TradeCenter FM Review

In this review, we will describe why TradeCenter FM is a scam that you should avoid at all cost !

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Is TradeCenter FM Legit?

Looking at TradeCenter FM website, it shows that they are owned by Promfix OU. Promfix OU is located in Estonia, a well-known offshore zone and a preferred location for shady brokerage. TradeCenter FM is an unregulated broker. Problem with unregulated brokers is that they are not reliable and abuse the regulations. Make sure to stay away from this broker as they are anonymous and that they can disappear any time without notice.

To make sure you are dealing with a regulated and known broker, you should be able to find easily who is the CEO of this brokerage firm, who is running it etc. Lack of information is a big red flag since you don’t know who will be dealing with YOUR MONEY. This is the reason why TradeCenter FM is a dangerous broker to deal with.

Are Funds Safe with TradeCenter FM ?

With such lack of information and TradeCenter FM being unregulated, funds are not safe. Security of funds is a huge problem with unregulated brokers. A red flag that we noticed is TradeCenter FM is withholding vital information to users.

TradeCenter FM could go bankrupt from one day to another since there are no banking information about this broker.

High Success Rate – Transparency & Integrity –

TradeCenter FM Review: our Conclusion!

TradeCenter FM is an unregulated broker to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

TradeCenter FM Scam Review
  • Website URL :
  • Type of Scam : Unregulated Broker (CFDs, Forex)
  • Regulation : None

Have You Been Scammed By TradeCenter FM ?

TradeCenter FM is an unregulated broker to avoid at all cost. If you have been scammed, check out our ChargeBack process here or get a Free Consultation by a team of expert by clicking here.

17 thoughts on “TradeCenter FM Review”

  1. I have just put in £300 to the trade center and have got no details or an email to confirm that I’m a trader. I am really worried that I have lost my money.
    Please help… I have no money now.

  2. I logged 250 euro into there account to trade but then start asking for a copy of my card before I could so anything so. I got supious so asked for my money back there saying I need to send them a bank stement and a copy of my card before they can give me my money back I don’t trust them what can I do please help I no its not much but its a lot to me my savings I thought it was yo good to be true I feel such a fool

  3. I have the same story as a previous comment.
    I deposited 250 euro to open a trade account, they took the money and then contacted me to set the account up with asking for more id documents, I got suspicious and told the account manager that I feel that this style of trading is not for me and I would like to close the account.. No problem I was told and then for 15 minutes tell me that i”m doing the wrong thing.
    Since trying to close the account they have requested for drivers licence front and back, bank card front and bank (with covering some numbers and cvc) , completing a declaration form and also sending utility bill…. and now they are requesting and bank statement.
    I have informed them that they took the money from that every account so it should be able to be reversed.!
    At present I’m waiting on the account manager to call me…..

  4. The same story. They told me that they will send my money back, but it is needed for that to create an account. I don’t know if there is bigger chance to get money back with or without an account.

  5. i also fell foul of their tactics.Deposited $250 went through all the procedures,kept asking to deposit $1700 and he would match it,when i told him no he got angry.He asked me to sign in to anydesk and showed me how to invest and he made $80.The following day asked me to deposit more money,but i declined.the following day he phoned me to say,that he had lost my money and would i like to deposit more money or close the account,i said to close the account.Please stay away from it is a scam.

  6. Hi,
    Same story here with
    I deposited 250 euro, and in 1 week, I “earned” another 50 euro via some transactions.
    I decided to do a withdrawal test, initially for 50 euro and then for 250 euro. They contacted me and proposed to me to refund me 250 euro instead of 50 euro.
    Weeks later, nothing happened in terms of receiving back the money, just explanations that it takes more time for an international transfer.

    It was funny that at one point, the agent’s boss called me to tell me it was a shame to lose the “Earnings Season” with the biggest returns in history just because the refund hadn’t arrived yet. Moreover, because I refused to invest further until I get back the money, “the boss” proposed to me to lend me 20k not to lose this “unique” season.

    This company is a lie and a big SCAM. Please be aware of it and do transactions only with authorized agents.

  7. Hello,
    My name is Nedelcu Florin Marius and I want the amount of 250 euros to be returned to me. I sent all the necessary documents for verification.
    I’m waiting for you to transfer the amount to my account because I can’t handle it and I don’t have enough funds.
    Thank you!

  8. deposited 250 e on the advise from toolstrades . got a call from trade center
    they told me to go to any desk then said that they had to check some thing on my bank account . after a while asked me to invest in another 1500 euro i said that i did not want to they kept sayig why that i would get it back with profit on monday if i wanted it . they then proceeded to do the transaction and i then put in the opt code they then went on to do a few more trades and made a profit then they wanted me to buy another 500 which was all the money left in my account with the same story .o n monday i completed a with drawl form for 2000 euro .After numerous calls to the manger was told id have to wait for the accounts manger to ph which could take 3 days
    ON wednesday he called and tried to get me to change my mind when i told him i was a pensioner and that his college had cleaned me out and that i had to borrow money to pay my accounts and i needed the money to pay it back and also needed money to live on for the rest of the month . He than said that he would make more money for me and proceeded to do 2 more trades which made a profit . He then said it was my turn to take some of the risk and proceeded to instruct me what to do which asset to choose then to sell and the amount to invest which was all my money when i queried this was told not to worry was then told to push trade .All hell broke loose with him shouting what have you done i told you to buy iam going to lose my job and a lot more so there went all my money .

  9. Please,I want 250 euros to be returned to me,on my card account. Thy represent 3/4 of my pension. I managed to password,
    as they wished.The withdrawal request is made in one’s owe.
    Thank you in advance.

  10. I am old, after eye surgery and I need my money now .The 250 euros is 3/4 of my poor pension and i really need it for the health of the family.
    I know English well anymore . I’m struggling with the translation program.My cocomputer is very old(15 yers)and I have no mony.
    Please, underrstand that i cannot trade.
    Please,sent my money back,to me

  11. From the open commercials,about you,i didn’t know wahat was waiting for me. I have surgrry on both eyes and there are big health problems when you are old . Due to lack of money, I haven’t been able to replace my computer with the programs in it, for 15 years.After 50 years when I learned English now it is very difficult for me to manage. I always use the translation program. In these conditions it is clear to me that I cannot trade and I beg you to understand that you will return my money.The 250 euros,avanced to you represents3/4 of my pension.Please ,give me my money back.

  12. I was lured by a woman to deposit 250 euros and they disappeared whilst awaiting for the financial manager to contact me. Since then nothing happened. I withdrew and I wanted my money back of which I was asked to send them my bank card, I’d copy and proof of residence. Every time when I asked them about the refund they keep telling me that the financial manager is going to approve it. I am seek and tired of begging them for my money.

  13. 5.2 BTC- was cheated out of me step by step in 6 months. We communicated on Telegram and let them add to my accounts through TeamViever. They even sent me an insurance brochure in mid-March that if I paid € 17,000 I would get back € 197,000 which was on my account.
    Now I’m researching how I could identify the location of their operation and the person of the 3 account managers who must have used a pseudonym. the whole team is a conspiracy.
    I hope from you that they can give some clues, e.g. indeed London is their seat; where is the company registered, is the domain registered? etc ……

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