Tradenix Review

In this review, we will describe why Tradenix is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !

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Is Tradenix Legit?

Tradenix is an unregulated Investment Company. Problem with unregulated Investment Companies is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from this Investment Company as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known Investment Company, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this brokerage firm, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why Tradenix is a dangerous Investment Company to deal with.

Are Funds Safe with Tradenix ?

With such lack of information and Tradenix being unregulated, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated Investment Companies. A red flag that we noticed is Tradenix is withholding vital information to users.

Tradenix could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about this Investment Company.

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Tradenix Review: our Conclusion!

Tradenix is an unregulated Investment Company to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

Tradenix Scam Review
  • Website URL :
  • Type of Scam : Unregulated Investment Company
  • Regulation : None

Have You Been Scammed By Tradenix ?

Tradenix is an unregulated Investment Company to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

28 thoughts on “Tradenix Review”

  1. Thanks for your site. I was looking to invest using Tradenix, but after looking at your site I do believe I will pass. Again thanks for all of your information and for saving me money and headaches

    1. I an glad I looked at your review as I have been getting a kit of phone calls from them wanting me to confirm my identity, bye sending them my info and credit card copy of my ID front and back. This is not normal so after I read this post I have declined to even think about getting involved with this company so thank you
      K Silver

  2. Yes I have already given Tradenix $927.68 dollars in Bitcoin. But I fought to get them to work with me. At first they just took my Bitcoin and converted my Etherum to more Bitcoin. Then my Coin Base account shut down with suspicion. Leaving me with just $202.00 in Bitcoin. They waited $1,000 but promoted me 20% bonus with I started with $1,000. And all of these before they verified me to have an account. It took three weeks to get verified, And Chris didn’t give me the 20% but he said he would because they caused my account to lock up. He never gave me the 20%. Then he took me that it took a minimum of $1,000 to trade Bitcoin which would be 15 to 30% plus the 1,000.00 to qualify as a trader. Then he began pressuring me for $5,000 and said “You have a retirement account right” yes I said he said he could get the $5,000 from my SSI I said ok I’d like to see that. Then I near heard from him again. Then they assigned Benjamin to my account. Then he tried to get $3k – $5k out of me. Then he tried to get the balance from my CoinBase account but it was locked down. Then I called everyday for two week to get another trade manager. Then James Ford from the main office in Switzerland called me, then he began training me on the crypto trading market. It got to this point where he took my $927.68 and used half of it to trade with and he generated an extra $1,378.00 coins because he converted my Bitcoin to Riddle Coin. The total was $1,678.00. How he wants me to put $1,000.00 to reach to $2,500 and the firm will match the $2,500 to generate $5,000.00 to qualify from a Arbitrage account. But I’m not stupid $1,687 plus $1,000 is more then $2,500. So I told him I will make up the difference between the $1,687 to make it $2,500. And he Dosen’t know it yet but I’m going to use the balance from the CoinBase acccount first because there is still $188.00 worth of Bitcoin in the Coinbase account.

  3. I also tried options trading with EmpireOptions. I started with $400.00 but when I lost half I tried to get $175.00 back from them they wouldn’t release my money and I near got my money back so if you can help or assist me with that trading firm please let me know. Mr.Richard A Stith

  4. It could have been worse. I started with 1,000.00 then added 6,000.00 more. Frank White showed me how fast he can make money just by buying from 1 country to another, and make a quick grand.So I put another 10,650.00 in and never herd from him again. Now my calls go direct to Switzerland, and I live in the US. They wanted all of my retirement savings, when I wanted to make a withdrawal that’s when he would not take my calls.

  5. I am in the process of trying to withdraw money. When I told my financial manager with he dumped me and then closed my account. Now I have 10 days to come up with an upfront feel to withdraw.

  6. A Friend of mine has invested 16,000 with tradenix. Now he tells me that his account in a very short amount of time is worth about 120K..He says he can take some money out next month. And he’s gotten many of his friends and family to invest also. What’s your comment on this.

    1. you will never be able to withdraw money out, you got scammed start reporting them to the FBI and State Attorney office. and post on Face book, where ever you can to shut them down, they lie, lie lie!!! is all a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yes, i inverted approximately 5500 through and $500.00 through
    Atlantica for a total of $6,000.00. They told me I had 12000.00 in my account.
    When it was time to make a withdrawal, they presented this phony withdrawal receipt. The funds never arrived.

  8. Please don’t gave them any money they are a rip off They took 150,000.00 from these people need to go to jail now before more get taken. I can relate to the comment above.

  9. Tradenix refuses to give me a draw I invested 120,000.00 my broker was Frank White I got my account up to 404,000.00 I ask for a draw we didn’t hear from him again. Then we got a call from Larry Chan he said I can get you a draw but you need to come up with was transfer fee of 64,000.00 I told him I didn’t have 64,000.00. He then said I can cut that in half 32,000.00 and you can have a draw of 202,000.00. We didn’t have any money left so my wife and I went thur all jewelry including her wedding ring some gold coin and got enough to get the draw. I wired the fund To Silvergate Bank LaJolla Ca then they wire it to Gemini then to Tradenix, Then I got a call from a Mike Liam he said he was on my draw but I needed 9,200.00 to set up a personal Wallet so I could receive my 202,000.000 dollar. I told him you guys have drain us dry we are now broke. We need help getting our money PLEASE HELP

    1. Hi Mel, did they give you any bitcoin or wallet addresses? If you have those written down somewhere you might be able to track the funds

  10. I had him also try to get a draw never heard from him again. The next guy called, Larry, he said you can have 202,000. 00 of your draw but you need to come up with 32,000.00 to transfer bitcoin to dollars. He got that now they have a new one called Mike he wants more money. He wants more money to open up a personally wallet. They are all cooks need to go to jail

    REPORT TO FBI ************************************SCAM COMPANY**************************** ACCOUNT MANAGER – BENJAMIN WALLSH SCHEDULED A CALL BACK FOR 10AM APRIL 6, 2020 AND HE DID NOT HONOR THIS CALL. Adam Louis Crypto Currency Specialist Head Of the Private Wealth Management Division Headquarters: 25 W 39th st, New York, New York 10018, USA 18883375401 – USA/Canada | 41445510506 – Switzerland – Zurich


  12. you will never be able to withdraw money out, you got scammed start reporting them to the FBI and State Attorney office. and post on Face book, where ever you can to shut them down, they lie, lie lie!!! is all a scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I invested CAD 5,500 with my trustee who invested with Adam, Account manager at and it’s the same story and anatomy of all other scams, 1) limited time to get in on an exclusive deal, 2) private contract, 3) cross jurisdiction – then when requested performance – poof! The tables turned and blame was put on me, then magically all kinds of reasons why my account got frozen and more money required to unfreeze. *Eyeroll.


  14. Update still no money still holding my money Please people don’t get involved with this company. They are crooks when you ask for a draw they change account manger and won’t gave you anything.


    Beware of scam! Marketing Calls
    **#1 – TOP LIST FOR SCAMS – TRADENIX – DEN OF THIEVES Unprofessional – low life thieves
    *****THIS IS NOT SPAM*****


    They block your email once you request a withdraw
    Their fake names were stolen when provided ID for the KYC
    Since June 10, 2020 sent 10 emails daily reply to compliance – No call back; No resolution;

    Reply from Tradenix June 10-2020
    4 hours ago
    Hello, please provide your client ID to our compliance department to we can check what was happen and we could close the case.

    Tradenix has reportedly been existent for a year and two weeks, Investigations on tradenix shows that they operate illegally, and their sole aim is to steal from people who wishes to invest.
    “Tradenix claims to offers highest gains in it’s marketplace which makes it one of the top leaders in cryptocurrency trading” (false) these are some of the interesting words they use in luring people into investing with them, they act very professional, they as well claim to be located in the United states and China which are obviously false.
    Tradenix has been severally reported to the United States SEC and UK’s FCA for being unregulated and offering false investment services, which is forbidden, as a broker is mandated to be licensed by it’s regional financial regulatory body. They publish nicely edited videos which are promoted all around the internet from YouTube to Instagram to Facebook and twitter, they make you believe you can earn big from trading with them and earn enormous profits. whoever falls for the video’s content, signs up and get assigned to an Account Manager, who will supposedly manage your trades and investments, they may luckily let you withdraw your funds a few time, but trust me. they have their way to lure you into making huge deposits, then they come up with stories after manipulating your account and bringing you to almost a 100% loss. by the time you realize you’ve been scammed it would be too late.

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