Mining consists of validating transactions in a blockchain such as Bitcoin. Obviously they are all scams.

Stay safe and do not hesitate to contact us if you have been scammed !

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